Auto detailing packages

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Full Service Car Wash $19.99

  • Wash and Towel Dry

  • Door Jams Wiped Clean

  • Wipe Down Dash

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Windows Cleaned In and Out

  • Rims Wiped Down and Tires Dressed

*Add $5 for Trucks And SUVs

*Available Without Appointment

Car Wash Club $60.00

Includes 4 full service car washes per month. A $20 savings! *Add $20 for Trucks and SUVs

Detailing Packages

Exterior Starting at $99.99

  • Hand Wash and Towel Dry

  • Door Jams Wiped Clean

  • Bug removal

  • Machine Buffed to Remove Scratches

  • Machine Polished to Remove Swirls and Produce a Radiant Glossy Shine

  • Hand Applied Brazilian Ivory Carnauba Wax

  • Rims & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

  • Windows Cleaned

Interior Starting at $99.99

  • Vacuum Carpets, Seats, and Trunk

  • Scrub and Extract: Carpets, Seats, and Floor Mats.

  • Clean and Dress ALL Leather and Vinyl Surfaces

  • Interior/exterior Windows and Mirrors Cleaned

  • Air Freshener Upon Request

Executive Package Starting at $169.99

Includes Both Exterior and Interior packages. Highly recommend Clay Bar Service*

Wash and Wax Package $49.99

Protect Your Investment! We Use a Top of The Line Carnauba Wax. Recommend Clay Bar Service*

Motorcycles, ATV’s $99.99

Washed from top to bottom! All paint is waxed and all metals polished. The leather is cleaned and conditioned, and wheels are wiped down and cleaned.

Boats RV’S Etc. $ By Est.

Boats & RV’S welcomed!!

A La Carte Services

Clay Bar Service* $50.00

The clay bar removes surface contaminates from your vehicles surface such as: Rail dust, Brake dust, Road paint, Tree sap, and Tar giving it an incredibly smooth, PERFECT finish. Receive 20% off clay bar service with any exterior service.

Wheel Care Service Starting at $89.99

Removal and Thorough Cleaning of Wheels.

Headlight Restoration $39.99 per pair

Restore your Oxidized Headlights to like-new Condition

OZONE Odor Removal $79.99

Our OZONE generator for odor removal is the highest quality and made to remove odors such as: smoke, mildew, pollen, pet odors, and other airborne bacteria. Atoms combine with the pollutants rendering them inactive by oxidation, leaving behind pure clean oxygen. Includes your choice of fresh scents

Engine Clean and Dress $29.99

Engine power washed and dressed

Carpet Shampoo STARTING @ $29.99

Keep your carpets like new! Eliminate winter salt and summer sand!

Seats Cleaned $34.99

Cloth seats cleaned and shampooed. Leather seats cleaned and conditioned.

Additional Services

Paint-less Dent Removal $ By Est.

Have a door ding? Let our highly trained technicians remove your dent(s)

Paint Touch-Up Starting at $19.99

Rock chips or blemishes let our professionals do the touch-up

Paint Sealant Treatment $89.99

Quality polymer sealant bonded to your vehicle’s surface that adds shine and protection to your cars clear coat finish. Includes Clay Bar Service* and Full service car wash.

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