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Attachments International
- PDC, Plastic Dovetail Connector

The PDC is an intracoronal, non-adjustable tapered slide attachment. Both

the female and male components are made of a castable plastic. The PDC

micro and small have a built-in mandrel on the male and female. The medium

only has a mandrel on the male. The PDC males also have a lateral extension

built-in for more accuracy in waxing. The measurements list the width of the

male occlusally, the gingival area is smaller due to the taper

  • Dalbo System


The Dalbo S (Small) and the Dalbo Mini are adjustable, extracoronal attachments

which allow for vertical and hinge movements. The Dalbo has built-in

indirect retention with the upright beam providing stability and resistance to

distal lift-off.

The Precious Dalbo, Small or Mini, consists of a precision machined gold

female that is processed in the acrylic. The male is made in high heat cast-to

ceramic alloy for casting in precious or semi-precious ceramic alloy.

The Non-Precious Dalbo, Small or Mini, consists of a semi-precious female

that is processed in the acrylic and a machined plastic castable male.

The low maintenance Dalbo system is one of the oldest and most successful

extracoronal resilient attachments.
- ORS-DE, O-Ring System


The ORS-DE is an economical resilient type partial denture attachment with a

plastic castable male. The ORS-DE transfers less stress to the abutment than

any other attachment. The retentive O-Rings are easily replaceable. The

metal retainer ring reduces maintenance to a minimum. Each ORS-DE

includes: 1 ORS-DE castable male pattern, 1 gold plated stainless steel

retainer ring, 1 brass analog, 3 white, and 3 red O-Rings. A micro size distal

extension can be created by waxing an extension to a micro OD male - refer

to the stud type section under ORS-OD Micro.

- SwissMini

The SwissMini is an adjustable, extracoronal distal extension attachment

which allows for hinge movements. The SwissMini is available in a 2 Loop or

3 Loop configuration. The 2 Loop allows for more room gingivally, although

the 3 Loop may be shortened occlusally or gingivally by removing a loop.

The male is precision machined in a castable plastic while the female is

machined in surgical stainless steel (Edelstahl) and is processed into acrylic

to the frame. The SwissMini has a built-in direct retainer that provides excellent

lateral stability with the upright beam.

- Hader-EDS Bar System

Hader Bar System

Hader-EDS Bar System: The Hader-EDS Bar System is indicated for patient

removable bar restorations for natural teeth and implants.

The Bars: The Hader-EDS Bar is a standard 13 gauge (1.8mm) diameter and

is compatible with other standard bar patterns. In addition to the plastic bars,

Titanium Bars for laser welding and Gold Bars for soldering or laser welding

are now available.

The Clips: The durable Hader-EDS Clips are interchangeable with standard

Hader Clips and are available in three color-coded levels of retention.

Retention sequence is White, Yellow, Red, least to most. The Hader-EDS

Clips will also fit standard bar patterns such as the ABS, CBS (Round, Oval,

and I-Bar) and the original Hader Bar. We now offer Combo Clips—18 clips,

6 of each retention.

The Housings: The gold-plated machined metal Hader-EDS Housing simplifies

clip replacement and prevents looseness caused by acrylic breakdown.

The Analogs and Impression Clips: Plastic Hader-EDS Impression Clips and

aluminum Hader-EDS Bar Analogs are available for the fabrication of processing

models. Each are 50mm in length and can be shortened, and are

reusable. Both are indicated for repairs and new restorations.

- Dolder Bar System

The Dolder Bar and Sleeve System is premade in gold alloy or titanium. Two

configurations are available, resilient or solid. The Dolder Bar System is the

oldest in use today and was designed by Prof. Dolder in Switzerland.

The resilient Dolder Bar allows for vertical and rotational resiliency, while the

solid may be processed with some vertical movements only. The standard

bars have a ø of 1.6mm and the wide have a ø of 2.2mm. The gold bar must

be soldered to precious alloys while the titanium bar is laser welded. If your

prescription requests a non-precious alloy, refer to the plastic CBS Oval Bar

- Locator Bar Attachment

The Locator is a low profile resilient stud attachment with easily replaceable

plastic male inserts.The Locator Bar Female is available in a Screw-in, Laser

or Cast-to version. The 2mm thread Screw-in bar female has a Ti Nitrite coating,

the Laser female is available in Titanium or Stainless Steel, each with the

Ti Nitrite coating. The Cast-to is Stainless Steel with no coating.

The Bar Male Complete (sold separately) includes a yellow processing male

in housing, two spacers, a clear regular retention, and a pink light retention

male. A blue extra light retention male insert can be ordered separately.

The Locator features “dual retention” with the male element engaging inside

and outside the female element. The Locator also has a self-aligning feature,

which facilitates easy insertion by the patient. The plastic males are easily

removed from the metal housing and replaced with the multi-purpose Core

Tool. The Core Tool may also be used to insert Locator implant females.

- Dalla Bona System

The Dalla Bona attachment is the most widely used ball & socket type overdenture

attachment. Designed by Hans Dalla Bona DDS of Switzerland, the

gold Dalla Bona male is soldered to a root cap coping. Plastic males can be

waxed directly to the root cap coping. Females are available in gold (E),

titanium (T), and plastic (P). Only the gold and titanium females are

adjustable. The Dalla Bona allows for a divergence of up to 15 degrees.

For the Direct Dalla Bona system, refer to Uni-Anchor. For implant restorations,

refer to the individual DDB, Direct Dalla Bona listed under the specific

implant name.

The new Dalla Bona Plus has a screw-in female retentive element (97-430484)

that is easily replaced—no need to remove the Ti housing from the denture. The

Dalla Bona Plus was designed for overdentures and implant-supported restorations.

Existing 2.25mm ball restorations may be easily retrofitted with the Dalla

Bona Plus female.


  • Vario-Stud-Snap vks-sg 1,7

    Stud-Snap for use on bars in tooth-bounded gaps, and free-end dentures, when fabricating complex restorations.


MATRIX – green

MATRIX – yellow

MATRIX – red

- Vario-Stud-Snap ø 1,7 mm 30° and 60°, 2.2 (Trailerhitch ball attachment)

For extracoronal applications

Vario Stud Snap 30°

Vario Stud Snap 60°

Matrix – green

Matrix – yellow

Matrix – red

Vario Stud Snap – metal matrix housing

Vario Stud Snap – titanium matrix housing

- Locator Implant Abutment
Benefits -

LOWEST Vertical Height

* Patented DUAL Retention
* Unique Pivoting Denture Cap
* Use with Non-Parallel Implants

LOCATOR implant abutments should be ordered to the exact height of the gingival measurement (tissue depth) or round up to the next taller cuff height. Abutments will extend 1.5mm above the tissue to allow the denture cap to snap on.

Retention strengths - LOCATOR Nylon Replacement Males:

Clear: 5lbs / 2268 grams

pink: 3lbs / 1361 grams
blue: 1.5lbs / 680 grams
green: 3-4lbs / 1361-1814 grams
red: 1.5lbs / 680 grams

- Locator Implant Bar
*Drill & Tap

*Laser Weld

Life Just got Easier

The LOCATOR Bar Attachment System has been designed to provide you with three options for the fabrication of a resilient attachment on an implant retained cast alloy bar or milled titanium bar.

Our new LOCATOR Bar Attachment System contains the same self-aligning feature, superb retention, long lasting durability, and low attachment profile that you currently enjoy with our top selling LOCATOR Attachments. Now these benefits are available for your immediate use when the splinting of implants is required with a bar for added stability.

- Locator Root Attachments

* Long Lasting

* Self-Aligning
* Patented Dual Retention
* Unique Pivoting Denture Cap
* Choice of Retention
* Extra-Radicular Design
* Money-Back Guarantee

The Self-Aligning feature of the LOCATOR attachment allows a patient to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment of the attachment components.

The unique Dual Retention innovation provides the LOCATOR attachment with greater retention surface area than ever available before with other attachments.

Durability tests have proven the LOCATOR’s incredible wear resistance and long lasting performance for over 110,000 insertion cycles.

The LOCATOR Male pivots in its permanent metal denture housing for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis. The retentive nylon male remains in static contact with the female socket while its metal denture cap has a full range of rotational movement over the male. This design of the pivoting LOCATOR Male allows a resilient connection for the overdenture without any resulting loss of retention.

The LOCATOR attachment is a supra-radicular design that gives you the choice of a straight post, two angles (10 and 20 degrees) to accommodate divergent roots and a special Cast-to version. Plus three different retentive males allow for your choice of regular retention (white), light retention (pink) or extra-light retention (blue) according to the needs of the patient.

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