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Folk Hero Study Guide

1. Folk Tales are exaggerated stories.

2. Folk Figure/Hero is the person the story is about.

3. Folk Figures are important because their stories provide entertainment and courage. They did not give up – worked hard.

4. Johnny Appleseed: planted apple orchards for pioneers. Was a real person named John Chapman.

5. Davy Crockett: wore coonskin cap, had gun name “old Betsy”, died in a war, was real person

6. John Henry: worked for railroad, beat a steam drill by working hard to be faster than machine, born with a hammer in his hand.

7. Pecos Bill: cowboy, raised by coyotes, roped a tornado, had a girlfriend named Sue Foot Slew.

8. Paul Bunyan: Lumberjack, Chop down 10 trees with 1 swing of his ax, had best friend name Babe a blue ox,

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