Answer key icd-9 Coding Exercises The Smith’s newborn has a birthmark on his neck. 757. 32, Q82. 5

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ICD-9 Coding Exercises

  1. The Smith’s newborn has a birthmark on his neck. 757.32, Q82.5

  1. Mr. Epstein suffers from Bruck’s disease. 733.99, M89.30

  1. Jenny developed bronchitis over spring break after inhaling gas fumes while sitting in a traffic jam. 506.0, J68.0

  2. Carolyn has experienced dumping syndrome periodically since her gastric bypass. 564.2, K91.1

  3. Robert has experienced pain when he urinates for the past 3 weeks. 788.1, R30.0

  4. Julia has been nauseated for about a week but has not complained of vomiting. 787.02, r11.0

  5. Paul has trench foot, which is a condition of moist gangrene caused by freezing of wet skin. 991.4, T69.029A

  6. Benjamin was given a health examination the night he entered prison to serve a life sentence. V70.9, V70.5, V70.3, Z00.8, Z02.1, Z02.89

  7. Angela was classified as morbidly obese, so she qualified for a gastric bypass surgery. 278.01, E66.01

  8. Joseph was diagnosed with academic underachievement disorder and sent for counseling. 313.83, F93.8

  9. Morgan Smith had an acute myocardial infarction, commonly referred to as the heart attack. 410.90, T21.3

  10. Jessica was placed in the neonatal ICU because she was diagnosed with transient tachypnea at birth. 770.6, P22.1

  11. Terri constantly struggles with her maxillary sinus, especially in the winter.

461.0, J01.00

  1. The physician told Roger that he had epididymitis, but it was not a result of a venereal disease. 604.9, N45.1

  2. Judy experienced neck pain for 1 week, but does not know why the pain began. 723.1, M54.2

  3. Kevin has suffered from low back pain for years.

724.2, M54.5

  1. Brad was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

989.5, T63.331A

  1. The Abbotts’ child died of sudden infant death syndrome.

798.0, R99

  1. Mitral stenosis was Mr. Richland’s final diagnosis. 394.0, I05.0

  2. Georgia went into anaphylactic shock after drinking milk.

995.67, T78.07XA

  1. Joey was taken to a psychologist because he was having recurrent nightmares.

307.47, F51.8

  1. Roger has benign essential hypertension.

401.1, I10

  1. Susan was having trouble breathing, and her physician told her she had a nasopharyngeal polyp the needed to be removed.

471.10, J33.0

  1. Kristy’s son, Christian, suffers with croup syndrome and has been hospitalized three times because of the disorder.

464.4, J05.0

  1. Ron saw Dr. Jarrett because of an anal fissure, which resulted from nontraumatic tear of his anus.

565.0, K60.2

  1. Griffin saw Dr. Redford for treatment of a common head cold.

460, J05.0

  1. A tetanus toxoid vaccination was administered to a child who stepped on a rusty nail.

V03.7, Z23

  1. Mrs. Garrett developed a decubitus ulcer on her buttocks while she was a patient in a nursing home.

707.0, L89.309

  1. Paige has a migraine headache, and the physician did not mention intractable migraine in the medical record.

346.9, G43.909

  1. Pat had Graves’s disease, and the physician did not mention thyrotoxic crisis or storm on the medical record.

242.0, 242.9, E05.00, E05.90

  1. Mary is in rehabilitation for episodic cocaine dependence.

304.22, F14.20

  1. Johnathan has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, without mention of hyperactivity.

314.00, F90.9

  1. Angelica has had chronic cystic mastitis for years.

610.1, N60.09

  1. Mr. Robertson had a TIA at home and was rushed to the hospital.

435.9, G45.9

  1. Ray noticed a ringing in his ears after working for 6 months on a construction site.

388.30, H93.19

  1. Raul has been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia, because he is not getting enough iron in his diet.

280.9, D50.9

  1. Camille has had recurrent earaches in the 2 years since her birth, and the physician diagnosed chronic purulent otitis media.

388.70, 382.3, H92.09, H66.3X9

  1. Sally’s newborn was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and required surgery.

750.5, Q40.0

  1. Stephanie has a urinary tract infection, but the physician does not yet know what organism caused the illness.

599.0, N39.0

  1. Don has insomnia, which the physician thinks is a result of drug abuse.

780.52, G47.00

  1. Mabel Johnson has rheumatoid arthritis and takes daily medication to control the pain.

714.0, M06.9

  1. Cynthia has a plantar wart but does not want to have it removed yet.

078.19, B07.8

  1. Sebastian fractured his clavicle at the sternal end during a football game. The fracture was closed.

810.00, S42.009A

  1. Peggy contracted herpes simplex with herpetic vulvovaginitis.

054.11, A60.04

  1. Eric noticed blood in his semen, and the physician diagnosed hematospermia.

680.82, R36.1

  1. Kayla had a sore throat and fever and was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis.

075, B27.99

  1. Gerald has osteoarthritis in his shoulder region and is scheduled to begin physical therapy next week.

715.1, M19.91

  1. Tray has had three headaches, not diagnosed as migraines, in the past week.

346.90, G43.909

  1. Amanda was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

340, G35

  1. Jeffery has a personal history of alcoholism.

303.90, F10.20

  1. Butch had four back surgeries and developed a continuous dependence on hydrocodone. 304.01, F11.20

  2. Jake went to ophthalmologist to have a splinter removed from his cornea.

918.1, S05.00XA

  1. Tammy suffered from severe pain in the temporomandibular joint area.

524.62, M26.62

  1. Josephine was struck by lightning during the thunder storm.

994.0, T75.00XA

  1. Barry’s alcoholism has caused cirrhosis of the liver.

571.2, K70.30

  1. The Wickers’ newborn has a skin condition called cradle cap.

690.11, L21.0

  1. Adam has been a paraplegic since his car wreck 2 years ago.

344.1, G82.20

  1. Hudson suffered a ruptured abdominal aneurysm and had emergency surgery.

441.3, I71.3

  1. Mr. Emmett had atherosclerosis of the extremities with gangrene just before death.

440.24, I70.269

  1. The woman with Munchausen syndrome had three children who died before law enforcement grew suspicious.

301.51, F68.10

  1. Ginger experienced dermatitis as a result of using a tanning bed.

692.82, L58.9

  1. The Lewises’ first child was born with Down syndrome.

758.0, Q90.9

  1. Lee Ann has experienced painful menstruation during her last three cycles.

625.3, N94.6

  1. James had one testicle removed because of seminoma. The tumor was primary site and incident of his cancer.

186.9, C62.10

  1. Jacqueline has uncontrollable diabetes mellitus type 2 with ketoacidosis.

250.01, E10.9

  1. Mrs. Julius died last week from congestive heart failure.

428.0, I50.9

  1. Gary saw the physician to follow up on his previous diagnosis of cardiomegaly.

429.3, I31.9

  1. Dr. Albertez thinks that Mr. Tidwell’s Parkinson’s disease was drug induced.

332.1, G21.19

  1. Jerry developed Karposi’s sarcoma during the final stages of AIDS. The sarcoma was present in his lymph nodes.

176.5, C46.3

  1. Sally developed a postoperative fever because of an infection (code infection only).

136.9, B99.9

  1. Terri attempted suicide by ingesting a handful of lithium. E950.9

  2. Beaumont’s divorce affected every aspect of his life. V61.0, M26.62

  3. Mr. Maxwell’s physician knew that his patient would have to be hospitalized once he diagnosed diverticulitis of the colon with hemorrhaging. 562.13, K57.33

  4. Susan was stung by a jellyfish while swimming off the coast of Mexico.


  1. Alaydra has a tunnel vision, which makes it difficult to drive safely. 368.45, H53.489

  2. The escaped criminal was cornered by the police and shot because he raised his gun and pointed it at a policeman. E922.9, W34.00XA

  3. Riley has acute myocarditis and was admitted to the hospital.

422.90, I40.9

  1. Alisha underwent artificial insemination in an effort to have a child.

V26.1, Z31.89

  1. Jackie’s baby was breech and was delivered using forceps.

763.2, P03.2

  1. Ordell has acute esophagitis and complained that he had been sick for 3 days.

530.12, K20.9

  1. Robert dislocated his shoulder while playing baseball. This was a closed anterior dislocation of the humerus.

905.6, S43.0155

  1. Betty has allergic gastroenteritis.

558.3, K52.2

  1. Mrs. Ralphy was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematous.

710.0, M32.10

  1. Winston has synovitis of the knee.

719.26, M12.269

  1. Mrs. Radson had a skin condition known as bullous pemphigoid, in which blisters formed in patches all over her skin.

694.5, L12.0

  1. Osteomalacia made it impossible for Robbie to walk.

268.2, M83.9

  1. Henry has oral leukoplakia, which may have been caused by smoking a pipe.

528.6, K13.70

  1. Ricky was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

204.00, C91.00

  1. The Smithson’s’ 4 year old daughter has Hurler’s syndrome, which was diagnosed a few months after she was born.

277.5, E76.01

  1. Patricia has had a uterine endometriosis for several years and may require a hysterectomy in the future.

617.0, N80.0

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