American Revolution Webquest

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American Revolution Webquest
Students will gain basic knowledge about the American Revolution by completing an internet-based worksheet. The American Revolution webquest uses an amazing virtual museum website by American Revolution Center.

The webquest contains fifty-five questions and is a great way to introduce or review the key facts and events of the American Revolution. An answer sheet is included for the teacher.

My students love examining the American Revolution War artifacts and listening to the podcasts from the website. I usually use this activity as a review activity for my students and it takes at least one class period, but usually two class periods for my students to complete the webquest. Feel free to modify this activity if needed to fit the needs of your students.
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American Revolution Webquest
Type in the following web address
Feel free to look at the pictures, watch podcasts, click on the links and read the information on the timeline.
Click on French & Indian War

  1. What famous future American caused the French and Indian War?

  1. The French and Indian War lead to what global conflict?

Click on the Havana Powder Horn

  1. In what parts of the world was the Seven Year’s War fought?

  1. What two countries did the British Empire defeat in the Seven Year’s War?

Click on Stamp Act

  1. Why did England pass the Stamp Act?

Click on the Townshend Acts

  1. What was the purpose of the Townshend Acts?

Click on Patrick Henry’s Library

  1. What was Patrick Henry a fierce opponent of?

  1. What is one of Patrick Henry’s most famous quotes?

Click on British troops in Boston

  1. What event happened in Boston on March 5, 1770?

Click on the Philadelphia Powder Horn

  1. What three cities led important protests against British taxation policies?

Click on Boston Tea Party

  1. How many crates of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor?

  1. What acts or laws does Britain pass in response to the Boston Tea Party?

Click on First Continental Congress

  1. Where did the First Continental Congress meet?

  1. How many delegates made up the First Continental Congress?

Click on Unite or Die

  1. What does the rattlesnake on the newspaper represent?

Click on Lexington and Concord

  1. What were the British looking for at Lexington and Concord?

Click on George Washington and the Independent Companies

  1. How did George Washington help colonists in Northern Virginia during the early months of 1775?

Click on Second Continental Congress

  1. Who does the Continental Congress pick as leader of Continental Army?

Click on the Battle of Bunker Hill

  1. The Battle of Bunker Hill took place near what major American city?

  1. How did the Battle of Bunker Hill help the American Army?

Click on Dunmore’s Proclamation

  1. Why did Dunmore’s Proclamation irritate many Virginia slave owners?

Click on Attack on Quebec

  1. Was the American attack on Quebec a success or failure?

Click on Hessian Headgear

  1. How many Hessians fought for Britain during the American Revolution?

  1. How did the Hessians receive their nickname?

Click on Continental Currency

  1. Why were Continental dollars worth so little?

Click on Evacuation of Boston

  1. Where did the American troops get their cannons from that helped them force the British to leave?

Click on American Independence

  1. What does the 2nd Continental Congress decide to do between July 2, 1776 and July 4, 1776

Click on American Musket

  1. What country provided America with most of their weapons after 1777?

Click on the Battle of Long Island

  1. How long would the British occupy New York City?

Click on Washington Crosses the Delaware

  1. In what two cities in New Jersey did Washington and his men defeat the Hessians/British?

Click on Wooden Canteen

  1. Why did the Continental Congress order that all equipment should be marked to show ownership by the United States?

Click on Council with the Native Americans

  1. Why did many Native Americans join the British in the American Revolution?

Click on Battle of Brandywine

  1. What American city was taken over by the British after their victory during the Battle of Brandywine?

Click on British Surrender at Saratoga

  1. What country decided to declare war on Britain after the American victory at Saratoga?

Click on Valley Forge Encampment

  1. How long did George Washington’s men stay at Valley Forge?

Click on the Battle of Monmouth

  1. Where did the Battle of Monmouth take place?

Click on Washington Camp Cups

  1. Why do you think Washington used silver cups while in camp?

Click on Royal Gazette

  1. What was America’s de facto form government until the ratification of the Constitution?

Click on Spain Declares War on Great Britain

  1. How did Spain assist in the struggle against Great Britain?

Click on the Battle of Newtown

  1. What happened to the Iroquois people after the Battle of Newtown?

Click on American Cartridge Box and Ammunition

  1. What kinds of items were held in the cartridge box?

Click on King’s Mountain

  1. Why was the Battle of King’s Mountain important?

Click on French Musket

  1. What were the advantages of the French Musket?

Click on War at Sea

  1. What was bar and chain shot designed to do?

Click on the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

  1. Who won the Battle of Guilford Courthouse?

Click on Pennsylvania Troop Mutiny

  1. What kind of problems did the Pennsylvania troops face in the winter of 1780/1781?

Click on Surrender at Yorktown

  1. What country helped America win the Battle of Yorktown?

Click on Preliminary Articles of Peace

  1. Who were America’s key diplomats in the Articles of Peace?

  1. What did America gain through the Articles of Peace?

Click on Treaty of Paris

  1. What did the Treaty of Paris officially end?

Click on the British Evacuate New York

  1. Where did thousands of loyalists move to at the end of the American Revolution?

Click on Shay’s Rebellion

  1. What two ideas does Shays’ Rebellion cause in America?

Click on Constitutional Convention

  1. In what city and building was the Constitution created?

  1. Who presided over the Constitutional Convention?

Click on Washington’s Inauguration

  1. In what city was George Washington sworn in as President?

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