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Iowa Mississippi River Parkway Commission

Explore Iowa’s Great River Road

August 30, 2015

Culture and Heritage Committee

Mississippi River Parkway Commission

701 East Washington Avenue, Suite 202

Madison, WI 530703

Re: The Motor Mill Historical Site Interpretive Center Request
Dear Committee Members:
It is my pleasure to recommend The Motor Mill Historic Site as a Great River Road candidate for the Network of Museums and Interpretive Centers for the State of Iowa. The Historic Motor Mill Site, located in Clayton County, Iowa, is a historic monument to the agriculture industry and the agrarian people who have settled the land in Northeast Iowa. The mill, which is located 17 miles from the Great River Road, benefits from heavy traffic along River and Bluffs Scenic Byway (one mile away) and is located twenty-five miles from the Driftless Area Scenic Byway. Both of these byways begin or end at the Great River Road depending which direction you are going.

If The Culture and Heritage Committee has any additional questions, I would be happy to try and answer.

Yours very truly,

Edith Reiss Pfeffer, Chairperson

Iowa Mississippi River Parkway Commission

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