A tray lot of glass scent bottles, etc. A lot of silver plate

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  1. A tray lot of glass scent bottles, etc.

  2. A lot of silver plate.

  3. A box lot of stamps.

  4. A lot of collector's plates.

  5. A tray lot of glass vases, etc.

  6. A 2002 men's hockey poster.

  7. Two Quebec plaques and a clock.

  8. A tray lot of stamps.

  9. A wall mirror.

  10. Four pink Depression glass plates.

  11. Two clocks.

  12. A viewer and slides.

  13. A tray lot of collector's shoes, bags, etc.

  14. A misc lot of brass, shelves, etc.

  15. A misc lot of prints, glass and china, etc.

  16. A signed record, comics, etc..

  17. A tray lot of dolls, china, etc.

  18. Four collector's tea pots.

  19. A misc lot of glass and china, clock, etc.

  20. Two framed needlework pictures.

  21. A luster jug and 2 bowls.

  22. A tray lot of glass.

  23. A lot of wrist watches.

  24. A pair of shadow box framed "Garden" photos.

  25. A lot of comics.

  26. A misc lot of glass and china.

  27. A cased accordion.

  28. Four trays of dolls and shells, etc.

  29. Two armchairs.

  30. Two leather trunks (as is)

  31. AN antique fumed oak mirror back dressing chest of drawers.

  32. A fur lined buggy coat.

  33. Two patchwork quilts.

  34. Three flower pots.

  35. Four shelves of books.

  36. A Coke lamp, china and glass.

  37. Two shelves of magazines popular and mechanics' illustrated.

  38. A mirror.

  39. An antique stick back chair.

  40. A harvest basket and a hooked rug.

  41. An antique chicken coop chair.

  42. An Eddo folding garden table.

  43. Three hooked rugs.

  44. Two picture frames.

  45. Two patchwork quilts.

  46. Four buggy quilts.

  47. Five buggy quilts.

  48. A framed print "Girl and dogs"

  49. A gilt mirror.

  50. An antique rocking chair.

  51. A cast iron floor grate.

  52. A Mercedes electric kiln.

  53. A copper boiler and lid.

  54. A Werlich child's tricycle made in Preston Ont.

  55. A brass fire tool set and a fire grate.

  56. A machine made mat.

  57. A misc lot of irons, brass candlesticks, etc.

  58. A rolling pin and 2 crocks.

  59. A painted handled crock.

  60. Two glass oil lamps.

  61. An old crock.

  62. Three oil lamps brackets.

  63. A pair of wood ice skates.

  64. Three open crocks.

  65. Four flat irons.

  66. A tray lot of bottles.

  67. An official boy scouts hand axe.

  68. Two oil lamps and misc chimneys.

  69. An apple peeler and 2 meat grinders.

  70. A pottery slipper bed pan.

  71. A Medicine Hat open crock.

  72. A large handled cast iron corn roast pan.

  73. A wrought iron and cast long handled fry pan.

  74. A sleigh with wrought iron fittings.

  75. Two framed prints "Flowers"

  76. A walnut cased sewing machine and bench.

  77. Two milk churns.

  78. A bridge floor lamp.

  79. An antique pine box & old Ice skates

  80. An old copper plant tray.

  81. Two crocks.

  82. An antique mantle clock.

  83. A framed print "Fathers of Confederation"

  84. Two shelves of children books.

  85. A wood column.

  86. Four antique kitchen chairs.

  87. A hooked mat.

  88. An antique painted table.

  89. An antique child's dolls pram with dolls.

  90. An antique child's pram.

  91. Two teddy bears and companions.

  92. A shelf lot of glass and china.

  93. A hooked mat.

  94. A table top state fair bagatelle.

  95. A table top power play NHL hockey game.

  96. An antique child's sleigh.

  97. An antique wood bowl, tin candle mould and a crock.

  98. A lot of local books and magazines.

  99. A pine wall shelf with a mirrored back.

  100. An antique bow back chair and a companion.

  101. A wood floor coat stand.

  102. A fire guard, wood holder, etc.

  103. Three crocks.

  104. A pair of buggy mittens (as new) with 2 straw hats Briscoe Galt and Wettlaufers Kitchener.

  105. Three antique carpet beaters.

  106. A bird cage.

  107. A tray lot of prints and needlework pictures, etc.

  108. A lot of Enoch Wedgwood plates.

  109. A bronze boat propeller.

  110. A painted carved wood pig.

  111. Two antique chairs.

  112. A framed drawing of a gentleman signed.

  113. Three crocks.

  114. An antique oil lamp.

  115. A boxed Birkdale Eatons bowler hat.

  116. Two framed convex hand colored photos info. Verso.

  117. Two open crocks.

  118. An oval gilt mirror.

  119. An antique painted pie cupboard.

  120. A pottery jardinière.

  121. A framed photo Perrin reunion 1928.

  122. Three open crocks.

  123. An antique mantle clock.

  124. A framed print "The skipping lesson"

  125. An old desk lamp.

  126. An antique pine cupboard with drawers over arched panel doors.

  127. An antique pressed back rocking chair.

  128. A pink glass cornflower plate and a pair of candlesticks.

  129. Sixteen cups and saucers.

  130. A green glass Heisey bowl.

  131. A tub of wrist watches.

  132. Two framed fashion prints.

  133. An oak cased chess set.

  134. A tray lot of costume jewelry.

  135. A tray lot of costume jewelry.

  136. A tray lot of costume jewelry.

  137. A gilt framed print Trisha Romance.

  138. A pink glass dish in a plated frame, posies and misc spoons, etc.

  139. Two silk curtain tie backs (new)

  140. A gilt framed convex reverse painting Parliament building Ottawa.

  141. A chess board cased chess set.

  142. A horse saddle.

  143. Two volumes Kinsey photographer.

  144. Two antique ironstone platters, jug and chamber pot.

  145. A low table fitted a drawer with spool legs.

  146. An antique oak child's high chair.

  147. A wood floor column.

  148. A hooked mat.

  149. An antique silver plate 5 bottle cruet.

  150. An antique tobacco cutter.

  151. A hooked mat.

  152. Two open crocks.

  153. Nine Perrin family farm photos old Roseville Homestead.

  154. Two old duck decoys.

  155. An old duck decoy.

  156. Two old duck decoys (one stamped with initials)

  157. A metal tailor's dummy.

  158. Two open crocks.

  159. An antique mantle clock Seth Thomas.

  160. An antique silver plate 6 bottles cruet.

  161. A pair of cast iron garden urns.

  162. A pair of antique walnut chairs.

  163. A Blue Mountain pottery tea set.

  164. A walnut mantle clock.

  165. A walnut side table and a washbowl.

  166. A hooked rug.

  167. An antique stained pine box.

  168. An advert corn syrup panel.

  169. Three irons and three trivets.

  170. A pizza menu board.

  171. A flat to the wall cupboard.

  172. Two fur stoles.

  173. A wood floor coat stand.

  174. A glass retro lemonade jug and 4 glasses.

  175. Two pottery tureens and a Susie Cooper platter.

  176. A brass Art Nouveau brass planter.

  177. An antique spinning wheel.

  178. A framed photo bell employees.

  179. Two handled crocks.

  180. A child's rocking horse.

  181. A hooked rug.

  182. Two stained glass windows.

  183. A framed print "Race horses"

  184. An antique pine bake board.

  185. A hooked rug.

  186. A file cabinet with drawers.

  187. A framed oil "Fishermen and boats" signed Andrew Black R.S.W.

  188. An antique oak framed mirror.

  189. A side cabinet with a lift top.

  190. A framed print "Wolfs" Glen Loates

  191. A hooked rug.

  192. An amber glass punch bowl and cups.

  193. A framed print of a horse Kauai King.

  194. A Schatz anniversary clock.

  195. A framed Berlin work study of a bird.

  196. A framed carved wood panel of a saint.

  197. Two bisque ware figures.

  198. A framed pastel still life "Fruit" signed.

  199. A glass top round table and 4 chairs.

  200. A Viking walnut floor radio with neon lights.

  201. A brass and glass hanging light fixture.

  202. A framed oil "Young lady" signed.

  203. A lot of collector's tin type photos (Perrin family)

  204. A Royal Doulton figure Miss Demure.

  205. A Royal Doulton figure "Marie"

  206. A Royal Doulton "Darling"

  207. A Royal Doulton "Sweeting" a/f

  208. A scrimshaw box.

  209. Six silver tea spoons and 2 salt spoons.

  210. Two old ivory napkin holders and a silver plate companion.

  211. Two sterling brooches.

  212. A lot of silver brooches, pendant, etc.

  213. A lot of silver brooch, rings, etc.

  214. Three silver spoons and a button hook.

  215. A cranberry glass scent bottle with a silver top.

  216. A silver overlay scent bottle.

  217. A shell box with a silver top.

  218. Four misc watches (1 silver)

  219. Two old ivory necklaces.

  220. Seven silver dimes and misc stamps.

  221. A misc lot of one cent coins.

  222. Approx 60 Persona silver bracelet beads.

  223. A framed watercolor "Coastal sand dunes" signed Dartinger.

  224. A soda bottle and 2 top companions Thomas Bros Galt and Burke Brantford.

  225. Two collectors whisky jugs.

  226. A collector's plate W.M. Church Mc Nab Street Hamilton C.W. and a companion anxious moments.

  227. Six old pewter measures, etc.

  228. An old metal pastille burner.

  229. Five antique corkscrews.

  230. A Royal Doulton plate "The Falconer"

  231. Four silver plate tumblers.

  232. A calcite bowl.

  233. Two Inuit studies beaver and a bear signed and numbered.

  234. An old Indo-Indian wire on wood cloth printer.

  235. Two Inuit studies seal and a bird.

  236. A trench art shell lighter.

  237. A framed watercolor "Flowers"

  238. A Chinese bronze hand mirror signed.

  239. Three framed colored photo "Meader family"

  240. A Chinese side table with figural decorations.

  241. A tapestry mat.

  242. Four antique stick back chairs with cane seats.

  243. Six brass wall brackets.

  244. A framed grand lodge certificate.

  245. Two antique bow back chairs.

  246. A large Inuit study of a standing bear signed.

  247. A framed antique print "Yale College and State house Conn.

  248. An antique boxwood Taylors ruler.

  249. An antique painted child's rocking horse.

  250. An old ceramic plaque Adam and Eve.

  251. A blue flower crock H. Schuler Paris.

  252. An antique handled crock No. 2.

  253. An antique brown glazed red ware crock Welding Brantford.

  254. A framed antique sampler.

  255. Two very old tortoise shells.

  256. A Brownfield terracotta game dish.

  257. Two antique painted duck decoys signed W.A.H. and E.H.

  258. Two antique painted duck decoys signed SF and J.E.L.

  259. An antique hanging lamp with hand painted glass shade and font.

  260. A framed watercolor "Lake Louise" signed Fredrick Bell Smith (restored)

  261. Four antique painted stick back chairs.

  262. A gilt framed oil "Portrait of a lady"

  263. An antique painted harvest table fitted a drawer to the apron.

  264. A collection of family photos, etc. Perrin and Maeder families.

  265. An old oak cupboard with twin doors over a cupboard base opening to shelved interiors.

  266. A Mahal carpet having overall designs to a blue field. Approx 12' x 10'

  267. An antique glass hall light shade.

  268. A framed oil "The broken bucket"

  269. An antique Kilim carpet bag.

  270. A framed oil "Coastal seascape" signed.

  271. A Royal Doulton figure "Biddy"

  272. Two Royal Doulton figures "Babie (1A/F)"

  273. A Royal Doulton figure "Tinkle bell"

  274. Three silver bangles and a pendant.

  275. A silver match case and a compact.

  276. A silver bracelet.

  277. A lot of approx 55 Persona bracelet beads.

  278. Two Chinese inside painted snuff bottles.

  279. An old maple framed silhouette of British men-o-war ships.

  280. A Chinese jade pendant.

  281. Three antique oriental bone netsuke.

  282. A pair of silver gilt sugar tongs.

  283. Two silver bracelets.

  284. An antique Scottish brooch set semi precious stones.

  285. A cased silver child's spoon and pusher.

  286. A silver gilt bracelet.

  287. A silver gilt bracelet set sapphires.

  288. A Chinese rock crystal table sculpture.

  289. An antique Japanese boxwood study of a lady (as is)

  290. A Bavarian porcelain part dinner set with figural and gilt decorations.

  291. A cased set of silver fruit knives.

  292. A cased silver brush and mirror.

  293. A silver brush, mirror and comb.

  294. A Mason's ironstone plate.

  295. A Minton antique trio (2 cups and saucer)

  296. Four antique Worcester dishes.

  297. A B&G covered bowl.

  298. A Goldscheider vase.

  299. A Wedgwood bamboo pattern tea pot, cream jug and lidded sugar with a pair of candlesticks.

  300. A crystal scent bottle with pink inside floral designs.

  301. A crystal scent bottle with blue inside floral designs.

  302. A boxed Solar wrist watch.

  303. A Rodania wrist watch.

  304. A Milos wrist watch.

  305. A Festina Chrono wrist watch.

  306. A Seiko automatic wrist watch.

  307. A Solar wrist watch.

  308. A Timex wrist watch.

  309. A Bulova Art Deco cased wrist watch.

  310. A Mickey Mouse wrist watch.

  311. A Royal Crown Derby dish with a silver rim.

  312. A Royal Crown Derby tortoise.

  313. A Royal Crown Derby frog.

  314. A Wedgwood cup and saucer and a cream jug.

  315. Three antique cups and saucers.

  316. Two antique Flight Barr and Barr dishes.

  317. An antique Minton cup and saucer plate and a cup.

  318. A silver plated four bottle cruet.

  319. A cased set of cake knives with silver Ferrules and mother of pearl handles.

  320. A cased silver plated set of fish servers.

  321. A framed oil "Coastal seascape" signed Jennie Black.

  322. Two antique French plates.

  323. An enameled and gilt pillar clock under a glass dome.

  324. A pair of silver plate candlesticks.

  325. A part Wedgwood Patrician dinner set.

  326. An antique chimney back tiger maple and cherry chest of drawers with spiral support columns.

  327. A 14kt gold ring set a diamond flanked by 20 princess cut diamonds approx 1.02ct total weight.

  328. A 18kt gold ring set a diamond flanked by diamonds.

  329. A 14kt gold cluster ring set 21 diamonds approx 1.25cts.

  330. An 18kt gold ring set 4 diamonds.

  331. A 9kt gold ring set a large garnet.

  332. An 18kt ring set a central diamond flanked by 36 diamonds approx 1.00cts.

  333. A 14kt ring set a diamond flanked by 2 baguette diamonds.

  334. An 18kt diamond and sapphire necklace.

  335. An 18kt ring set thirty two diamonds approx 1.75cts.

  336. A 14kt white and yellow gold bracelet containing 154 bead set diamonds approx 1.40cts.

  337. A Mahal carpet with animal and floral designs to a blue field approx 6'7" x 11'

  338. An armchair with fluted leg supports and gilt metal mounts together with a companion stool C1900/10.

  339. A framed oil "Air" signed by Robert Genn.

  340. A pair of green Wedgwood jasperware stopper bottles.

  341. Seven antique Spode cups and saucers (1 A/F)

  342. A framed oil "Country Road" by Gilles Gauvreau.

  343. A Tabriz carpet having a central medallion to a red field. Approx 7' x 10'

  344. A carved and gilt armchair having a sterling plaque "Richard Delafield Chairman (CIBC).

  345. A framed oil "River landscape" bears a signature Harry Brition.

  346. A Georgian silver card footed tray with coat of arms.

  347. A Georgian silver cream jug.

  348. An antique silver mustard pot.

  349. A silver toast rack.

  350. A silver spirit table lighter.

  351. A silver shot cup and a cream jug and sugar.

  352. A framed mixed media spirit birds by Morris Cole Graves.

  353. A Hamedan carpet with stylized designs to a plum red field approx 3'8" x 10'

  354. A Chinese Republican period vase with enameled animal landscape decorations.

  355. A Chinese jade Hotei on a wood stand.

  356. A Chinese green hard stone lidded vase.

  357. A Chinese Republic period vase with household designs.

  358. A Chinese green hard stone lidded vase.

  359. A Japanese Satsuma cup with figural decorations and a calligraphy interior signed to base.

  360. A painted bronze study of a lady on a onyx base bears signature after Chipariaus.

  361. A framed oil "Lake landscape at sunset" Hudson river school unsigned.

  362. One volume "Revolt in the desert" T. E. Lawrence 1st edition no 203 of 315 printed.

  363. One volume "Little Dorrit Charles Dickens" 1st edition 1857.

  364. One volume "Michael Strogoff the courier of the Czar" by Jules Verne 1st edition.

  365. A framed certificate U.S.A. department of the Navy bears signature Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  366. Twenty five volumes "Laws of the Reich and Prussia" by Franz Vahlen they depict the legal frame work by Dr. Werne Hoche Minister Hitler cabinet Berlin 1933.

  367. Two German documents The Wedding of a General one bears signature Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.

  368. A German hunting dagger Carl Eickhorn Solingen 1810.

  369. A misc lot of German/English photos, etc.

  370. A framed silk screen "Man on a horse" 10/10 by Hagg'75.

370A An originalWWII Royal Canadian Air Force leather flying jacket.

  1. A collector's military Longines wrist watch.

  2. A silver key wind pocket watch (metal chain)

  3. A Gassiz 18kt gold pocket watch.

  4. An Illinois 21 jewel Bun Special Railway Pocket watch.

  5. An antique hair watch chain fobs and key.

  6. A framed Gouche painting the window by Grant Mac Donald.

  7. A Midewiwin Mnemonic deer hide scroll Ojibway.

  8. A framed calligraphy J.R. Mallots Newton Ontario.

  9. A Hamedan carpet having panel designs to a brown field approx 4'7" x 11'

  10. A carved and polished wood study of a seal.

  11. A framed oil "Wind in the willows" signed by E. Grace Coombs.

  12. A 14kt gold cameo brooch set pearls.

  13. An Art Nouveau 14kt gold brooch set amethyst and pearls.

  14. A 10kt gold ring set diamond.

  15. A pair of 14kt earrings set mabe pearls.

  16. An antique 18kt gold ring set sapphire and diamond.

  17. An antique 15kt gold ring set ruby and diamond.

  18. A 14kt gold ring set ruby and diamond.

  19. A 14kt gold necklace and pendant set smoky quartz with a pair of earrings en-suite.

  20. A 14kt star brooch set pearls.

  21. A 9kt gold bracelet set garnets.

  22. A gilt framed oil "Temple ruin with figures"

  23. A pair of silver plate tureen.

  24. A pair of tureens, coffee pot and 4 plates Villroy and Boch Petite Fleur pattern.

  25. An antique mahogany tilt top bird cage table.

  26. A framed pastel "Farm cottage and shack" signed by Frederick Taylor.

  27. An antique mahogany sideboard with a brass rail over an arrangement of cupboards and drawers.

  28. A framed serigraph "Paris street with figures" signed by Leroy Neiman.

  29. An antique oak cased mantle clock.

  30. An antique settee refinished and upholstered with claw feet supports.

  31. A Sarouck carpet having overall designs to a green field approx 7'4" x 11'

  32. A framed oil "Morning snow on the Grand River Galt" signed by Don Besco.

  33. A pair of silver plate table candelabra.

  34. An antique Georgian mahogany chest of drawers on bracket feet.

  35. Six antique framed sporting prints Bachelor's Hall.

  36. A wrought iron floor lamp with a glass shade.

  37. A modern Tabriz style carpet with a central medallion to a red field. approx 5' x 7'6"

  38. An antique French armchair with carved gilt decorations.

  39. A hanging 5 light metal chandelier.

  40. A framed oil "Mountain and river landscape" signed.

  41. Six Royal Worcester plates with fruit decorations to a red ground.

  42. A Limoges part dinner set hand painted signed E. Cummings.

  43. A Chinese jade table sculpture mountain landscape on a wood base.

  44. A mahogany Chinese style mirror back cabinet.

  45. An antique Chinese crystal tree in a cloisonné pot A/F.

  46. A Chinese 4 panel coromandel floor screen with landscape and floral designs.

  47. Six framed antique Alkin uncoloured sporting prints C1823.

  48. A 14kt gold ring set rubies.

  49. A 10kt gold ring set baroque pearl and diamond.

  50. A 10kt gold ring set diamonds.

  51. An antique 18kt gold ring set emeralds and pearls.

  52. AN antique 18kt gold ring set ruby and diamonds.

  53. A 10kt gold ring set sapphire and diamond.

  54. A 10kt gold ring set diamond.

  55. A 10kt gold ring set sapphire and diamond.

  56. An antique wheel engraved decanter.

  57. A signed Steuben glass bowl.

  58. A crystal decanter.

  59. A hand painted Herend lidded tureen with an under plate.

  60. A hand painted Herend handled gravy boat.

  61. AN old poster Daniele Serra Cine-Roma N.Y. by N. Moreillo 460 W 34 St. N.Y.C.

  62. A large oak framed over mantle mirror with carved decorations.

  63. A 6 light iron chandelier.

  64. Three framed prints "Quebec River landscapes"

  65. A Tabriz carpet having floral designs to a red field approx 6'6" x 10'

  66. An antique American Federal mahogany mirror.

  67. A crystal bowl and two stem dishes.

  68. Two framed engrave rings Montreal C1830.

  69. A Sarouck carpet with floral designs to a brown field. approx 5'4" x 10'8"

  70. An antique walnut coffee table.

  71. An antique 9kt rose gold snake ring set diamonds.

  72. An antique 18kt ring set diamonds.

  73. A 14kt ring set sapphire and diamonds.

  74. An 18kt gold ring set onyx and diamonds.

  75. A two tone 14kt gold ring set diamond.

  76. A 10kt ring set amethyst.

  77. A 14kt ring set emeralds.

  78. A 10kt ring set diamond and sapphire.

  79. A German porcelain part dinner set with game bird decorations.

  80. A framed oil "Winter river landscape" signed.

  81. A mahogany cased microscope.

  82. A pair of bronze wall candlesticks.

  83. A framed print "Cries of London"

  84. An antique platter Parliament buildings Ottawa.

  85. A pair of old bisque figures "Young boy and girl"

  86. A framed watercolor "Mountain and river landscape" attrib. Sharpe.

  87. A large bisque study of a young man and a lady.

  88. A framed watercolor "River landscape" attrib. to Sharpe.

  89. A silver overlay 3pc pottery tea set.

  90. A Spode dish with bird decorations and a plate.

  91. Fifteen Clarice Cliff Tonquin Chop dishes.

  92. Two Coalport mask jugs.

  93. A signed art vase.

  94. Two Belleek vases.

  95. A Satsuma bowl with peacock designs.

  96. A framed Japanese woodblock of a court lady by Toyokuni.

  97. A gilt framed mirror.

  98. An antique bonnet chest of drawers with spiral column supports.

  99. A framed watercolor "The Fort at Montreuit France " by J. Kemp 1891.

  100. A porcelain cased antique mantle clock.

  101. A patchwork tapestry mat.

  102. A gilt framed pastel "Lake and river landscape" by M. Wride.

  103. A 14kt gold ring set sapphires.

  104. A 10kt ring set diamond and emerald.

  105. A 14kt ring set pearls.

  106. Two 10kt gold wedding bands.

  107. An antique 10kt gold rings set diamond and ruby with a companion with 1 stone missing.

  108. A 10kt white gold diamond pendant and chain.

  109. A pair of 14kt gold earrings set diamond and sapphire.

  110. A pair of 14kt gold earrings set pearl and diamond.

  111. A 10kt gold lavaliere set onyx and pearls.

  112. A framed pastel "Winter landscape"

  113. Two Goebel plaques.

  114. An antique Davenport cup and saucer with a companion.

  115. An antique hand painted French bowl.

  116. A Royal Doulton bowl.

  117. Two antique Coalport plates green and red.

  118. A modern carpet in a Tabriz style with a central medallion to an ivory ground approx 5' x 7'6"

  119. An unframed Japanese watercolor "Street landscape with figures" signed Kamakura with a companion print.

  120. Two cut crystal bowls and 3 vases.

  121. Four framed Tallis maps.

  122. Four Fitz and Floyd plates.

  123. An antique book cover with a metal and silver front.

  124. Three volumes "Italy"

  125. A lot of Wedgwood plates and soup bowls Osborne pattern.

  126. A framed watercolor "Riverside walk" signed Williams glass A/F.

  127. A Kutani cup and saucer, cloisonné vase, 2 celadon bowls and 2 blue and white cricket jars.

  128. A bronze Chinese cup and a shell plate.

  129. A pair of brass book ends wind sailing.

  130. Two Chinese plique-de-jure bowls.

  131. A framed abstract signed 1970.

  132. An 18kt gold chain with a gold filled pendant set pearls.

  133. Four 10kt gold rings and 3 cuff links.

  134. A 10kt chain and an antique gold filled locket.

  135. A sterling bracelet A/F.

  136. A vintage Scottish silver garter buckle set blood stone and carnelian.

  137. A sterling bull and matador money clip set abalone.

  138. Four antique Victorian brooches.

  139. Five old American dollars.

  140. Six Canadian coins, 3 dollar coins and 3 fifty cents coins.

  141. A boxed pearl necklace and earrings.

  142. Five misc wrist watches.

  143. A misc lot of pearls with 10kt clasp, bracelet and tie pins.

  144. A framed print "The scream"

  145. A Carnival glass bowl and a pair of candle holders.

  146. Two antique German cups and saucers.

  147. A Wedgwood black basalt lidded sugar bowl and a jug and bowl.

  148. A Nippon bowl and 2 shells.

  149. An Orrferos vase, 2 Rohmers and ice plates.

  150. A Spode 3pc tea pot cream and sugar.

  151. An Indian Buddha head and a mystery box.

  152. A pair of mercury glass vases.

  153. AN antique Rockingham tea pot.

  154. A pair of antique French fashion prints.

  155. A lot of Wedgwood Jefferson vine china.

  156. A misc lot of antique odd china cups and saucers.

  157. A framed oil "The orchid" signed Ernest Knight.

  158. An Edwardian mirror backed display stand with a central cupboard flanked by shelves.

  159. A fire screen and tools on a stand.

  160. An antique maple framed Hogarth print The meet.

  161. Three Chinese brass bowls and a tray.

  162. AN antique Indo server having an arrangement of drawers.

  163. A brown upholstered two seat settee.

  164. An antique Persian jug, brass bowl and a copper pot.

  165. A set of National Audubon books.

  166. A set of 6 mahogany ribbon back chairs.

  167. A framed oil "Red abstract" signed Gronchild.

  168. An oak 3 section stacking bookcase.

  169. A chrome framed armchair.

  170. An etched aluminum plaque initialed F.H.

  171. A decanter and 4 glasses.

  172. A pair of blue glass vases.

  173. A blue and white platter 3 cups and 2 saucers.

  174. A framed print "Of a Palace"

  175. An R.S. Germany co-co set.

  176. An antique mauve to clear glass water set.

  177. An old willow pattern straining plate.

  178. An antique export plate (restored) and a cup and plate.

  179. Three antique glass rinsers.

  180. Two Wedgwood Queens ware boxed plates signed by Mike Hughes 1996.

  181. A misc lot of china antique Derby plate, etc.

  182. An Art Nouveau style mirror.

  183. Eleven cups and saucers.

  184. A framed oil "Abstract"

  185. A lot of postcards.

  186. A shell box and misc jewelry.

  187. A lot of post cards.

  188. A framed print "We see you"

  189. A metal cherub.

  190. A tray lot of patches, ribbons, etc.

  191. A lot of post cards.

  192. A misc tray lot of clock, boxes ham radio parts, etc.

  193. A misc tray lot of loading equipment, cork screws, etc.

  194. A misc lot of harmonica, fish hooks, straight razors, etc.

  195. A misc lot of costume jewelry.

  196. A lot of camera lens, etc.

  197. Two trays of old bibles, books, photo, etc.

  198. A lot of engraved glasses.

  199. A Limoges dinner and tea set.

  200. A Victorian oak chair and a stool.

  201. An oriental rice paper floor screen.

  202. Two Japanese dolls.

  203. A pair of decanters and a companion.

  204. A framed print of a sailing ship Keirstead.

  205. A Gouda vase and a Radcliff jardinière.

  206. A framed print "Church landscape"

  207. An antique walnut sideboard with an arrangement of drawers and cupboard (on a plinth base)

  208. A lot of 6 collector's plates.

  209. A leather top drum table.

  210. A glazed display table.

  211. A walnut cased grandfather clock.

  212. A brass twin light table lamp.

  213. Two pottery "cats"

  214. A quilted window framed cats.

  215. A shelf lot of cut crystal and silver overlay glass.

  216. Eight cups and saucers.

  217. A hand painted Nippon tea set.

  218. A walnut china cabinet.

  219. A misc lot of brass and metal tray, silver plate, etc.

  220. A coffee table with a blue glass top.

  221. An antique walnut loveseat and a chair.

  222. An antique walnut bed.

  223. A Hamedan Tribal carpet with stylized designs and animals to a red field. Approx 5'5" x 9'4"

  224. A framed print "Winter in Paris" Maurice Utrillo.

  225. An old oak folding prayer chair.

  226. A 3light hanging fixture.

  227. A pottery dinner and tea set Alfred Meakin.

  228. An Edwardian period inlaid armchair.

  229. AN antique jug, Chinese vase and a lichte cat.

  230. An antique wall mirror and a marble top cupboard.

  231. Three framed needlework panels.

  232. A 3 tier table and a floor ashtray.

  233. A single iron bed (no rails)

  234. A misc lot of brassware and a paperweight.

  235. A painted chest of drawers.

  236. A 5light hanging lamp.

  237. An antique walnut 2 drawer low chest of drawers.

  238. A pair of blue upholstered wing chairs.

  239. An iron cross, tankard and a tray.

  240. A glass top coffee table.

  241. A side table.

  242. A travel trunk.

  243. A table top lot of silver plate, tureens, etc.

  244. A shelf lot of china.

  245. Two shelves of glassware.

  246. A Sony disc player and surround set of speakers.

  247. A JVC compact component system.

  248. A similar lot.

  249. A Technics system with Panasonic speakers.

  250. A paymaster machine.

  251. A lot of photographs, etc.

  252. A chamber pot, jug and a pail.

  253. A toy tractor and misc railway parts.

  254. A lot of records.

  255. A hammock.

  256. A painted dressing table and a stool.

  257. A radiogram Electrohome.

  258. A misc shelf lot of sealed jars, etc.

  259. A lot of wine glasses.

  260. A lot of tins.

  261. A cased Singer sewing machine.

  262. A 5light hanging lamp.

  263. Three milk churns.

  264. A egg crate.

  265. A wood box, trug basket, cushions.

  266. A commode, nail keg, auger, etc.

  267. Two coconut and Kraft tins, suitcase, bird house.

  268. Four misc kitchen chairs.

  269. AN antique trunk.

  270. A farm house table.

  271. Two quilts.

  272. A lot of children's toys.

  273. Two wash boards.

  274. Three barn lamps and box of parts.

  275. A misc lot of Christmas decorations, glass, telephone, tools and tool box, etc.

  276. A shelf lot of pictures, prints, etc.

  277. A view master and Hawkeye flash outfit.

  278. A clothes wall dryer misc crocks, etc.

  279. A pair of speakers.

  280. Two chamber pots, 2 wash bowls.

  281. A framed panorama Niagara Falls.

  282. A lot of stacking chairs, mirror frame, etc.

  283. A new suitcase.

  284. A lot of garden lights and lamp shades.

  285. A black table and a T.V. stand.

  286. A wicker basket, suitcases.

  287. A horse collar, Ames, wood, rake, wimple trees, saw.

  288. A lot of fabrics.

  289. A lot of picture frames.

  290. Five rolls of rattan wall paper.

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