中正纪念堂 (C. K. S memorial Hall)

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Northern Taiwan Highlights


(C.K.S Memorial Hall)

A remarkable white and bluelandmark built in commemoration of the former president,Mr Chiang Kai-She within enriched with the beauty of traditional Chinese gardens with various activities taking place daily. Is a common leisure spot for local residents and also an ideal place for wedding photo-shoots.


(Martyr’s Shrine)

Built to dedicate to the 390,000 soldiers killed in the service of their country during the War of Resistance against Japan and the civil war between the Chinese Republican and communist forcesdaily hourly ceremony for the changing of the honour guard in front of the main gate.


(Atayal Old Street)

Also known as Wulai OldStreet, filled with charms of Olden Taiwan and Atayal aboriginal cultures, is packed full with restaurants, street vendors and lots of traditional crafts, gifts, foods and clothing.


(Jingtong Station)

A Japanese-style wooden-built train stations with its exterior and interior appearances both keep their original features.

This station still keeps the original electrical railway block instruments, traditional train ticket containers and plenty of




A park of natural wonders: rocks carved by wave-cutting and weathering over years and years were formed into shapes resembling figures that are real. The most famous one is of course the Queen’s Head, among other “statues” that are named the Fairy’s Shoe, the Mushroom Rocks, the Tofu Rocks, and the Elephant Rocks, along with many interesting potholes.



This used to be the centre of gold mining located within the hills in northeast of Taiwan. The international acclaimed movie “Sad City” wasalso shot here.Along the OldStreet there are shops vending the most famous country snack like Yu Yuan (taro balls), Grandma Fish soup, Beef noodles and various local snacks.


(Xueshan Tunnel)

Also known as "Snow Mountain" tunnel,it is the longest tunnel in Taiwan, the second longest road tunnel in East Asia and the fifth longest road tunnel in the world. Within the tunnel walls are the various in-digenous aboriginal murals giving directions to the drivers.


(Danshui Old Street)

Home to artifacts and old buildings that relate the story of the town’s history, this popular town has plenty to offer besides recollections of past times.Walk on the old streets along the riverbank, view the old buildings and try the tasty local famous snacks like the fish dumplings, Agei and hard eggs.


(Fisherman's Wharf)

Situated at the foot of Mt Yangming and at the point where the Danshui River meets with the East China Sea with a view of Mt Guanyin, it is a great place for spectacular sunset viewing. It is also the filming site of the popular TV drama “Meteor Garden”.


(Shih Lin Night Market)

Well organized and most popular night market famous for their local flavours only available there like Sausage Wrapped

in Glutinous Rice, Shilinsuper-sized Sausages, Qinwaxiadan, Paopao Ice, Huge Chicken Cutlet, and many more. It also

offers a large selection of clothes and accessories that can bargain for at reasonable prices.


(Grand Scenic Area)

Located at a high altitude in the midst of a bustling city, just right behind the Grand Hotel;coupled with airplanes flying low across the sky and a panoramic view of the Taipei city. Apopular hangout for locals.


(Yangmingshan National Park)

One of the most popular national parks in Taiwan featuring volcanic formations and fragrant blooming flowers during all four seasons. Because of the variety of beautiful plants and colorful flowers that flourish in the park, some people regard Yangmingshan National Park as the “backyard of Taipei”.


(Shilin Official Residence)

The former official residence of Chiang Kai-shek and Madam Chiang maintains a quiet and attractive garden. The

garden is full of blooming flowers according to season and make for a stunning view throughout much of the year


(Wulai Falls)

The famous Wulai Waterfall is about 80 meters high. It is magnificent like a white silk cloth coming down from the sky


(Gold Falls)

The picturesque waterfall appears a golden-yellow in color due to the large quantities of iron in the stream water. The iron minerals have been oxidized to golden-yellow sand, which accumulates in the stream bed. This sand sparkles like gold in the sunlight, giving the waterfall its name


(Shifen Street)

The filming place of the famous movie “Dust in the wind” with street retaining its authentic traditional architectures and shopsvending the local snacks and souvenirs. A great place for sky lantern and it’s the only old street which has trains passing through at intervals.


(Jinshan Hot Springs)

The northernmost Taiwan hot spring areas, covering types of seawater-fed spring, carbonic acid spring, sulfur spring and iron oxide. Some springs close to the seashore can be up to 120 degree centigrade, due to the characteristic of spring water, it is said to be good to ladies.


(Pei-tou Hot Spring)

One of the most popular hot springs in northern Taiwan also called the “hot spring village” with many selections of the public pools, the individual pools or spa in hotels, offering mostly sulfur springs known to be effective in healing dermatitis and arthritis.


(Raoho Night Market)

One of the oldest night market in Taipei offering lots of local snacks likeStewed Ribs with Chinese herbal, Crispy Pepper

Pastry Cake, Steamed Bun, Oyster Noodles, Spicy Stinky Tofu, Beef Noodle etc and various kinds merchandise,

accessories all at low and affordable prices


(Shih Lin Night Market)

Well organized and most popular night market famous for their local flavours only available there like Sausage Wrapped

in Glutinous Rice, Shilinsuper-sized Sausages, Qinwaxiadan, Paopao Ice, Huge Chicken Cutlet, and many more. It also

offers a large selection of clothes and accessories that can bargain for at reasonable prices.


(Kim Yong DIY Farm)

The farm typically grows and harvests uncommon fruits and vegetables. Currently the farm has more than 30 different kinds of tomato species. Interesting activities are also offered in this farm such as fruit picking, flower display and sales of organic fruits and vegetables on the spot.

Hello Kitty餐厅

(Hello Kitty Restaurant)

A theme cafe filled with Hello Kitty characters found all over the shop including the snacks, pastries and the cutleries used.


(Taipei101 Shopping Mall)

One of the tallest building in the world, located at the centre of Taipei city with world-class design and architecture housing luxury international branded shops. View the splendid landscape of the Taipei city from the Observatory Floor (at own expenses)


(Wu Fan Pu)

Taipei's largest wholesale market for clothes with over a hundred clothing stores are packed into this area selling the latest fashions at very reasonable prices.



The oldest established and most famous shopping and entertainment area in Taipei, known for its blending of youth culture and historical spaces with hundreds of small shops selling absolutely every-thing and all manners of entertainment makes this a paradise for all.

Central Taiwan Highlight


(Wen Wu Temple)

A large, impressive temple sited on the northern shore of Sun Moon Lake comprises of three large halls. The integration of the southern and northern styles of temple building, the beautiful stonework and materials used, set this temple apart from many others in Taiwan.


(SunLink Sea Park)

Famous for its waterfalls, soothing and cooling climate all year round, lush mountain forests, camp-grounds with wooden cottages, a spectacular view of Mount Hehuan, colourful and majestic maple trees and a showcase of all sorts of flowers and herbs.


(Chung-tai-Chan Monastery)

The largest Buddhist monastery in the world and the second-largest tallest monasteryin Taiwan, popular with visitors from around the world due to its Avant-guard, ultra-modern architectural style.


(Little Swiss Garden)

Shrouded by the luscious mountain ranges, clear blue skies, cooling climate, cloudy mistsat dawn and the manyNorthern European style architectures make the place like a perfect painting from a distance hence it is also called “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland”.


(Evergreen Grassland)

A wide grassy plain with popular site with herds of sheep grazing on the land, the azure skies above, and the verdant mountains in the horizon with a distinct European atmosphere. Watch the lovely sheep herd roaming freely on the plain and live sheep shearing show.


(Geographic Center)

One of Taiwan's geographical attractions with special commemorative value.


(Taiyi Leisure Farm)

Alike a garden castle, there are abundant plants and flowers covering the farm. With lodging and facilities such as butterfly hall, cactus and passion fruit gardens and much more.


(Chingjing Farm)

Situated 2,100m above sea level, shrouded by clouds and mists with clean and fresh air. The imposing, majestic mountains greet your eyes as the peaks connect to the horizon. Every afternoon, a slow mist rises from the valley, which, in a twinkling, completely pervades the mountains, which is why this farm is known as the "paradise above the mists”.


(Peacock Garden)

Has over 200 peacocks and other rare and valuable birds including the mountain chicken, the Formosan blue magpie, the long-tailed pheasant, the golden pheasant, the Amherst pheasant, and the black coot. Also, many national and international specimens of butterflies are on display in the Butterfly Museum.


(Hsitou Monster Village)

A Japanese inspired tourist curiosity attraction, which provides not only various kinds of souvenirs, characteristic gifts, local snacks and folk cultural entertaining performances.


(Yamay Recreation Wold) 

A entertain-education leisure resort with an integration of education, shopping, entertainment and leisure functions; offering a variety of recreation activities for families and lined with well-known stores, souvenirs and culture shows.


(Feng Jia Night Market)

Biggest and most comprehensive Night Market offering a wide array of Taiwanese snacks, drinks, food shops, and fashion goods at less expensive prices. There are popular traditional Taiwanese snacks such as oyster omelet, stinky tofu as well asfusion and funky fast food items.

Southern Taiwan Highlights


(Teresa Teng Memorial):

The resting place of the much-adored and most popular singer, see the exhibits of Teresa’s belongings and biography, including her photographs, stage costume and casual wears as well as all the records she had made during her prime years.


(Donggang Palace)

Famous and popular temple with resplendent and spectacular giant decorated archway in front of the main door made of pure gold foils.

(Anping Street)

Has some of the oldest streets in the country, is full of small streets and alleyways worth exploring. It is also an area full of vendors, eateries, shops and gaming stalls of yesteryears.


(Fencihu Street)

One of the main stops of Alishan rail road, the shops mostly built in wood, the road and stairs made in rocks, it is famous for Fenchihu Lunch Box, Train cake, tofu, Aiyu jelly, and many other local snacks and various traditional clothes, toys, pictures, and old fashion daily supplies.


(San Ting Lan Sheng)

Three pavilions built in classical Chinese architecture overlooking the scenic and tranquil Cheng Ching Lake, typical landscape in Chinese gardens.


(Alishan Forest Park)

From breath taking sunsets and seas of clouds, to enchanting forest and old railway, Alishan is one of the beautiful scenery in Taiwan.


(Fo Guang Shan)

The most prominent landmark in Kaohsiung which houses a huge 120m golden statue of Buddha surrounded by thousands of statues large and small, lanterns of light rest in the 14,800 holes in the walls of the four shrines.


(West Bay)

Renowned for its beautiful sandy beach and romantic sunsets, and is known as one of Taiwan’s eight breathtaking views.


(Lovely River)

A very distinct river in Kaohsiung, previously used for shipping, transportation and leisure. It has been transformed to a popular Kaohsiung tourist spot with various coffee shops and restaurants are estab-lished along the riverside for the enjoyments for all.


(Marine Life Museum)

The largest marine life museum in Asia exhibiting the waters of Taiwan in ecological dividing under water species, from high mountain streams, brook edges about riverbeds, inter-tidal waters, and the deep immense ocean area.


(Cijin Street)

A popular stop for fresh seafood, beautiful sand bay, rich cultural and historical sites like the Matsu Temple, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Wind Power Park, and Cijin Seaside Park. A wide range of stalls and shops offering souvenirs, fresh seafood dishes and snacks.


(Leo Ho Night Market)

One of Kaohsiung liveliest night spot. Is a popular tourist shopping place and is always busy from dusk to early dawn, featuring a wide variety of low priced local snacks, fashionable clothing, gadgets, ac-cessories, and other knick-knacks.


(Dream Mall)

A total of 12 storey building consisting of over 600 shops design incorporates natural, maritime and design culture converge in Kaohsiung City. Outstands the whole mall is the “Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel”, a landmark of Taiwan’s first Ferris wheel nicknamed “The Eye of Kaohsiung”.


(E-Da OutletMall)

One of the world’s largest outlet malls with about 300 international brands at discounted prices,designed in ancient Greek mythology style comprising of Multi-screen theatre, extreme sport zone, and ice rink,with the combination of fashion, lifestyle, technology, entertainment, gourmet and relaxation.


(Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower View Deck)

The tallest building in Kaohsiung with Viewing Deck located on its 75th floor offering spectacular panoramic views of the Kaohsiung City, the beautiful Love River, the Kaohsiung Harbour. The building also features the world’s second fastest lift, which reaches the 75th floor in only 43 seconds, at a speed of 600 meters per minute.

Eastern Taiwan Highlights


(Taroko Gorge)

The magnificent gorge was formed by rushing waters from the mountains, which cut through the marble and granite to create many beautiful narrow ravines with waterfalls and rapids.


(Taroko Memorial Arch)

The Memorial Arch marks the entrance to the Taroko National Park. It is a historical landmark and at the intersection between the Su-Hua Highway and Central Cross-island Highway.


(Changchun Temple)

Built to honor those who died during the construction of the Central Cross- Island Highway. Spring water adjacent to it flows all year round with a waterfall that passes under the shrine and is very picturesque.


(Maizuru pillars)

A pair of stone pillars which are important prehistoric cultural relics to the Amei Aboriginal tribe, overlooking the river, valley and mountains, is a beautiful scenery of the East Rift Valley Scenic Area


(Nantian Temple)

Most popular temple in Taiwan, built to dedicate to the Goddess of the sea; involving more than 20 masters to craft the impressive jade and gold Matsu statues overlooking the harbour.


(Ore Museum)

One of the largest privately-owned museums in Taiwan with an extensive collections and showcases of dinosaur bones, fossils, antiques, Rose marble and other precious stones.


(Xueshan Tunnel)

The world 5th and Taiwan the longest tunnel and passing through the scenic Suhua highway.


(Suahua Scenic Road):

The most famous scenic highway in the world with a portion built alongside very steep cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean connecting the northern part of Taiwan with the eastern part.


(Tropic of Cancer Center)

World’s tenth landmark of Tropic of Cancer and marks the boundary of northern temperate and torrid zone.



Southernmost tip of Taiwan featuring a giant piece of coral jutting out the sea; resembling a crouching cat hence meaning “cat’s nose and head”. An excellent place to appreciate magnificent ocean views and watch coral seashore being crashed by the waves. The coast of coral reefs features spectacular land-forms that are affected by wave erosion, efflorescence, and salt-soaking.


(East Rift Valley)

One of the most fertile and verdant areas on the island, comprised of green fields, tea plantations, orchards, pasture land and rice fields amidst awesome natural scenery of alluvial plains and river terraces featuring breathtaking canyons, waterfalls and river rapids, and plenty of hot springs.


(Guanshan Park)

Famous for its beautiful scenery, mainly divided into two zones, with a gorgeous water activity area with artificial paddling and fishing lakes, streams and fountains, a manmade lake, scenic pavilions and bird houses. A place integrated with environment and ecological education.


(Chihpen Hot Spring)

The most famous and oldest sulphuroushot springs which are colourless, odourless and drinkable and known to be effective for relieving arthritis, curing intestinal disorders and believed to boost the skin's metabolism and delay aging, also know the "Beauty Spa".


(Rei Suei Farm)

Experience farm life and sample fresh dairy products. Famed for its fresh and delicious milk extracted daily from the cows.


(King Car Orchid Garden)

Taiwan's largest professional orchid garden with many rare orchids collected and hybrid cultivated within the garden.


(Master Bear Resort)

Unique cabins built with Canadian Oakwood nestledin themountainous area, a great place to sit back and relax.


(Hot-Spring Resort)

Pamper and relax in the pleasure of enjoying the luxury resort various facilities like the swimming pool, gym and pool game.


(Toucheng Farm)

Typical Taiwanese farm with a wide range fields full of vegetables and different types of fruit trees, herbal medicines, free-range chickens, Muscovy ducks, mountain boars and sheep. A chance to be up-close with the animals and first-hand experience of farm life to learn about the ecosystem of farming.


(Pei Kuan Farm)

Featuring a tourist orchard, a fishing pond, a chicken farm, a butterfly observation path, a sunrise observatory, a pool, a tea-tasting area, a forest art gallery, an activity centre, an outdoor cooking area, and an ecological conservation area


(Crab Museum)

World's first crab museum and northern Taiwan's most comprehensive crustacean information centre, a small but encyclopaedic museum displaying about 700 species of crabs live or mounted.


(Anemonefish Aquarium )

World’s first clown fish aquarium exhibiting nearly 1,500 clown fish from 18 different and rare species found around Taiwan in elsewhere. The most popular ones are the orange and white-striped small fish was made famous by Hollywood blockbuster cartoon “Finding Nemo”.


(Kenting Sreet):

Every evening lined with many stores and vendors selling beach wears, clothing, souvenirs and ac-cessories; plenty of food stalls and restaurants serving a wide array of traditional Taiwanese snacks, tropical fruits, fresh seafood, international cuisines, cafe and pubs. The busiest night market in the south and near the beach!

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