What's so smart about Smart Lighting Control Systems?

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Mariel Taviana Acevedo Co-Presenter
Specification Sales Manager
Solus, Portland , OR 

I studied Theater and Anthropology at the University of Puerto Rico, specializing in Theater Lighting Design.  While working as a theater rigger and a lighting designer I started working as a grip in movie and commercial filming.

After two years of brutal hours, I got offered an opportunity to do Architectural Lighting Design for Glenn International, a Lighting Representative in Puerto Rico, so I traded my tool belt for a desk.  3 years later, in 2010 I got my Lighting Consultant Certification and started the local IES Section which I presided for 2 years.

In 2013, Solus – a lighting rep in Portland, offered me a great position and I moved my kid, husband and dog to the North West where we’ve been for the last 4 and a half years, welcoming our latest addition, a baby girl, 18 months ago. 

I am acting Past-President of the Portland, Oregon IES Section.  I’m also a member of the RP-28 committee and I chair the Leadership Forum for IES National. I work mostly with Design-Build contractors and engineers. 

Dave Young Co-Presenter
Architectural Regional Manager - West

Dave Young is the Western Architectural Regional Manager for ETC. Dave holds a BA in Theatrical Design from Alma College and an MFA in Lighting Design from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to joining ETC, he served as Senior Lighting Designer at Stantec in Los Angeles. In addition to architectural lighting design, Dave also has experience in theatrical and live event lighting, special effects fabrication, and production. An active member of the lighting community, Dave has presented webinars for the IES website and was a presenter at the IES Annual Conference, LIGHTFAIR® International and several other lighting industry conferences.

Tony Esposito Co-Presenter
Lighting Quality Researcher

Tony graduated from Penn State University in 2016 with a PhD in Architectural Engineering and a minor in statistics. His dissertation explored human responses to various light spectra with strategically varied average fidelity, average gamut, and gamut shape. His research offers an improved method for predicting color discrimination, validation of several trends in color research, and a simplified method for the quantification and specification of gamut shape. 

Tony has won the Robert J. Besal Scholarship four times, received EP funding to attend the IES and IALD annual conferences, and previously served as a graduate fellow on an education grant from the National Science Foundation. He has delivered several guest lectures on lighting fundamentals and design, and has lectured nationally and internationally on color science.

Tony currently serves as a voting member on the IES Color Committee and IES Educational Material Review Committee, and is part of the 2018 IES Conference Steering Committee. He currently works as a Lighting Quality Researcher based in Cambridge, MA USA. 

Ron Steen Presenter
VP Specification Sales

Ron is a veteran in the LED application space.  He first started playing with LEDs in 1995 while working as an engineer at General Motors and is credited with bringing the first LED Tail lamp to market on the 2000 Cadillac DeVille and subsequently started pioneering the LED headlamp.  Since making the jump to general lighting in 2004 with Philips as Director of LED Systems and Drivers, Ron continued to stay at the forefront of LED adoption. In his role as VP of Business Development for Xicato Ron has been a driving force to change the LED dialog from Lumens per Watt to Quality of Light and is now focused on exploring the world of connected lighting.

Tuesday, March 13: 1:00 PM  - 2:30 PM 
Conference Session 

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