What uk sport and Sport England do uk sport role Working in partnership to lead sport in the uk to world class success. Functions

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What UK Sport and Sport England do



Working in partnership to lead sport in the UK to world class success.


Supporting teams and individuals to compete for the UK or Great Britain at the summer and winter Olympics and Paralympics and equivalent world level events

  • Providing funding and central expertise/services to the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sports to employ and develop the specialist workforce and the tools that support the UK’s best athletes to win medals at the next and/or following Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • Providing funding for individuals’ training, competition and living expenses

  • Producing specialist guidance, tools and training for sports on how best to develop their talented athletes and teams to perform at the highest level of competition

  • Producing specialist guidance, tools and training to improve the quality coaches for elite-level athletes

  • Advising individual sports on how to maximise their performance

  • Take an overview of location and development of elite competition and training facilities to best support sports and athletes

  • Provide funding for and work with its subsidiary the English Institute for Sport and the other Home Nation Institutes of Sport to provide expert sports science and medical services

Coordinating the bidding for and staging of major international sporting events in the UK with a focus on Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth disciplines

  • Working with sports to select events to target and plan how best to bid for them

  • Support NGBs’ or other organisations’ individual bids through funding and expert advice on feasibility studies and business plans

Maximising the UK’s status and influence in international sport

  • Financial and technical support for NGBs’ international roles

  • Securing UK representatives on international sporting bodies and training for those individuals

  • Funding a small number of sports development projects in selected countries

Cross-cutting and corporate services

  • Research, analysis and monitoring to establish evidence base and expertise for own activities and those of sports and organisation receiving funding

  • Communications, stakeholder engagement and public affairs

  • Coordinating visits to schools and community sports clubs and facilities that athletes who have received UK Sport funding are required to make

  • Raising commercial income and value in kind services and expertise to supplement grant and lottery funding

  • Internal support services including HR, legal, finance, IT, facilities, grant administration.



Working to get more people in England playing sport regularly and to develop sporting talent.


Creating an environment in which more people in England aged 14 and above choose to play sport regularly

  • Providing funding in four-year cycles to 46 National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to increase participation in their sports, and helping them to raise commercial funding and in-kind support for their activities

  • Grant funding projects in educational settings, including supporting extra-curricular sport in individual schools, competition between schools through the School Games and sport in colleges and universities

  • Providing on-going funding and project funding to local organisations (for example county sports partnerships and sports clubs) to increase and improve people’s opportunities to participate

  • Supporting local authorities to develop effective strategies and delivery plans for sport in their areas, including through piloting approaches in individual cities which can be replicated elsewhere

  • Providing expertise and funding for representatives organisations and for projects to enable and encourage people who are less likely to play sport to do so, particularly disabled people and women

  • Working with some organisations whose main business is not sport to encourage them to add opportunities to participate in sport to the activities they normally offer

  • Providing capital funding to NGBs, local authorities, education organisations and sports clubs to create and redevelop sports facilities and provide sporting equipment

  • Providing funding and expertise to expand and develop the community sports workforce, including administrators and coaches

  • Encouraging and advising schools on opening their sports facilities to their local communities

Identifying and developing talent and supporting individuals and teams representing their county, region or England

  • Providing funding and expertise to NGBs for coaching, clubs, competitions and support systems to find and develop talented individuals, including from beyond the traditional settings for and groups who participate in particular sports

  • Providing on-going funding to specialist organisations that develop the coaches and administrators needed to develop talent and run high performance sport and provide financial support directly to athletes

  • Owning and running (through subsidiary companies) four sport centres which include both elite and community facilities

  • Working jointly with UK Sport, providing capital funding to enhance a small number of training centres for elite sport

  • Supporting a limited number of sports to represent England at an elite level by:

    • providing funding to relevant NGBs for elite level netball, squash and women’s rugby

    • providing funding for England’s participation in the Commonwealth Games including core funding for Commonwealth Games England , and in the year before each Commonwealth Games, short-term funding for talented athletes with medal prospects for England who do not represent Great Britain

Consultee and expert advisor on sport-related planning decisions

  • Acting as a statutory consultee on planning applications affecting playing fields

  • Offering advice on other sport-related planning applications

  • Producing and publishing guidance to the owners of sports facilities, particularly local authorities, on developing high-quality sports facilities and directly advising individual local authorities in some cases

Cross-cutting and corporate services

  • Research, analysis and monitoring to develop evidence base for own activities and inform organisations involved or with an interest in grass-roots sport including the bi-annual Active People Survey and expert advice to the sport sector on what influences people to play sport regularly

  • Grant administration

  • Communications

  • Support services including HR, legal, finance, audit, ICT, procurement and facilities


Ensuring the sports and organisations that receive UK Sport and Sport England funding are well led and governed

  • Setting and monitoring requirements on governance (including equality, safeguarding and conduct) through funding conditions and advising for individual sports on how to improving their standards

  • Providing expert advice and support the chairs, board members and chief executives of NGBs and other funded organisations

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