Wenger Studio Make Up Stations

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Wenger Studio Make Up Stations

Wenger Studio Make Up Stations conveniently solve the need for properly designed, easily installed modular makeup station casework for backstage facilities. They feature a generous contoured counter that permits highly detailed makeup applications, a steel laminated shatter resistant glass mirror providing a full, unobstructed view of head and shoulders, overhead shelf, bulb protectors, and adjustable mounting bracket. Multiple lamps combined with reflected light from the counter and overhead shelf creates truly untainted shadow-free light. The modular construction and adjustable bracket provides simple installation for multiple side by side units; the Studio Makeup Station comes prewired with lamp sockets, switch to control the lamps, and a 20 amp GFCI duplex receptacle.

The lightweight Portable Backstage Make Up Station includes a head and shoulders mirror, make up lights, electrical receptacle and light switch. Sitting on four rubber feet, the Wenger portable make up station is well balanced and weighs only 38-pound. Multiple portable makeup stations nest together for compact storage in a space 6-1/2-inches deep per unit.

The Studio Make Up Station and the portable Backstage Make Up Station are both available wired for European electrical installations.

We recommend you consult with your Wenger architectural representative, who can be contacted through: Wenger Corporation, Owatonna, MN, (800)493-6437, Email: info@wengercorp.com.

Website: www.wengercorp.com.

Founded in 1946, Wenger has a proud history of manufacturing the finest products for theaters and music education. Over the years, Wenger has expanded this tradition of quality by developing product solutions for the unique requirements of Colleges & Universities, Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Places of Worship, Athletic Facilities, Rental and Event companies, as well as City, State and Federal Government organizations.

Today, Wenger is a global supplier of products with a reputation for durability and versatility providing customers with real value and proven return on their investment. Wenger also takes pride in offering technical support and expert consultation for new construction and renovation projects, as well as existing facilities.

Wenger products appear in the following CSI MasterFormat 2004™ Sections:

Section 01 35 13 - Special Project Procedures for Music Education Facilities

Section 08 34 72 - Sound Control Door Assemblies

Section 09 84 00 - Acoustic Room Components

Section 10 11 00 - Visual Display Units

Section 10 50 00 - Storage Specialties (Athletic Storage)

Section 11 61 13 - Acoustical Shells

Section 11 61 23 - Folding and Portable Stages

Section 11 61 25 - Orchestra Pit Filler

Section 12 35 51 - Music Education Storage Casework

Section 13 21 48 - Sound-Conditioned Rooms

Specifier: Bold items require specifier selection. Convert bold to plain text and delete brackets before publishing.




Specifier: Select one or both paragraphs below to correspond to project requirements.

          1. Theater Make Up Casework.

          2. Portable Theater Make Up Stations.


Specifier: Edit paragraphs below to correspond to project. Retain references to sections specifying work that might otherwise be incorporated in work of this section. Delete Article if not required by project scope.

          1. Division 06 Section "Miscellaneous Carpentry" for blocking in frame walls required to anchor casework.

          2. Division 09 Section "Non-Structural Metal Framing" for reinforcements in metal-framed partitions required to anchor casework.

        1. REFERENCES

          1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

            1. ANSI A208.1 – Particleboard.

            2. ANSI A208.2 – Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for Interior Applications.

          2. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE):

            1. ASCE 7 – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.

          3. ASTM International (ASTM):

            1. ASTM C 1503 – Specification for Silvered Flat Glass Mirror.

          4. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA):

            1. NEMA LD 3 – High Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPDL).

          5. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

            1. NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code (NEC).

          6. Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC):

            1. Requirements for listing and labeling of products.

          7. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

            1. Requirements for listing and labeling of products.

        2. SUBMITTALS

          1. Product Data: Manufacturer’s data sheets, electrical wiring schematic, installation instructions, maintenance recommendations and care and cleaning instructions.

          2. Shop Drawings: Prepared by manufacturer. Show floor plan and room layout where casework will be installed. Include elevations showing make up casework components, details of installation, and types and locations of fasteners. Show fabrication and installation details. Include plans, elevations, sections, details, and attachments to other Work. Indicate location and type of connection to building electrical power.

          3. Samples: For each color and finish for each exposed component.

          4. Warranty: Submit sample meeting warranty requirements of this Section.


          1. Manufacturer Qualifications: Manufacturers with minimum 5 years experience in manufacture of similar products in use in similar environments.

Specifier: All Wenger electrical components are supplied listed and labeled by UL and ULC to meet typical local electrical inspection requirements.

          1. Electrical Components: Listed and labeled per NFPA 70, Article 100, by a testing agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction.

Specifier: Include requirements in paragraph below when Owner's requires consideration of substitution requests following award of contract. Coordinate with Division 01 substitution requirements.

          1. Approval of Comparable Products: Submit the following in accordance with project substitution requirements, within time period allowed for substitution review:

            1. Product data, including certified independent test data indicating compliance with requirements.

            2. Samples of each type of product specified, including but not limited to the following:

              1. Complete casework unit including countertop and listed accessories.

              2. Project references: Minimum of 5 installations not less than 5 years old, with owner contact information.

              3. Sample warranty.

            3. Submit substitution request not less than 15 days prior to bid date. Substitutions following award of contract are not allowed except as stipulated in Division 01 General Requirements.

            4. Approved manufacturers must meet separate requirements of Submittals Article.

          2. Source Limitations: Obtain theater makeup casework through one source from a single approved manufacturer.


          1. Deliver, store, and handle theater make up casework in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Ship to jobsite only after installation areas are ready to accept casework and recommended temperature and humidity levels will be maintained during the remainder of construction.


          1. Coordinate installation of blocking in frame wall assemblies under work of other sections where required for anchoring of theater make up casework.

        3. WARRANTY

Specifier: The "special warranty" is a warranty provided by the manufacturer to the building owner. The warranty terms below are available from Wenger Corp. Verify that other manufacturers listed or seeking approval furnishes warranty meeting requirements. Durability is a key aspect of Wenger’s product value for Owners. The available warranty reflects Wenger’s high confidence in the performance of their products.

          1. Special Warranty: Manufacturer's written warranty indicating manufacturer’s intent to repair or replace theater make up casework that fail in materials or workmanship within 5 years from date of Substantial Completion. Failures are defined to include, but are not limited to, the following:

            1. Fracturing or breaking of casework components resulting from normal wear and tear and normal use other than vandalism.

            2. Delamination or other failures of glue bond of components.

            3. Warping of casework components not resulting from leaks, flooding, or other uncontrolled moisture or humidity.



          1. Basis of Design: Theater make up casework design is based upon products of the manufacturer listed below. Provide basis of design product or approved comparable product. Comply with requirements of Part 1 Quality Assurance Article for approval of products not named below.

            1. Wenger Corporation, Owatonna, MN; Telephone: (800)493-6437; Email: info@wengercorp.com; Website: www.wengercorp.com.

            2. [Specifier: Insert additional product manufacturers meeting requirements of Quality Assurance Article above, if required for project.]

        2. MATERIALS

          1. Fiberboard: ANSI A208.2, Grade LD or MD.

          2. Thermoset Panels: Fiberboard finished with thermally-fused PVC with melamine backer, with the following characteristics:

            1. Surface Abrasion Resistance: Taber Wheel, 400 cycles.

          3. Mirror: ASTM C 1503, clear glass, mirror glazing quality, with steel laminated backing.

Specifier: Retain Article below for fixed theater makeup casework installation.


          1. Theater Make Up Casework: Fixed, wall-mounted unit with countertop, shelf, mirror, electrical convenience outlet, and make up lights (light bulbs not supplied by Wenger).

            1. Basis of Design Product: Wenger Corp., Studio Make Up Station.

Specifier: Select unit dimension below or delete if indicated on drawings. Dimensions shown are outside to outside of light protection cages. See Wenger product literature.

          1. Size: [Nominal 36 inch (910 mm) wide model: 40-3/8-inch wide by 20-inch deep by 44-inch high (1030 mm by 510 mm by 1120 mm)] [Nominal 30 inch (76 cm) wide model: 34-3/8-inch wide by 20-inch deep 44-inch high (870 mm by 510 mm by 1120 mm)] [As indicated on Drawings].

          2. Countertop: Thermoset panel, 1 inch (25 mm) thick, concave shape.

          3. Overhead Shelf: Thermoset panel.

            1. Size: 12-inch (305-mm) deep by width of casework.

          4. Mirror: 28 inch (711 mm) by 8 inches (203 mm) less than nominal unit width.

Specifier: Tackboard is provided for the 36-inch wide model only; and may be mounted top, side or bottom.

          1. Tackboard:

            1. Size: 6-inch wide by 28-inch long (152-mm wide by 711-mm long).

            2. Mounting: [Top] [Side] [Bottom].

          2. Electrical Wiring: 3-wire, 24-inch (610-mm) electrical pigtail below the countertop prepared for hard wiring to building electrical service.

            1. Power: [115 VAC single phase] [250 VAC single phase (European)].

            2. Light switch: Rocker switch controlling make up lights.

            3. GFCI convenience receptacle, 20A. (Domestic Only)

          3. Make Up Lights:

            1. Lamp Bases: [Medium Edison-base] [Medium (one-inch) Edison-base] accepting maximum 60W incandescent or 15W swirl fluorescent lamps. Lamps to be provided by others.

Specifier: Select first paragraph below for 36-inch wide unit; select second paragraph for 30-inch wide unit. Adjacent units share the middle bank of make up lights.

              1. Quantity: 9 for free-standing units; 6 for paired units.

              2. Quantity: 8 for free-standing units; 5 for paired units.

            1. Protective Cages: Wire cages, 3/16 inch (5 mm) diameter steel wire, configured to allow changing of lamps without removing cage.

          1. Accessories:

Specifier: Retain applicable optional features listed in paragraphs below. Select either storage cage or pull-out tray.

            1. Storage Cage: Under-counter storage cage.

            2. Pull Out Drawer: Under-counter lockable sliding drawer.

            3. Tack Pad: White tackable surface in a matte white frame mounted on mirror.

          1. Hardware:

            1. Mounting Bracket: Individual mounting bracket with multiple holes and adjustable vertical slots for leveling between units in multiple unit installation.

          2. Finishes:

            1. Steel Sheet, Steel Wire, and Exposed Fasteners: Urethane-based electrostatic powder coating.

              1. Mirror surround and corner accent panel color: White.

Specifier: Retain Article below for portable theater makeup case equipment.


          1. Portable Make Up Station: Equipped with convenience handle, head and shoulders mirror, make up lights, electrical receptacle, and electrical power cord (light bulbs not supplied by Wenger).

            1. Basis of Design Product: Wenger Corp., Backstage Portable Make Up Station.

            2. Size: 33-inch wide by 9-3/8-inch deep by 33-1/4-inch high (840-mm wide by 240-mm deep by 850-mm high).

            3. Framing: Steel frame with aluminum trim.

            4. Weight: 38 lb (17.2 kg).

            5. Base: Four rubber feet.

            6. Lamp Bases: Six bases accepting 60-watt incandescent or 15-watt fluorescent lamps, with switch. Lamps to be provided by others.

            7. Wiring: 10-foot (3048-mm), 12 ga. wire with plug end.

            8. Convenience Outlet: GFCI receptacle.

            9. Finish:

              1. Case: Matte white finish.


        1. EXAMINATION

          1. Examine casework installation areas for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances, location of blocking and other anchoring requirements, location and circuiting of electrical power, and other existing conditions affecting installation and performance of casework. Proceed with casework installation upon correction of unsatisfactory conditions.


          1. Install in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and approved submittals. Install plumb, level, and true, using adjustable bracket provided by manufacturer.


          1. Repair or replace defective work as directed by Architect upon inspection.

          2. Clean surfaces. Touch up, refinish, or replace damaged components in a manner acceptable to Architect.

          3. Turn over maintenance, care and cleaning instructions to Owner.


Additional Specifier’s Notes for Wenger Studio Make Up Stations

Substitution Reviews: When reviewing substitution requests for other products for compliance with this specification, Wenger recommends particular attention to the following issues:

Complete packaged unit: Wenger Studio Make Up Stations eliminate the need for separate design and pricing of lighting, power outlets, mirrors, and counters.

Modularity and flexibility of individual units: Wenger Studio Make Up Stations are completely modular and may be removed from the wall with the bracket and relocated.

Ergonomics: Wenger Studio Make Up Station counters have a concave shape with rounded center front edge just 15 inches (380 mm) from the mirror, allowing user to lean into the mirror for detailed makeup applications.

Strength of construction: Make up counter is made of 1-inch thick medium density particleboard and constructed to support heavy loads.

Abrasion resistance of shelving surface and shelving nosing: Daily contact with the counter surfacing material will not damage the surface.

Chemical resistance: Laminate overlay is highly resistant to stains from spilled make up.

Coordination with Drawings: Make sure you coordinate the following:

Size and configuration of casework units: Wenger Studio Make Up Stations are available in 30-inch and 36-inch width. Make sure that room layout accommodates this modularity.

The electrical wiring feeds out of the bottom of the units; hard-wired connection requires a qualified electrician. Portable units come equipped with a standard US 120VAC grounded plug and require only a convenience outlet.

Show typical mounting details and locations for blocking in framed walls.

Show fastening and bracing requirements meeting seismic design requirements, if any.


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