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After we finally make it through these last difficult topics then we can get back to the structured Kingdoms study and finish up the entire 8 Kingdoms Study [after] Holy Week 2011 and the Easter Resurrection Day celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks to everyone for staying with the study as we continue to look at difficult topics, topics that are often not discussed in Church settings but we have the blessed opportunity to prayerfully and Biblically consider them in our own individual studies. ~ God bless everyone, David Anson Brown [article link]

I think a good way to begin these difficult, complex and more technical Biblical topics is to start with the complex topic of the Throne of Jesus and the concept that Jesus Christ will actually be enthroned upon two different Thrones on earth

Apparently, Jesus Christ will first be seated for the 1,000 year Kingdom reign on earth upon the Throne of King David (Acts 2:29,30). Having come as a man [sinless - second Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45-47)] Jesus will reign and rule the entire earth for 1,000 years upon the Jerusalem Throne of His forefather King David. -- Then after the 1,000 year reign there will be a New Earth and a New Sky (Revelation 21:1) and Jesus Christ will reign eternally upon the earth, not on the Throne of King David but upon His own Throne Dynasty (Revelation 22:1) as Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33) and conquered our sin and our death for us (Colossians 2:14). -- Also note that currently Jesus Christ is seated enthroned in Heaven at the Throne of His Father God in Heaven (Romans 8:34). Technically Jesus has the right and the authority to sit upon three Thrones. The Divine Heavenly Throne [co-reign] with God the Father (Jesus is the only Son of God), the earthly Throne of King David (Jesus, Son of Man - came as a man a descendant of King David), and upon His own eternal Throne having conquered human sin and death through His cross and resurrection. -- Note: each human King sits enthroned upon his forefather's Throne unless he is the originator of a Dynasty. For example King Solomon sat on King David's Throne, Antiochus IV Epiphanes sat upon a remnant [¼] Throne of Alexander the Great and Caesar Augustus sat upon the Throne of his uncle Julius Caesar. [article link]

Adobe: Updated Adobe AIR Version 2.6 (Free Download)

Note: The Air program from Adobe is much like the (PDF) Acrobat program from Adobe, both programs have to be installed on the computer before you can view Air Documents or PD files. The Air program is a next generation file system and is more interactive than PDF files. [article link]

Basic Christian AIR (Version 2.08) - For Easter Holy Week Resurrection Day 2011 - {Available - as a FREE Download} Note: The 'Adobe Air' document [BasicChristian.air] can be downloaded to any desktop computer (PC or Mac) and also on some of the newer phones (To download and install - Right click this link) {Note: This is the Basic Christian resource format that I'm now using the most (though it doesn't have the universal search feature of a PDF file). It has all the Basic Christian documents [Contents] easily accessible and it also has the ability for each user to change font sizes [lower right slide bar], add comments [Comments Pod] and also a section to add your own quick links [Favorites] to other websites a feature that I use daily to quickly visit several websites and blogs.}

The project is now in the Easter Holy Week Resurrection Day 2011 Version. It will provide excellent anytime devotions and is perfect as a Holy Week (Easter) gift for others. Most importantly [with the free Adobe Air (2.6) program] the end user can create their own comments list, add links to other websites, blogs, rss feeds, references and documents that once combined create an inclusive individual Christian, research, devotional and study tool project. -- Now Available for Download! [article link]

{Excellent!!} Fighting for the Faith - Rob Bell's [global think tank religion] (Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology - **Martin Bashir Interview on the Paul Edwards Program (Mp3)

Martin Bashir Interview on the Paul Edwards Program • Craig Venter Breaks Ranks with Evolutionists Over Common Descent • Rob Bell's, Love Wins, is Nothing More Than the (Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology • Sermon Review. "In the Zone: God's P.O.V." by David Hughes of Church by the Glades. [article link]

{Excellent!!} Fighting for the Faith - [Analysis] Panel Discussion [Southern Baptist Theological Seminary] of Rob Bell's Love Wins (Mp3)

• Panel Discussion of Rob Bell's Love Wins [article link]

Love Wins: [Southern Baptist Theological Seminary] Conversations on Rob Bell's New Book (Excellent!! - Videos, Mp4s, Mp3s, Downloads)

RELATED RESOURCES: Love Wins: A Conversation on Rob Bell’s New Book (Video) By R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Justin Taylor, Denny Burk, Russell Moore -- The Treason of Lost Love - Christ's Letter to the Church at Ephesus (Audio) By R. Albert Mohler Jr. -- A Conversation with Dr. Kevin Ezell (Audio) By Dr. Kevin Ezell. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: Abandoned to God: The Oswald Chambers Story (DVD)

Abandoned to God: Oswald Chambers Story DVD 199199 -->From locations in England and Scotland, David McCasland shows you some of the places and describes key events and people that influenced the young Scottish preacher. Also includes an interview with Chambers' daughter Kathleen who shares memories of her father. Come away with a better understanding of this influential man of God. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: George Müller - Robber Of The Cruel Streets (DVD)

George Müller (1805-1898) was a German playboy who found Christ and gave his life to serve Christ unreservedly. His mission was to rescue orphans from the wretched street life that enslaved so many children in England during the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. Müller did rescue, care for, feed, and educate such children by the thousands. The costs were enormous for such a great work. Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed a meal. This docu-drama presents his life story and shows how God answered prayer and met their needs. It is a story that raises foundational questions regarding faith and finances. Also included are two special documentaries on Müller and some of the lives affected by his work. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: Faith Like Potatoes (2006) - BASED ON THE INSPIRING TRUE STORY OF ANGUS BUCHAN {Note: An Excellent movie! Extremely well-acted and produced! - Also Note: The movie (like most Christian message movies) is an emotional rollercoaster, be prepared and have the people watching it with you prepared for an excellent, emotional, true movie that is also very moving, touching and most of all faith promoting.} (DVD)

Based on the novel Faith Like Potatoes, this inspiring film tells the story of Angus Buchan, a South African farmer who suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses, but through an unlikely friendship with his Zulu farmhand and divine interventions, discovers the key to healing himself and learning to accept others lies in his unwavering belief in the power of faith. This powerful DVD includes a gripping 54 minute documentary on the real life Angus Buchan, the making of Faith Like Potatoes, director and cast commentary, deleted scenes and more. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: St. John In Exile (DVD)

Dean Jones is Saint John in this intimate, inspiring one-man presentation of John in exile on Patmos. Full of humor, strong in spirit, and resolutely committed to Christ, John shares his account of the events that changed the course of human history---and challenges us with his last words before his death: "Little children, love one another." 90 minutes. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: Joseph - The Bible Collection, 10-DVD Set - On Sale $48.99 (DVD)

Witness the frailty, triumph, and glory of Old Testament heroes Abraham, David, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and Samson and Delilah. Stars include Richard Harris, Dennis Hopper, Elizabeth Hurley, Jonathan Pryce, Barbara Hershey, Leonard Nimoy, and Ben Kingsley. Experience anew the beloved stories you know by heart with this outstanding collection. Six-DVD boxed set. More than 16 hours of Bible stories. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 - Getting Ready, Best of Postings!! - Christian Movie: The Apocalypse - The Bible Collection, 7-DVD Set - On Sale $44.99 (DVD)

From the Emmy Award-winning Bible series featuring the critically acclaimed movies Abraham, Joseph and Moses comes an all-new production starring Richard Harris as John the Apostle in The Apocalypse. The year is 90 A.D. and the Roman Emperor has unleashed a virulent campaign against the Christians. Held captive by the Romans, the aged apostle John (Richard Harris) struggles to save Christianity from extinction by sending letters to the Christian communities. Driven by the wish to meet the last living witness of the Lord's passion, the young Christian Irene (Victoria Belvedere) succeeds in gaining access to John's prison. Entrusting the written record of his visions to her, he begs Irene to spread its message among the Christians. These visions form the contents of the Book of Revelation. To some, they evoke the end of the world; to others, they allude to the spiritual struggles facing Christians of all eras. [article link]

{Excellent!!} Today on the DL: Presuppositionalism, Chorazin and Bethsaida, and Rob Bell - In That Order {Note: Presuppositionalism (truth-facts are derived from God and not from individual [feelings and emotions] assumptions), I very much agree with this and considerably wonder why so many in Christianity give so much credence to an R.C. Sproul and so many other obvious non-Christian agents of deceit and disinformation. Also 'Congrats' to James White for defending and promoting the very relevant "Cosmological Argument" (creation testifies of the existence and presence of God) as well. All in all an excellent and informative show.} (Mp3)

03/15/2011 - James White, Another eclectic program today, starting off with two calls, one on RC Sproul and his opposition to presuppositional apologetics (the call moved quickly to a discussion of the method more than Sproul's views) and the next from Silly Brit II (aka John Samson) on Jesus' words about Chorazin and Bethsaida. Then we launched into Rob Bell's press-release video presentation from yesterday and the oddity of his allegedly orthodox and yet obviously not theology. Here's the program. [article link]

Update: The Basic Christian Ministry is continuing with the 8 Kingdoms Study and several other major projects including the 2011 Jesus Walk Holy Week Easter 10 Day Timeline Devotion this year starting Friday April 15, 2011

Note: The reason for the current slowdown in ministry postings is primarily due to a season of increased personal devotions, Bible study and prayer time. The time period leading up to the (Easter) Holy Week events usually leads to a personally deeper time into the Bible and this year even more so primarily because the Basic Christian Ministry is in a period of transition. The transition that the ministry is undergoing is one out of [controversial] current event types of events and into more sustained Biblical devotional presentations. I just want to make sure that the Basic Christian ministry continues to progress in a way that is Biblically edifying, uplifting, and provides personal growth for all who take their precious time to read and study the Basic Christian material. - God bless you ~ David Anson Brown [article link]

A Preview and look at some of the aspects of Holy Week 2011 and the 10 Day Jesus Walk 2011 Easter Timeline Devotion **starting on Friday April 15th, 2011 until ---> Easter Sunday April 24th, 2011

We are going to begin to look at some of the aspects of Holy Week regarding what actually happened during the final 10 days the Amazing events of Jesus Christ while He was physically here on earth. We will be considering what His events accomplished and how His completed events affect us today both personally and individually as Christians and as a whole as the Christian Church. - God bless you ~ David Anson Brown
[article link]

Rev. Jimmie Hawkins: Church must regroup on Ash Wednesday [Lenten Season]

DURHAM -- Lent is a serious time. No one says "Have a Happy Lent," said the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins. It's a time to consider who God is and who we are as God's people, he said. Lent is a time of penitence, reflection, prayer, fasting and works of love leading up to Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday, with services that include the imposition of ashes on parishioners' foreheads in the shape of a cross as a public sign of repentance. Often they come from the burning of last year's Palm Sunday palms. Hawkins spoke at the community Ash Wednesday service held at First Presbyterian Church downtown. He is pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church and president of Durham Congregations in Action. Churches sponsoring the service also included Trinity United Methodist Church, St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Fisher Memorial United Holy Church and Watts Street Baptist Church. Hawkins reflected on the Old Testament reading from Isaiah 58, about challenging what it means to offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God. It requires more than rituals, he said. ... Hawkins said, "We're calling for a Jesus revolution, to stand for what is right for all people." He said that Jesus challenges those to share with others that which they have been given. Hawkins and Rev. Marilyn Hedgpeth, associate pastor of First Presbyterian, imposed ashes on the foreheads of those in attendance with the words, "From ashes (dust) we have come (Genesis 2:7), to ashes (dust) we will return (Job 10:9, Ecclesiastes 3:20)." Lent is a time to prepare for the celebration [of Easter] and to acknowledge the need for repentance, Hedgpeth said. "We begin our journey … with an ancient sign of the frailty of life." [article link]

Pop Benedict's 'Jesus' and the Jews - The second volume of Pope Benedict XVI's "Jesus of Nazareth" has already created a splash - Even before the book's release, numerous Jewish leaders lavished effusive praise on Benedict for the volume's exculpation of the Jews in Jesus' crucifixion - Not only is the reach greater, but Benedict provides an extensive rationale and a close biblical analysis of why Jews bear no blame for Jesus' death {No more blame than we all as sinners bear for the necessary sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.}

(1) Not only is the reach greater, but [Pope] Benedict provides an extensive rationale and a close biblical analysis of why Jews bear no blame for Jesus' death. In his reading of the Gospels and Catholic theology, it is clear that no one should be blamed [more than anyone else] for Jesus' death, since, as he argues, **the crucifixion was necessary for God's plan of universal redemption. In Benedict's keen hermeneutic, even the hitherto toxic cry of the Jewish mob, "His blood be upon us and our children" (Matthew 27:25), **is a plea [possibly unknown at the time] for purification and salvation because [we now know N.T.] that is what Jesus' blood signifies in Christian teachings. It is [ultimately] a cry for reconciliation, not of vengeance or admission of guilt {Note: I agree with this 100%}. (2) As a theological conservative, Benedict has written previously that the Jewish covenant at Sinai [O.T.] has been superseded [N.T.]. But his supersessionism has always been focused on the end of time, and he has maintained that **Jewish unification with the church is "hardly possible, and perhaps not even desirable before the eschaton (end of the age)." In his latest book, he expands this idea, insisting that for now "Israel retains its own [N.T.] mission" and that ***saving Israel "is in the hands of God" - meaning, presumably, not in the hands of Christian missionaries. Had Christians followed this doctrine throughout the millennia, less Jewish blood would have ran in the streets, and Jews would have been freer to practice their faith with dignity. Benedict's expectation of the future acceptance of Christian faith by everyone takes the practical threat out of Christian supersessionism for Jews today. And if some Jews still object to his eschatological supersessionism, they should remember that **it is not far from what most traditional Jews believe will occur in the "end of days," when gentiles will accept Judaism's God [the God of the Jews (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) is the only True God] and, as Jews proclaim regularly in our Aleinu prayer, "In that day, the Lord will be One and His name One" {Note: I agree with this 100%}. (3) Benedict has chosen to stress these teachings not because of Jewish pressure nor to be politically correct. He wrote the book for Catholics around the world, not to win Jewish minds and hearts. Evidently Benedict understands that purging the New Testament and Catholic thinking of all traces of the Adversus [Adverse] Judaeos [Judaism] motifs so prevalent [and wrong] in early and medieval Christian theology is essential if he is to purify the faith of Christian believers. This makes the most recent installment of "Jesus of Nazareth" an all the more important and impressive work {Note: I agree with this 100%}. [article link]

Armor Bearers: Video Blogger Calls FBC Jax Watchdog Investigation "Church Mafia Tactics" - Armor bearers are retired or active law enforcement officers to serve in churches as security guards who will often perform special favors for the pastor or church leadership - because they have the power to do so, and because they believe they are doing God's will {Note: shortly after I had graduated from the Calvary Chapel 'School of Ministry' suddenly there was a Churchwide initiative led by Pastor Chuck Smith to get a certain Orange County officer elected as Sheriff. I thought it was odd having come from SoM school where Chuck himself had "stressed" the importance of ministering only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not getting involved in politics. I can see now how important it is for petty little pastors like a Chuck Smith Sr. to believe that they have favors they can call in with law enforcement and politicians. -- My thought in life right now is that a person can live through many perils in life but surviving the wrath of petty, jealous, dishonest, incompetent, self-serving, self-important, self-rightious, greedy, money grubbing, pretend church leaders and pastors is probably not a possibility.}

Kevin Oliver has created a video blog post commenting on the Watchdog investigation, and discusses what he calls "armor bearers" in churches. Armor bearers are retired or active law enforcement officers to serve in churches as security guards who will often perform special favors for the pastor or church leadership - because they have the power to do so, and because they believe they are doing God's will. Kevin characterizes the FBC Jax Watchdog investigation and trespass warnings and deacon's resolution as "Church Mafia Tactics". In Kevin's video, he shows excerpts from a Jacksonville TV news report after the lawsuit was settled last October, shows a few shots of Mac Brunson in action, and he even posts a minute of FBC Jax (former) president of trustees A.C. Soud reading the deacon's resolution (that would be resolution number 2009-1, not to confuse it with the other deacon's resolutions) warning church members not to criticize, else they will be perceived as attacking the Lord's church. Kevin gets a good chuckle at that. Check out Kevin's video blog post below.
[article link]

Firestorm grows over 'Christian heresy' book - "A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived" was heading towards universalism (i.e. everyone goes to their own version of heaven regardless of their acceptance of the cross, works and sacrifice of Jesus Christ) - The book was scheduled to be released March 29, but Harper One [HarperCollins] pushed the release up to March 15 [Ides of March] - next Tuesday {Possibly intentionally being released on the 15th of March to commemorate yet another NWO accomplished agenda and stab in the back to traditional Christianity.}

He said the controversy swirling is unlike anything else he has seen in this category of books. "I'm not sure I've ever seen this amount of anticipation," he said. "Love Wins" is Bell's first book since his break from Zondervan, the Christian publisher based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that published Bell's first four books and also publishes the New International Version [NIV] of the Bible, one of the most popular translations of the Bible among evangelicals. Bell's split from Zondervan came in part over this new book. "The break with Zondervan was amicable," Tauber said. "In the end the president of Zondervan made the decision. The proposal came in and they said, 'This proposal doesn't fit in with our mission.'" Zondervan would not discuss its relationship with Bell but released a statement: Zondervan has published four books by Rob Bell, as well as numerous Nooma videos in which Rob was featured. We published these titles because we believed they were consistent with Zondervan's [fooling of Christians - occult] mission statement and publishing philosophy. We still believe these titles are impactful with their message and positive contribution and intend to continue to publish them. Tauber said when he got the call that Bell's new book was up for bid, HarperOne jumped at the chance. "There were at least four or five major publishers that were involved in bidding for this book," he said. *When pressed for financial figures of the deal, he said, "We're talking a six-figure deal for the advance, but I can't say more than that." Tauber said HarperOne had been "keeping an eye on him" since Bell's first [ghost authored - actually written by an anonymous, interested, agenda driven, vested 3rd party] book, "Velvet Elvis," came in as a proposal. That book went on to sell 500,000 copies. Bell skyrocketed to prominence with the the Nooma series, which were short teachings by Bell, away from the pulpit and with indie film sensibilities. The high production values and quick releases of the short films made them a hit in [easily deceived] evangelical circles. In them Bell honed his trademark style of asking tough traditional questions about faith and exploring them from angles other than traditional answers. [article link]

{Excellent!!} What Color is the Sky in Their World? - Abortion and Pastor Chuck Smith - Pastor Chuck 'give me the money' Smith unhinged and unsound during his own ministry radio call-in show {Note: Why was the call allowed on air and not handled responsibly off the air? That was also my first thought and probably it's because Pastor Chuck Smith is trying to act as an unbiblical secular agent of change (and he has to perform and produce results for his handlers and overseers) - attempting to drastically change traditional Church positions into a progressive emergent (ecumenical - new age, U.N.) position. Acceptance of abortion is an important aspect to the New World Order and Calvary Chapel Pastor Chuck Smith, Don Stewart, Brian Broderson, Cheryl Broderson, Greg Laurie, etc. and many others already existing within the Church (often in key areas) are probably embedded NWO agents attempting at every opportunity to enact their unchristian, worldly, secular and even Satanic agendas within the true Christian Church.} (Mp3)

Abortion and Pastor Chuck Smith, February 19th, 2011, On today's program I take a closer look at Pastor Chuck Smith and his advise to a caller on the program Pastors Perspectives. [article link]

fbcjaxwatchdog: Two Rivers Baptist Church Changes Name, Drops Baptist, Wants a "Fresh Start" - Two Rivers Baptist Church, a mega church that made headlines when their former pastor Jerry Sutton and other church leaders gave the boot to about 80 church members who used the courts to try to gain access to church financial records when they were denied by church leaders - Ultimately Sutton resigned and last I knew he was teaching at Liberty University [LU] - Sutton won a few battles, but he lost the ultimate war - and so did his church - Sutton was not caught in open sin, had very high morals and integrity - but the manner in which information was shared or not shared, and how he treated those with legitimate questions and concerns, ultimately led to most everyone at the church agreeing his ability to lead the church was seriously eroded

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