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VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI urged priests to oppose violence as he led a ceremony dedicated to the priesthood Thursday, marking a Holy Week with his church buffeted by clergy sex abuse scandals. "As priests, we are called in fellowship with Jesus Christ, to be men of peace, we are called to oppose violence and trust in the greater power of love," Benedict said in his Holy Thursday homily in St. Peter's Basilica. He made no mention of the scandals. Spread out before him, in white robes, was row after row of priests, who responded in chorus to his chants in Latin. A choir of men and boys intoned solemn hymns. The late morning Mass, the first of several appearances Benedict will make in the final days of Holy Week before Easter, was described by the Vatican as a sign of strict union between the pontiff in his role of pastor of the world's 1 billion Catholics and his fellow priests. In the evening, Benedict will wash the feet of 12 priests -- a traditional sign of humility -- at a Holy Thursday ceremony in St. John Lateran Basilica in Rome. ... In his homily Thursday, Benedict said Christians "as good citizens" must "keep the law and do what is just and good," while not accepting "a wrong that is enshrined in law," citing as example legalized abortion. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- The Power Of The Cross - Oh To See The Dawn (YouTube)

The Power of the Cross: Written by Keith Getty, sung by Stuart Townend. - Comments: The preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe. ... Amen... What a poweful song, I am grateful everyday for what God has done for me. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Were you there when they crucified my Lord? (YouTube)

Song: Where you there when they crucified my Lord? [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- You Were There - God You were always there for us {Most of the movie scenes are from - The Bible [Series] - Apocalypsis Revelation (2002) - Starring Richard Harris} (YouTube)

Comments: What a fantastic song which means the world to me, when I was going through the hardest thing that I will possibly go through, he was there.... Thank you Lord. Thank you for dying for me and even tho we were the ones that put you on the cross, you still show us mercy. [article link]

[Friday] Jesus Walk 2011 -- Sealed Tomb Friday - Roman Guards seal the Tomb - additional Spices and Ointments are purchased and prepared to further anoint the body of Jesus

This day coincides with Friday April 22, 2011 - We awake Friday morning our first day without the presence of Jesus. Today, the day after the Feast of Unleavened Bread and before the weekly Saturday Sabbath that begins at Sundown Friday, Jewish time, today is another regular day that happens to be sandwiched between the two Sabbath day Feast days in this year's original "Jesus Passover" celebration. Therefore with today not being a Sabbath day the usual work including buying and selling can take place. Several people go to purchase spices and ointments (Mark 16:1, Luke 23:56) and mix them together to prepare them in order to further anoint the body of Jesus. "Mark 16:1-2 And when the Sabbath (feast of unleavened bread) [Thursday] was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, [Friday] had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint Him. And very early in the morning the first day [Sunday] of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun." Early in the day we also find out that the Jewish leaders have just conferred with the Roman leaders (Matthew 27:62-66) to have guards placed at the tomb of Jesus. This is to prevent the disciples from stealing the body of Jesus and then claiming that He rose from the dead, something I'm sure that no disciple intended to do, after all what good is a dead leader? The tomb is now sealed with a Roman "seal" signifying that the body of Jesus is inside and that all is secure in the tomb. The guards stand in front of the sealed tomb and wait for Sunday. The intent is that on Sunday the tomb will be unlocked/unsealed and the body of Jesus will be shown to the Jewish leaders and all will be back to normal in Jerusalem because Jesus said that He would live the third day, not the second day or the fourth day. Jesus remaining dead in the tomb on Sunday would reveal that He was not a prophet able to prophesy that He would be alive the third day and also that He is not God able to overcome human death. There is no chance to enter the sealed tomb until the three days are up and the seal is removed by the Romans who placed it on the tomb. None of the soldiers on duty have the authority to remove the seal and open the tomb, only the Roman government has the authority to open the tomb and according to the contract with the Jews, it will be after the third day. The frightened disciples are in no condition to reveal themselves as followers of Jesus. So back to the familiar upper room everyone journeys. In the lonely darkness that comes on with despair the disciples lament that they are not prophets. One proclaims that he is just a herder of flocks from his youth (Zechariah 13:4-6). Likewise we sit in the dark and also wonder if we have the spiritual stamina that it takes to make it through this "dark night of the soul." We begin to think about Jesus and His ministry here on earth. We think about the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23) and how hard and compacted the soil of our heart is. Emotionally we are against obstacles and unable to push our spiritual roots down any further into fresh new soil. We wonder what has become of Jesus the master Gardener, we need Him. We need the Gardener to pull the weeds of doubt, to help us through life's thorns, to break up the shallow rocky soil and to direct His seed into the good soil of our heart so it can bring forth much fruit. Oh, it's no use a garden needs a gardener to keep it pleasant. The garden can't maintain itself from the hard soil, shallow rocks and choking weeds. Without a Gardener, the good plants will come to nothing as they are choked out and perish among the weeds and hard soil. We need God's direction and His plan in order for us to fulfill our life's purpose. -- {Basic Christian Devotion: Becoming united in Jesus} Personal Reflection #8 Man puts his seal of approval on God's death: "Matthew 27:66 So they went, and made the sepulchre sure [inventory of the tomb contents], sealing the stone, and setting a watch." With the death of Jesus comes the Seal of approval from mankind. You can be certain that Jesus died on the cross and you can be just as certain that the dead body of Jesus was in the tomb on this the next day when the tomb was closed and the seal was placed on it. Certain because mankind would have it no other way than that God, would be declared dead, null, and void. Oh they sealed the right tomb of death alright but they sealed the wrong object. What they should have placed their seal on is on the death of sin, the sin that has separated mankind from the Holy God for all of these years as God knows and as the Christian knows it is sin that has been declared dead, null, and void and not God. As we reflect on the death of sin, that the penalty for sin has been removed from us by Jesus, do we really understand that the worst that can possibly happen to us is death from sin? But that Jesus died for us so the worst thing that can happen to us has happened to Jesus as He took our penalty for us. Now with the worst behind us thanks to Jesus, we now have the best and a new opportunity as a new relationship with God is now before us. "Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." [article link]

[Saturday] Jesus Walk 2011 -- 3 Day & 3 Night Prophecy Fulfillment Saturday - The Third Day of Death is Fulfilled

This day coincides with Saturday April 23, 2011 - Saturday is again the weekly Sabbath day of rest. We rest physically but emotionally we are anything but at rest as we ponder an uncertain future without a leader, without our King Jesus. -- Let's recap Thursday - Sunday by looking at some verses in Luke: "Luke 23:52-24:1 [Thursday][Crucifixion day] "This man, Joseph of Arimathaea, went to Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. And he took it down [from the cross] and wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a sepulcher (tomb) that was hewn in stone, wherein never man before was laid. And that day was the preparation [preparation for the evening Sabbath of Unleavened Bread], and the Sabbath [Unleavened Bread, evening Sabbath curfew] drew on. And the women also, which came with Him from Galilee, followed after, and beheld (observed) the sepulcher, and how His body was laid. And they returned (home) and [Friday] [normal Day] prepared (worked & labored) spices and ointments; and rested the [Saturday][Sabbath Day] Sabbath day according to the commandment [the 4th of the 10 commandments, the weekly Saturday Sabbath]. Now upon the first day of the week [Sunday][Resurrection Day], very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulcher, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them." -- {Basic Christian Devotion: Becoming united in Jesus} Personal Reflection #9 Getting through the darkness: It's dark in there; it's a dark and lonely place in those deep dark tombs. Death is dark, and it's dark when we look death in the face. Will the light shine? Will there be life? Will life live and conquer the darkness; the loneliness, the despair, the finality of death? We as humans have to know. We have to know if there is any hope, any permanent existence, any purpose, any reason to life and our existence or if our brief existence here on earth is only a byproduct of some random collision of molecules. Only God - Jesus can answer this question for us and it can only be answered in the Resurrection Life of Jesus as only life can hold the answers to the problems that face mankind. God has given to us, a long time ago, the answer and His promise in each new day. In the beginning of creation God created the Physical Light. He created light as a representation for us to see that indeed His true Spirit light of life shines and it does indeed remove the darkness of death. Every time life gets dark just remember the New Day the Sunrise the Resurrection Sunshine from on high as the Sun represents to us the True Son Light, Jesus. God made it that way! The Sun is our daily and momentary reminder of God, of His Son Jesus, of His light, His warmth, His promises, His Life, His Love and His Eternal Resurrection Life for us. "Lamentations 3:21-23 This I recall in my mind, therefore I have hope. It is the Lord's Mercies that we are not consumed, because His Compassions fail not. They are new every morning: Great is Thy Faithfulness." [article link]

[Sunday] Jesus Walk 2011 -- Jesus' Glorious Resurrection Life Sunday - Glorious Salvation Resurrection (Easter) Day! - Jesus conquers death by Love & Eternal Life - The Rebirth of Life and we now have Salvation and live an Eternal Life in the Resurrection life of Jesus Christ

Sunday {Jesus' Glorious Resurrection Life Sunday} This day coincides with Sunday April 24, 2011 Resurrection Sunday (Easter) also the "Feast of First Fruits," the first Sunday of the week after the feasts of the "Lord's Passover & Unleavened Bread" (Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-14, John 20:1-23). Sunday, the first day of the week, we arise early and ponder that today is also a feast day, the fourth feast, the "Feast of First fruits". We wonder why Leviticus 23 this Feast did not have an actual date to be celebrated like the Lord's Passover, the 14th of the month and the Unleavened Bread, the 15th of the month but the Feast of First Fruits is specifically to be celebrated on the first Sunday of the week after the Passover. Today is also the day the seal is scheduled to be removed from the tomb of Jesus. Some of the women go early in the morning at first light to await access to the tomb to continue to anoint the body of Jesus. While walking to the tomb the women encounter an Angel who asks them why they are seeking the "Living" among the dead? For Jesus whom you seek is Not Dead but He is Alive! The women continue walking. They arrive at the tomb and they see the Roman seal is broken, the stone is rolled back and looking into the tomb they notice that the body of Jesus is missing but His burial wrappings remain there in an undisturbed manner. Seeing what appears to be the Gardener, the women ask him where he has moved the body of Jesus too? "Mary" replies the Gardener, WAIT! Mary knows that voice. This Gardener is JESUS, HE'S ALIVE! Mary and the women grab the feet of Jesus. Jesus tells them that He has not yet gone to the Father (John 20:17) but to go and tell the Good News "of the resurrection" to the rest of the disciples. Peter and John, like the rest of the disciples doubt the good news of the resurrection of Jesus but they run to the tomb to see for themselves. John and Peter enter the empty tomb together. John had been one of the disciples at the crucifixion and he helped place Jesus into the tomb. As John saw the anointed strips of cloth used to wrap the body of Jesus, John realized that the cloth was not unwound but just empty, vacated and collapsed down in a way in which a human body could not have been physically removed from within the cloth covered with ointment. John seeing this, believed (John 20:8). Back in the upper room two, disciples are excitedly telling of meeting and journeying with the Risen Jesus on their way to the town of Emmaus, (Luke 24:33). Meanwhile, in the upper-room the door is shut and locked (John 20:19) and Jesus suddenly appears in their midst in a supernatural way. The newly Resurrected Jesus presents Himself to the disciples. The disciples marvel that Jesus is alive again and then King Jesus breathes His Holy breath on them to give them His resurrection Spirit life. Amazed we realize that this is the same way and the same giver of Life who had previously breathed life into Adam our first forefather (Genesis 2:7). Jesus said "receive you the Holy Spirit" (John 20:22). The disciples by faith receive the Holy Spirit offered by Jesus and by receiving the Holy Spirit they become "Born Again" new creations. - We realize that it is by Faith that we are saved, this Faith! The faith in the risen, living, resurrection Jesus. The faith that Jesus has personally sealed us with the Holy Spirit. We realize that this is the true feast the "Feast of First Fruits" as Jesus breathes into us the "First Fruits" of the Holy Spirit. We know that this is just the First Fruit, the first fruits of the Holy Spirit with much more to come. This fruit is special because it is, according to Leviticus 23, the first of the fruit from within the Promise Land (Joshua 5:10-12) that is from the Promise Land of Heaven and eternal life. We rejoice. Like the children of Israel who were delivered from Egypt, we have escaped the bondage of this world and the cruelty of Satan and the certain death that goes with it. We have escaped by the death of the Firstborn Son of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and we are now alive in His resurrection glory. We like, the Jews of Egypt, have wandered in the desert wilderness of unbelief until our unbelief has vanished. Through faith in Jesus Christ we have crossed the dangerous Jordan river and entered into the Promise Land of Heaven having accepted Jesus as our leader, our King, and our Lord by entering into His New Covenant, the covenant of life. Now alive we realize that the death of sin has "Passed Over" us by our receiving His shed blood as the cleansing of our sins through the death of Jesus on the cross. We now rejoice in the Gospel of Good News that Jesus being Righteous, Holy, Just, and True, the Son of God and God Himself, that He cannot die as humans die but He is alive in the Spiritual realm, the eternal realm that Jesus existed in with the Father before He took on a fleshly body in the womb of Mary (John 16:27-28). -- {Basic Christian Devotion: Becoming united in Jesus} Personal Reflection #10 Resurrection Day "The Re-birth of Life" [after the original life in Garden of Eden] Jesus demonstrates His Authority of Life over death: Life, our meaning and purpose in it have now been answered once and for all in this the very Resurrection Life of Jesus. We now know that there is a God, that He has power to remove sins and to then give life over death, that He Loves us and that we are made alive to be friends with Him forever in His Eternal Resurrection Kingdom of Heaven. How can we ever comprehend this joyous event, Life in Jesus, but comprehend it we must as it is the only way to eternal Life. "Romans 1:4 And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the Spirit of Holiness, by the Resurrection from the dead." Light shines! And with it Life! Jesus is the True Light! Jesus is the Life! God is not dead, God is Alive! Now we too are alive when Jesus breaths His Resurrection Spirit Life into us. Alive and united with the Holy God inside of us, that is Eternal Life! "John 1:3 All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehend it not." "2 Corinthians 4:6 For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the Glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus." [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Easter Song by 2nd Chapter of Acts (YouTube)

This track is from the live album, "To the Bride," a Jesus Music Classic, featuring Barry McGuire, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and A Band Called David. "Easter Song" is performed in this track by the 2nd Chapter of Acts. Enjoy, and Happy Easter. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Easter Song by Keith Green (YouTube)

Keith Green performing "Easter Song" live from The Daisy Club -- LA (1982). [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Easter Song by Glad (YouTube)

Another Classic from Glad. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Rich Mullins - [Apostles] Creed (YouTube)

This is the Rich Mullins music video featuring the song "Creed" as it appears on the "Rich Mullins: Pursuit of a Legacy" DVD. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Creed by Third Day (YouTube)

This is the song by the Late, Great, Rich Mullins, it's about the Apostles Creed. I belive this song is true in all manner, and every time I sing it, it fills me with Gods will and glory. Enjoy it. [article link]

{Flashback} Jesus Walk 2010 -- Easter Sunrise Baptism {Video is usually preceded by a commercial - Try the Continue to Video (option)} (Metacafe)

Comments: Awsome God power - The water is still chilly in March, yet everyone has a huge expression of joy on their face, like the water doesn't even phase them because their so focused on and in love with Christ. beautiful. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 -- What if Moses had Facebook? - (Short Video)

Google Exodus - What if Moses had Facebook? [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 -- World Clock: Current local time in Jerusalem {Note: Setting a 2nd Widget or Gadget clock on your computer to Jerusalem time is also a good option.} (clock - pop-up window)

Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel The native name of Israel is Yisra'el. Most countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv. [article link]

Jesus Walk 2011 -- [Holy Week 2011] Easter Week in Rome, Italy - Holy Week in Rome - There are very few examples of Pageantry grander than Holy Week in Rome - The Pope himself delivers several masses between Palm Sunday and Easter, and tens of thousands of pilgrims and fellow travelers are on hand to celebrate with him

The following will give you an idea of what's going on and when for Easter Week in 2011; most services take place in St Peter's Square or inside the Basilica (consider a walking tour in Rome to get your bearings, or one of Viator's Vatican tours if you arrive early enough to avoid the crowds). You can certainly expect crowds in Rome and the Vatican during Easter Week. But for Catholics and religious-minded travelers (frankly, for anybody and everyone who appreciates ritual and pomp), the experience of Easter Week is unforgettable. Palm Sunday (April 17) Palm Sunday, a sort of prequel, starts off Holy Week with the Pope's blessing of the palms in St Peter's Square (9:30am). At the end of the mass, the Pope usually sends a special message - the 'Angelus' - to the youth of the world. Holy Thursday (April 21) The Pope honors his predecessor, John Paul II, on Holy Monday with a mass at 6pm. Then, after a few days' break during which you will notice a steadily increasing population density in and around the Vatican, the Easter celebration begins in earnest on Holy Thursday (also called 'Maundy Thursday'). The Pope performs a rare morning mass at 9:30am, known as the 'Mass of the Chrism', in St Peter's Basilica ('chrism' is a mixture of olive oil and balsam, which, once blessed, is used in some of the sacraments). In the evening, the Mass of the Lord's Supper commemorates Christ's bathing of the feet of the Apostles. Good Friday (April 22) On Good Friday, instead of a mass, choirs sing St John's version of Christ's crucifixion. Later that night, the Pope traces the Via Crucis, or Stations of the Cross, from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill. This torch-lit procession is one of the grandest, most solemn things you can witness in Rome. (Saturday) Saturday night is traditionally the time of the Easter Vigil, when the Pope celebrates a late mass in St Peter's Basilica. This is also traditionally when converts are accepted into the Catholic Church. Easter Sunday (April 24) On Easter Sunday, the Pope says mass in St Peter's Square starting at 10:15am. Despite the crowds - typically this is the most attended event of Holy Week - you should be able to spot the Holy Father, high above the square on a balcony of the church. At noon, he delivers the 'Urbi et Orbi' message - 'to the city and the world - in which the Pope grants forgiveness to those present and to Catholics world wide. Visiting Rome During Holy Week Pope Benedict XVI Although these events are generally free, some require tickets (a must if you want a seat, or in some cases if you want to get in at all). Honestly, it is not easy to get tickets - we're saying this simply to set your expectations. For Catholics, this is usually arranged through your bishop. You might also try the American Seminary in Rome. For non-Catholics, it's a bit dicier, but you might try the American Seminary. The official Vatican liturgical calendar for Holy Week can be found here. The Vatican museums (and those throughout Rome) are generally open during Holy Week, with the exceptions of Easter Sunday and the following Monday. Ideas on spending the rest of your time in the Eternal City [Rome] can be found in our complete list of things to see and do in Rome. [article link]

Holy Week 2011 and the 10 Day Jesus Walk 2011 Easter Timeline Devotion **starting on Friday April 15th, 2011 until ---> Easter Sunday April 24th, 2011

We are going to look at some of the aspects of Holy Week regarding what actually happened during the final 10 days the Amazing events of Jesus Christ while He was physically here on earth. We will be considering what His events accomplished and how His completed events affect us today both personally and individually as Christians and as a whole as the Christian Church. - God bless you ~ David Anson Brown [article link]

Starting Friday the 2011 Basic Christian: Jesus Walk Holy Week (Easter) 10 Day Timeline Devotion

Note: This year the blog postings for each day's activity following Jesus and the Apostles during the original Holy Week will be posted the evening-afternoon before the day of the events [this was done last year and turned out to be more consistent]. - This year for the first time the blog portion is going to blog both of the main Jesus Walk components, blogging both the Timeline of events and for the first time also blogging the Devotion "Becoming united in Jesus" portion. Ultimately there are intended to be the one original Timeline of events and two devotions, the group oriented devotion "Becoming united in Jesus" and the yet to be completed individually focused devotion "All the Way, Walking the Long Road [The High Road]". The second devotion "All the Way, Walking the Long Road" though not yet completed has been in development for a while. The concept of the "All the Way, Walking the Long Road [The High Road]" devotion is for each individual Christian to get a sense of how much [personal relationship] **individual value [i.e. 1 Peter 1:7] we each are to God. The devotion has been mostly written a couple of times but each time the devotion spins off into what could be considered a slightly works based devotion so I don't want to release the devotion until I can be sure that it is a uniquely relationship, value, prized devotion between the loving God and people. Looking forward to joining you in this year's 2011 Holy Week and the Christian growth, prayer, fellowship, study and maturity that can come from it. ~ God bless everyone, David Anson Brown [article link]

HeartLight: Taken from My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers - Have You Ever Been Carried Away For Him? - Have I ever realized that I can bring to God things which are of value to Him, or am I mooning round the magnitude of His Redemption whilst there are any number of things I might be doing? - **It is never a question of being of use [works], but of being of [precious] value to God Himself - When we are abandoned to God, He works through us

If human love does not carry a man beyond himself, it is not love. If love is always discreet, always wise, always sensible and calculating, never carried beyond itself, it is not love at all. It may be affection, it may be warmth of feeling, but it has not the true nature of love in it. Have I ever been carried away to do something for God not because it was my duty, nor because it was useful, nor because there was anything in it at all beyond the fact that I love Him? Have I ever realized that I can bring to God things which are of value to Him, or am I mooning round the magnitude of His Redemption whilst there are any number of things I might be doing? Not Divine, colossal things which could be recorded as marvellous, but ordinary, simple human things which will give evidence to God that I am abandoned to Him? Have I ever produced in the heart of the Lord Jesus what Mary of Bethany produced? There are times when it seems as if God watches to see if we will give Him the abandoned tokens of how genuinely we do love Him. Abandon to God is of more value than personal holiness. Personal holiness focuses the eye on our own whiteness; we are greatly concerned about the way we walk and talk and look, fearful lest we offend Him. Perfect love casts out all that when once we are abandoned to God. We have to get rid of this notion - "Am I of any use?" and make up our minds that we are not, and we may be near the truth. It is never a question of being of use, but of being of value to God Himself. When we are abandoned to God, He works through us all the time. [article link]

KJV 1611 Holy Bible - Red Letter Edition {A Free PDF KJV Bible} (PDF)

The King James Version (KJV) 1611 with the Words of Jesus Formatted in Red is a complete Bible containing both the Old and the New Testaments. [article link]

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre To Read KJV Bible Over Holy Week 2011 - William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre will mark the 400th anniversary of the [1611] King James Bible with a cover-to-cover reading

LONDON (RNS/ENInews) William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre will mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible with a cover-to-cover reading between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday (the day after Easter - Sunday). Twenty actors will take part in the reading, which is scheduled to take 69 hours over eight days. They will recite all 1,189 chapters of the historic Bible in the theater built as a replica of the place that saw many of Shakespeare's greatest plays. "Four hundred years ago, a set of church scholars sat in Stationer's Hall by St. Paul's Cathedral and put the finishing touches to the King James Bible. Across the river, a set of playwrights, Shakespeare foremost amongst them, entertained a town," artistic director Dominic Dromgoole told ENInews. "The playwrights listened to the clerics in church, the clerics sneaked in to listen to the plays in the theater. Between the two of them they generated an energy, a fire and wit in the English language." The theater's 2011 season will also include the story of the creation of the King James Bible in the play "Anne Boleyn," by Howard Brenton. The story looks at the legacy of King Henry VIII's second wife, who conspires with the exiled William Tyndale to make England Protestant forever. Starting 70 years after her death, the play examines how King James united England's religious factions with a common [English language] Bible, and the debt he owed to Anne. ~ By Jo Siedlecka Religion News Service[article link]

{Excellent!!} Church History - A Biography of William Tyndale (Mp3)

William Tyndale part 2 by Andy Davis | Mar 7, 2009 | Topic: Christian Biography [article link]

Holy Feast Days: Continuing to consider the 8 Jewish Levitical Feast Days [Leviticus 23] and the possible significances that they have for the current Christian Church Age - Transitioning from the physical Feast days of the Old Testament to the more Spiritually designated Feast fulfillments of the New Testament is a necessity in that the transition from O.T. to N.T. brings with it the transition from one Priesthood to another from the [physical] Moses - Levitical - Aaronic Priesthood to the [Spiritual] Melchizeked - Messiah - Jesus Christ Priesthood [Hebrews 7:11-12]

The change in Priesthood from physical (Levitical-Aaronic) to Spiritual (Melchizedek-Messiah) also necessitates a change in both the ordinances (laws) [Hebrews 7:11-12] and also the Feast Day fulfillments [1 Corinthians 5:7-8]. -- Note: At the close of the present Church Age (possibly the rapture of the Church) the age on earth reverts back to physical from Spiritual. The Kingdom of God on earth after the Rapture will again be a physical Kingdom because the Spiritual Church has departed. With the Spiritual Church no longer present and the Kingdom of God [still the N.T. (Melchizedek-Messiah Priesthood)] available *mostly in physical form it is then the Kingdom of Antichrist that at that time will have the prominent spiritual Kingdom on earth [Matthew 24:24], a counterfeit spiritual kingdom but no less a spiritual [miracles, signs and wonders] kingdom while the Kingdom of God on earth [Jews, Martyred Saints of Revelation, Jewish 144,000] except for a short time with the Two Witnesses of Revelation [Revelation 11:3] the Kingdom of God will primarily be a physical kingdom in nature and will not have the 'born again' Salvation experience of the Church Age but will have the New Testament Redemption Age [but complete Salvation is postponed] until the completion of the Tribulation Period of time on earth. -- Also Note: some of the obvious changes from the physical O.T. Priesthood to the Spiritual N.T. Priesthood involve the obsolete ordinances of water washing purification, animal sacrifices, Temple genealogies, Temple rituals, tithing, etc. Now any Christian leader, teacher or pastor that is continuing to teach any O.T. ritual i.e. the tithe is someone who may not understand the changes from the physical O.T to the Spiritual N.T. Priesthood though in the case of falsely teaching a Christian tithe it might just be more a case of manipulation than a case of a lack of understanding. [article link]

The 8 Holy Jewish Feast Days are Prophetic: Each of the 8 Levitical Feast days are prophetic with the final 3 Feast Days the [Fall Feast Days] yet to be prophetically fulfilled as the previous 5 Feast days have been prophetically enacted

When the prophet John the Baptist said "John [the Disciple] 1:29 The next day John [the Baptist] seeth Jesus coming unto him, and [John the Baptist] saith, Behold **the (Passover) Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." John was speaking about the Passover and speaking prophetically about Jesus being the fulfillment of the Passover Feast [The Lords’ Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits] days. - The prophet King David had previously prophesied about Jesus the Messiah fulfilling the Sabbath Feast day. "Psalms 118:24-26 This is the day (Sabbath fulfillment - Triumphal entry into Jerusalem) which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. … Blessed be He [Messiah] that cometh in the Name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the House of the LORD" -- "Matthew 21:9-11 And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is He [Jesus] that cometh in the Name of the Lord; Hosanna in the Highest. And when He [Jesus] was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this? And the multitude said, This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth of Galilee." [article link]

Feast of Pentecost: observance of the Jewish [Egypt - Exodus - Mt. Sinai] designated Feasts of Israel given by God through Moses vs. observance of the Messiah Church Age [Jerusalem fulfilled] Christian observance of the Jewish Feasts as implemented by Jesus Christ

Pentecost [the 5th of the 8 Holy Feats of Leviticus chapter 23] is currently the most recent [Acts 2:1] of the enacted and fulfilled of the 8 ongoing Jewish Feasts of the Bible. The 8 Holy Feasts of the Bible [Leviticus chapter 23] are ongoing and continuing. Currently only the first 5 Feasts [Sabbath through Pentecost] have been completely initiated in Jerusalem with the 3 Fall Feasts - Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles the [2nd Coming] Feasts of Jesus yet to be fully implemented [though each Fall Feast - Trumpets (congregation gathering), Atonement (crucifixion) and Tabernacles (individual receiving of a resurrection body for each departed believer) has already begun to a degree. -- Summary: The 8 Feasts of Israel are Jewish [Moses] in initial origin and continue in Jewish observance as each is fulfilled by God [Jesus] in each season and time for each Feast to be prophetically enacted by God. Then once enacted the Christian Church [first] primarily receives the Spiritual blessing and benefit from the Feast fulfillment events. Regarding the 3 Fall Feasts, each Fall Feast will be initiated as all 5 previous Feasts were via a Jewish observance of the Feast days in Jerusalem, Israel. [i.e. The Christian Apostle Paul remaining in the city of Ephesus during the Jewish [Jerusalem] observance of the Feast of Pentecost instead of traveling to Jerusalem as an ancient Jewish observer of the Feast of Pentecost would have sought to do. "1 Corinthians 16:8 But I [Apostle Paul] will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost {Springtime}."] [article link]

The Feast of Firstfruits [O.T. Levitical Priesthood]: The Feast of Firstfruits is uniquely only fulfilled twice 1st at the entrance of the Nation of Israel into the Promise Land of Israel - 2nd at each entrance of the Christian into the Promise Land Kingdom of God -- "Leviticus 23:9-10 And [at Mount Sinai] the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, *When ye be come into the [Promise] land [Israel] which I give unto you, and [1st Sunday after the Lord's Passover] shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the Priest:"

"Deuteronomy 26:1-3 And it shall be, when thou art come in unto the [Promise] land which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and possessest it, and dwellest therein; That thou shalt take of the first of all the fruit of the earth, which thou shalt bring of thy land that the LORD thy God giveth thee, and shalt put it in a basket, and shalt go unto the place [Tabernacle] which the LORD thy God shall choose to place His Name there. And thou shalt go unto the Priest that shall be in those days, and say unto him, I profess this day unto the LORD thy God, that I am come unto the country [Promise Land] which the LORD sware unto our fathers for to give us." -- "Joshua 5:9-12 And [at Gilgal, Israel] the LORD said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of [bondage in] Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place [in Israel] is called Gilgal unto this day. **And the Children of Israel encamped in Gilgal [first location of entrance into the Promise Land of Israel after leaving Egypt], and **kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho. And they did eat of the *old [storage] corn of the land [Israel] on the morrow after the Passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day. And the **manna [nightly bread from heaven] ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn {not fresh from the fields} of the [Promise] land; neither had the Children of Israel manna any more [the manna for the 40 year desert wandering ceased on the day after the 1st Passover in Israel]; but [after Sunday Firstfruits] they did eat of the fruit of the land [crops] of Canaan that year." -- "Deuteronomy 26:8-11 And the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with great terribleness, and with signs, and with wonders: And He hath brought us into this place, and hath given us this land, even a [Promise] land that floweth with milk and honey. And now, behold, I have brought the firstfruits of the land, which thou, O LORD, hast given me. And thou shalt set it before the LORD thy God, and worship before the LORD thy God: **And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the LORD thy God hath given unto thee, and unto thine house, thou, and the Levite, and the stranger that is among you." [article link]

The Feast of Firstfruits [N.T. Melchizedek (Messiah) Priesthood]: "John 20:19-23 Then the same day [Resurrection Day (Easter) - Feast of Firstfruits] at evening, being the first day (Sunday) of the week, when the doors [to the upper room] were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came [the resurrected] Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. And when He had so said, He shewed unto them His hands and His side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you. **And when He had said this, *He [Jesus] breathed on them, and saith unto them, ***Receive ye [firstfruits of] the Holy Ghost [enter the Promise Land of Heaven and receive the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit]: [through Holy spirit discernment] Whose soever sins ye remit [confirm forgiveness], they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain [confirm unforgiveness], they are retained. -- "Romans 8:22-25 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, **but ourselves also, [Christians] which have the ***firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption [to officially become Sons of God once in heaven], to wit, the redemption of our body. For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it."

"1 Corinthians 15:22-24 For as in Adam all die [physical death from sin], even so in Christ shall all be made alive [eternal life]. But every man [existing - living and dying] in his own order: Christ the firstfruits [of the Resurrection]; afterward [after the Church Age] they that are Christ's at His [2nd] coming. Then [after the 1,000 year Millennium Reign] cometh the end, when He shall have delivered up the [entire] Kingdom [i.e. the Righteous Gentiles (Job), O.T. Saints (Moses), Christians (Apostle Paul), Righteous Jews, Martyred Saints of Revelation, Jewish 144,000 and the 1,000 year Kingdom Reign Saints] to God, even the Father; when He shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. James 1:18-20 Of His own will begat [born again] He us with the Word of Truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures [creation]. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God." -- "Revelation 14:4 ... These [144,000 Jews] are they which follow the Lamb [Jesus Christ] whithersoever He goeth. These were *redeemed [Salvation is postponed again during the Tribulation Period] from among men, being the *firstfruits [first Jews after the Church Age to follow Jesus as the Messiah - with the Church Age having ended Jewish followers of Jesus then remain Jewish no longer becoming Christians] unto God and to the Lamb." [article link]

[Excellent!!] LostSeed: Compilations [Christian Messages set to Praise Music] (Mp3s)

The goal of these audio mp3s are to give you a desire to draw closer to God. There are different styles of preaching, from a few different denominations, it does not matter. But what does matter is that in all of them the topic is The Lord Jesus Christ. [article link]

[Excellent!!] SolaSisters: New from Igniter Media "Follow" - Who Are You Following? (Video)

Follow: Throughout the course of his public ministry, Jesus knew both the adoration and desertion of the crowds. Today, just as 2,000 years ago, the gospel asks a question that demands an answer: Will we follow? This video illustrates this truth through the dynamic lens of a 21st-century social network. [article link]

{Excellent!!} Jesus - The Lamb of God by David Wilkerson (Mp3)

This message is for those who are on a search for peace and hope but you are experiencing emptiness and guilt because of the sin in your life. Maybe you are trying to figure out a way to "get to" God and pay Him back for all the sins you committed. The good news is that Jesus is the Lamb of God; the perfect sacrifice for all mankind. If you simply come to Jesus and believe His Word you will be forgiven. There is a cry in the heart of God to draw His people into His love and peace. All you need is found in Jesus the Lamb of God! [article link]

{Highly Recommended!!} - Hungry for More of Jesus - By: David Wilkerson (1992) - Paperback (Book)

Product Description: Hungry for More of Jesus issues a Passionate call to a deeper walk of daily discipleship. It reminds us that Jesus wants to give the abundant life we long for; He wants to satisfy the hunger. But first we must seek to know God's heart and cry out against the sins that break it. This is a book of hope and inspiration, while at the same time an honest look at the cost of hungering for Jesus. This stirring book is for those who know Christ and are hungry to know Him better, and it is for others who want to know Him as they never have. [article link]

{Flashback} Video & Audio Sermons by David Wilkerson and Gary Wilkerson (Mp3s)

World Challenge, Inc. was founded by Reverend David Wilkerson in 1971. The ministry's mission is to promote and perpetuate the message of Christ through public teachings. As such, World Challenge, Inc. serves as a corporate umbrella for Reverend Wilkerson's crusades, ministers' conferences, book and tract publishing, video production, Bible schools, street evangelism, literature distribution, feeding programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and other charitable outreaches. He remains president of World Challenge, Inc. which has a mailing list to hundreds of thousands of people who regularly receive copies of his sermons and ministry updates. [article link]

Breaking News: Remembering (Pastor) David Wilkerson - Pastor David's time on earth ended when he was killed Wednesday in a car accident on U.S. 175 in Texas - He [accidently] veered his car, also carrying his wife Gwen, into the pathway of a tractor trailer going westbound - She was taken to the hospital, as was the driver of the tractor trailer - Before he died, the 79-year-old [Pastor David Wilkerson] blogged: "To those going through the valley and shadow of death, hear this word: Weeping will last through some dark, awful nights - and in that darkness you will soon hear the Father whisper, 'I am with you. I cannot tell you why right now, but one day it will all make sense. You will see it was all part of my plan. It was no accident. It was no failure on your part. Hold fast. Let me embrace you in your hour of pain.' Beloved, God has never failed to act but in goodness and love. When all means fail - His love prevails. Hold fast to your faith. Stand fast in His Word. There is no other hope in this world"

Pastor David Wilkerson had founded the church [Times Square Church], but he was also famous for his 1963 bestseller The Cross and the Switchblade and for founding Teen Challenge. The first time we were there, he said, "Ladies, when we stand to sing, please don't leave your pocketbooks on the ground. Some thieves are here in the sanctuary, so keep an eye out on your belongings. And for those of you who came here expressly to steal," he said, "we welcome you. You came here thinking you'd leave with a few bucks, but you'll leave knowing the life-changing love of God. Stay as long as you'd like." -- A hundred people would respond to his messages by crowding the stage where Pastor David gently prayed, arms outstretched like he was receiving his grandchildren. Every week, his sermons caused mobs of weeping people to come forward, from the balconies, from the main floor, and even from the "overflow" room where people watched him on television screens. Times Square Church emphasized giving aid to the poor, the hungry, and the addicted, so the congregation was always full of strange-looking people. One Sunday you might sit between an investment banker who graduated from Princeton on the right and an unemployed garbage collector on the left. In the middle of one sermon, Pastor David asked anyone who had attempted suicide or been addicted to drugs to stand. Hundreds, from every economic level, got out of their seats - men in ties, men in short-sleeved polyester blends, and men with hair so greasy it stained their already soiled shirts. This church did not overlook sin in order to maintain the appearance of godliness. It was after the real thing, challenging you to look deep into your soul and extricate hidden vice. If Jesus was the Great Physician, then this church was the hospital, filled with hurting people staggering under the weight of their problems. [article link]

Pope John Paul beatified before huge crowd - St Peter's Square was jam-packed and the crowd stretched as far back as the Tiber River, more than half a kilometer away - The throng of devotees, many carrying national flags and singing songs, had moved toward the Vatican area from all directions from before dawn to get a good spot for the Mass - Some 90 official delegations from around the world, including members of five European royal families and 16 heads of state, attended the beatification {Comment: The Vatican should Saint both Pope John Paul and Mother Teresa in the near future [i.e. next year - May 2012] rather than later [and both at the same time or within a day or so] as really it was their life, devotion and service to Jesus Christ and His Church that is the blessed miracle that we all have and have all received from and continue to receive from. The thought that they are now interceding in the afterlife on behalf of individuals with a few select miracles really isn't what the focus should be regarding their life and accomplishments.}

VATICAN CITY - The late Pope John Paul moved a major step closer to sainthood on Sunday at a joyous ceremony that drew more than a million people, the largest crowd in Rome since his funeral six years ago. "From now on Pope John Paul shall be called 'blessed'", Pope Benedict, wearing resplendent white and gold robes, solemnly proclaimed in Latin, establishing that his predecessor's feast day would be October 22, the day of the inauguration of John Paul's history-making pontificate in 1978. To the cheers of the huge crowd, a tapestry showing a smiling John Paul was unveiled seconds after Benedict read the proclamation. ... Police estimated the crowd at more than a million people. Many camped out during the night in the square, which was bedecked with posters of the late pope and one of his most famous sayings, "Do not be afraid!" In his homily, Benedict noted that the late Pope, whom he praised as having had "the strength of a titan" and who gave millions of people "the strength to believe", had blessed crowds thousands of times from his window overlooking the same square. [article link]

Pope [Pope Benedict XVI] praises John Paul II ahead of beatification - "When Pope John Paul II is beatified on May 1 [2011], we shall think of him with hearts full of thankfulness as a great witness to God and Jesus Christ in our day" Benedict said {This is a great tribute to a great man and both Pope John Paul and Nun Mother Teresa deserve the honor of being Sainted within the Catholic Church. -- Pope Benedict is also a tremendous Pope and the Church Catholic/Protestant is blessed to have a man of his abilities and desires presiding within Christianity.}

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI warmly praised his predecessor Pope John Paul II in a Holy Thursday address days before John Paul's May 1 beatification, holding him up as a example of faith amid Western indifference to Christianity. Benedict said that "for all the shame we feel over our failings" the world must not forget what he called radiant examples of faith such as John Paul. ... Organizers say hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will come to Rome for John Paul's beatification, the last formal step before sainthood. A prayer vigil on the Circus Maximus, an all-night prayer session in downtown Rome churches and the beatification Mass celebrated by Benedict I top the agenda for the three-day event. [article link]

{Flashback} On this day in history: May 13, 1981 - Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded in St. Peter's Square by Turkish [Muslim] gunman Mehmet Ali Agca {The money trail for the payments issued to Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca leads directly to the doorstep of the USA-CIA. The most accurate description could be said that on May 13, 1981 while ex-CIA director George H. W. Bush Sr. was VP of the USA the CIA carried out an assignation attempt on Pope John Paul II's life.}

May 13, 1981 - Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded in St. Peter's Square by Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca ... On May 13, 2002 President George W. Bush Jr. announced that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin would sign a treaty to shrink their countries' nuclear arsenals by two-thirds. ... On May 13, 2004 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited the Abu Ghraib prison camp in Iraq, where he insisted the Pentagon did not try to cover up abuses there. [article link]

{Flashback} April 30, 2009: Mehmet Ali Agca says he is now a Catholic - Turkish prison, Mehmet Ali Agca, author [assassin - the CIA was the author] of the failed attempt against Pope John Paul II in 1981, claims to have renounced Islam and embraced the Catholic faith - his former lawyer Mustafa Demirbag, said he was "very skeptical" about the conversion

Turkish prison, Mehmet Ali Agca, author of the failed attempt against Pope John Paul II in 1981, claims to have renounced Islam and embraced the Catholic faith. Italian weekly Diva e people donna published the letter, French journal 7s7 reports. "I am looking for an Italian woman, who wants to correspond with me. Obviously (I hope) she is Catholic because from May 13 2007, I decided to renounce the Muslim faith and becoming a member of the Roman Catholic Church," Agca writes. "I have decided to return peacefully to the (St Peter's) square and to testify to the world of my conversion to Catholicism," he says in the letter written in Italian. "Just for a day, I would wish to return to Rome to pray at the tomb of John Paul II to express my filial appreciation for his forgiveness" ... Questioned by AFP in Turkey, his former lawyer Mustafa Demirbag, said he was "very skeptical" about the conversion, given the steps required to receive baptism. ... "For the Vatican, I may still be the man who tried to assassinate the Polish Pope, but now I have changed, I am a different man," he says. [article link]

{Flashback} Wikipedia.org: Mehmet Ali Agca - Born January 9, 1958 is a Turkish assassin, who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981 - Opinions differ on whether the ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves were being used by the CIA or the Bulgarian Secret Service - According to Agca, the plan was for him and the back-up gunman Oral Çelik to open fire in St. Peter's Square - alleged that the assassination attempt was organized by Abdullah Çatli "in exchange for the sum of 3 million (German) marks"

Born January 9, 1958 Mehmet Ali Agca is a Turkish assassin, who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981. After serving 19 years of incarceration in Italy, he was deported to Turkey, where he is serving another life sentence for the murder of Abdi Ipekçi, a left-wing journalist, in 1979. Agca has described himself as a mercenary with no political orientation, although he is known to have been a member of the Turkish ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves organization. ... Grey Wolves involvement: After this training he went to work for the far-right Turkish Grey Wolves, who were at the time destabilizing Turkey, which led to a military coup in 1980. Opinions differ on whether the ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves were being used by the CIA or the Bulgarian Secret Service. According to Kendal Nezan of the Kurdish Institute of Paris, they were infiltrated and manipulated by Gladio "stay-behind" networks, a NATO clandestine structure. On February 1, 1979 in Istanbul, under orders from the Grey Wolves, he murdered Abdi Ipekçi, editor of the moderate left-wing newspaper Milliyet. He was caught due to an informant and was sentenced to life in prison. After serving six months, he escaped with the help of Abdullah Çatli, second-in-command of the Grey Wolves and a prominent Gladio operative, and fled to Bulgaria, which was a base of operation for the Turkish mafia. According to investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, Mehmet Ali Agca had worked with Abdullah Çatli in this 1979 assassination, who "then reportedly helped organize Agca's escape from an Istanbul military prison, and some have suggested Çatli was even involved in the Pope's assassination attempt". According to Reuters, Agca had "escaped with suspected help from sympathizers in the security services". Lucy Komisar added that at the scene of the Mercedes-Benz crash where Çatli died, he was found with a passport under the name of "Mehmet Özbay" - an alias also used by Mehmet Ali Agca. ... Beginning in August 1980 Agca began criss-crossing the Mediterranean region, changing passports and identities, perhaps to hide his point of origin in Sofia, Bulgaria. He entered Rome on May 10, 1981, coming by train from Milan. According to Agca's later testimony, he met with three accomplices in Rome, one a fellow Turk and two Bulgarians, with operation being commanded by Zilo Vassilev, the Bulgarian military attaché in Italy. He said that he was assigned this mission by Turkish mafioso Bechir Celenk in Bulgaria. Le Monde diplomatique, however, has alleged that the assassination attempt was organized by Abdullah Çatli "in exchange for the sum of 3 million marks", paid by Bechir Celenk to the Grey Wolves. According to Agca, the plan was for him and the back-up gunman Oral Çelik to open fire in St. Peter's Square and escape to the Bulgarian embassy under the cover of the panic generated by a small explosion. On May 13 they sat in the square, writing postcards waiting for the Pope to arrive. When the Pope passed, Agca fired several shots and critically wounded him, but was grabbed by spectators and Vatican security chief Camillo Cibin and prevented from finishing the assassination or escaping. Four bullets hit John Paul II, two of them lodging in his lower intestine, the others hitting his left hand and right arm. Two bystanders were also hit. Çelik panicked and fled without setting off his bomb or opening fire. [article link]

{Celebrating 10 Years!!} Basic Christian Theology: Answers to Bible Questions 132 Topics (PDF)

A Complete handy Reference - Study Guide/Tutorial. It covers 132 Christian Subjects and Topics from Adoption - Yahweh in an easy to read and understand format. An extensive resource, unparalleled in convenience and ease of use yet advanced in topic research. {The original Basic Christian: Theology was released in about May of 2001 as a free PDF file - At that time the first few PDF files were without any color fonts consisting of only black text and a white background - Links of any kind either internal or external were also not available in the original Theology PDF download file - The color fonts feature was soon added within a year of the first PDF file but it would take about a year after that to bring in the linking features and then it wasn't until about 2007 (Microsoft Office 2006 updated) that the links worked properly, previously clicking on a link was often an unsuccessful event - The Basic Christian: Theology presentation was the beginning to much of the resources of the Basic Christian ministry - The Basic Christian: Theology document was the groundwork for the later, highly successful Basic Christian: blog Bible Study.} [article link]

Part 2: {Celebrating 10 Years!!} Basic Christian Theology: Answers to Bible Questions 132 Topics (PDF)

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