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Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Systems Supplemental Audit Form

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Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Systems Supplemental Audit Form

Complete this form and place in client file.

1. Is the system the primary heat source? Yes____ No_____

2. What are the existing conditions of the system?





Health & Safety Concerns


Inefficient & life span less than one year

Chimney/flue system

Wood heating unit

Surrounding area (hearth, clearances, location)

3. Describe recommended measure for existing situation:

4. What is your recommendation, based on cost and nature of the problem?

Repair Replace

5. Who is making this recommendation?

Agency Representative Heating System Subcontractor

I certify that the above information is complete and accurate.

Signature of Agency Representative Date

Client Information: I have received information on safe operation, proper maintenance, and clean burning for my new (or repaired) solid fuel burning appliance system.

Client Signature Date

Link to Active Form: Exhibit 5.1.6A, Economic Analysis of Refrigerator Replacement

Variance #20 – SWS Section 7.8001.1a

Variance #20: DOE granted a variance from SWS Section 7.8001.1a Refrigerator & Freezer Replacement allowing: WA allows Energy Star rated or equivalent energy use Refrigerator replacements. DOE prohibits Freezer replacements.

Link to Active Form:

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