We do marine products right!

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Hello Bayliner boaters, welcome to our Bayliner Boating Community. Thank you for requesting information on our Bayliner canvas products.

We do marine products right!
We have been manufacturing custom boat canvas for over 35 years. Combining quality with affordability is our main goal. You will not find comparable products for less anywhere!
Bayliner canvas products are growing in popularity worldwide. Our Boat Tops and Cockpit/bow Cover sets are second to none. All of our canvas products are custom made with quality being our top priority. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to details.
Our manufacturing schedule is 7-14 days after payment and our timeline would be based on how many bookings we have at your time of order. Most makes and models available.
We ship it to you anywhere in the world using Canada Post.
Here is our Fleet of Bayliner Canvas Products

5 Piece Boat Top
The boat pictured is a 2006 Bayliner 175 with our polyester top on it. Our tops will fit 2003-2008 models.

Aluminum 2 bow frame with nylon hardware

1 zippered fabric stern curtain

Polyester Convertible Top with zippered hatch opening

All snaps reinforced with polypropylene webbing

Bow cover with adjustable aluminum support pole

All curtains can be removed using zippers.

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