Visor for all conditions Morning cloud, afternoon sun, evening drizzle: uvex final visor city equips city cyclists for all conditions

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Visor for all conditions

Morning cloud, afternoon sun, evening drizzle: uvex final visor city equips city cyclists for all conditions. Combining a helmet and eyewear in one, the first inmould helmet with a built-in visor removes the need for extra cycling glasses when commuting. And it’s perfect for prescription spectacle wearers.

Get on your bike, visor down, and set off. Day or night, a cycling helmet with a built-in visor fits easily over prescription eyewear and always provides protection from rain, insects or wind. The visor takes the place of sunglasses and provides a wider field of vision. This isn’t just an advantage on a triathlon bike, it’s also great in heavy city traffic. And, it’s why uvex developed the new uvex finale visor. The sporty shape offers best ventilation while the visor provides a perfect wide-angle view in the city jungle.

Mountain bike style meets city look

uvex finale visor design language comes from mountain biking: extended sides and more coverage over the back of the head provide an extra level of safety. The large visor protects against sun and wind, and is also suitable for prescription spectacle wearers. In changeable weather conditions, it’s easy to use one handed, and removes the need to put on / take off sunglasses. The standard version comes with a litemirror smoke (S1) lens. If higher sun protection is needed, a darker (S3) visor is available separately. A slim, protective edge protects the nose from irritation, without altering the overall look of the helmet.

Optimal ventilation and plug-in LED built-in

The uvex 3D IAS system allows the fit of this sporty city helmet to be precisely adjusted in both width and height. To keep a cool head on hot days uvex finale visor has 20 vent openings. By linking them to ventilation channels running through the interior, uvex has optimized air circulation. For night riding in city traffic, a built-in, detachable red LED light, reflective straps and stickers improve visibility.

uvex finale visor is available from Spring 2018. Two shell sizes: 52-57 cm, 56-61 cm. Comes in three classic colors: black, white/black, black/silver. Price € 179.95

The uvex group

The uvex group brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (uvex sports and Alpina), and Filtral. The uvex group is represented in 22 countries by 47 subsidiaries and chooses to do most of its manufacturing in Germany. Two thirds of the company’s 2,560-strong workforce (financial year 2016/17) is employed in Germany. uvex is a global partner to international elite sport and equips a host of top athletes. Our philosophy of protecting people is our duty and mission. To this end uvex develops, manufacturers and markets products and services for the safety of people at work, sports and recreation.

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