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Updated 4/25/11

Curriculum Vitae

Cheryl A. Frye

cafrye@albany.edu; fryeca@gmail.com (518) 591-8839 office

Life Sciences 1058 (518) 591-8823 lab

US citizen, Native Alaskan H-Index: 45


Boston University 1993-1995

Department of Biology NRSA Post-doc, Neuroendocrinology
Tufts University 1988-1992

Psychology Department M.S., Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience

Wheaton College 1984-1988

Biopsychology Department B.A., cum laude, Biopsychology


The University at Albany, SUNY, Full Professor of Psychology 2006-present

The University at Albany, SUNY, Member, Inst for Health & the Environment 2003-present

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at UAlbany, Co-Director 2001-present

The University at Albany, SUNY, Associate Professor of Psychology 2000-2006

The University at Albany, SUNY, Member, Neuroscience Research Center 1998-present

The University at Albany, SUNY, Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences 1998-present

The University at Albany, SUNY, Assistant Professor of Psychology 1998-2000

The University of Hartford, Department of Biology, Adjunct Professor 1998-2000

Connecticut College, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Zoology, Director of Neuroscience 1995-1998

Wheaton College, Department of Psychology, Visiting Assistant Professor 1994-1995

Boston University, Department of Biology, NIH Post-doctoral Fellow 1993-1995

Bates College, Departments of Psychology & Biology, Visiting Assistant Professor 1992-1993

Wheelock College, Department of Human Development, Instructor 1990-1992

Tufts University, Department of Psychology, TA, RA, Instructor 1988-1992

Boston University, Department of Biology, NSF REU Awardee 1987-1988

Wheaton College, Department of Psychobiology, Research Assistant 1986-1987

Harvard Medical School, Department of Urological Research, Laboratory Technician 1985-1986

Harvard Health, Urgent Care, Medical Associate, Practical Nurse, Ortho/Surg Tech, Manager 1982-1995

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Top Cited Article 2008-2010

Boston Latin School, Distinguished Alumna Award (former recipients Bernstein, Kennedy, Fiedler) 2009

The University at Albany, SUNY, CAS Dean Student Mentoring Award 2009

The City of Albany School District, Founder’s Award 2008

The University at Albany, SUNY, Research Excellence Award 2007

Delaware Community School, Volunteer Award 2007

Behavioral Brain Research, Top Reviewer 2007

Research Foundation, Promising Inventor Award 2005

The Society for Neuroscience, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, Educator of the Year 2003

Wheaton College, Young Alumna Achievement Award 1997


NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Drug Abuse 2011

Editorial Board, Frontiers in Experimental Endocrinology 2011

NIH Review Panel: Biobehavioral Regulation, Learning, and Ethology 2011

Veteran’s Affairs: Research Enhancement Program 2010

Veteran’s Affairs: Traumatic Brain Injury Panel 2010

NIH Review Panel: Development of the Parental Brain 2010

National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel Review Panel 2010

NIH Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award Review Panel 2009

NIH Review Panel: International and Cooperative Projects - 1 Study Section 2009-2010

NIH Review Panel: Research Education Program 2008-2010

NIH Review Panel: Fellowships: Brain Disorders and Related Neuroscience 2008-present

NIH Career Opportunities in Research Honors Undergraduate Research Training Panel 2008-2010

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Fellowships: Behavioral Neuroscience 2008-2009

Alzheimer’s Association Reviews 2006-2010

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Minority Undergraduate Biomedical Education Program 2006-2007

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: The CNS as a Target of Steroid Hormones 2005-2006

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Androgens and Aging 2004-2005

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Women’s Health Initiative 2004-2005

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: COBRE 2004-2005

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel: Mechanisms of Stress 2003-2004

NIH Special Emphasis Review Panel - Improving Minority Research Opportunities 2000-2001

American Academy of Neurology, Neuroendocrine Section 2000-present

Biocontinuum Group (Provides Continuing Medical Education to Neurologists) 2004-2009

Editorial Board, Behavioral Pharmacology 2010-present

Editorial Board, J Steroids & Hormonal Sci 2010-present Guest Editor, Special Issue, Physiology and Behavior, 50th Year of Estrogen Receptor 2008-2010

Guest Editor, Special Issue, Physiology and Behavior, Autism & Androgens 2008-2010

Editorial Board, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior 2008-present

Editorial Board, Brain Research 2002-present

Editorial Board, Physiology & Behavior 2001-present

International Pharmacology, Biochemistry, & Behavior Conference, Advisory Board 2003-2008

National Institute of Mental Health, IFCN-4 Study Section 2003-2004

International Steroids & Nervous System Conference, Advisory Board 2002-present

National Institute of Health, Heart, Lung and Blood Study Section 2001-2003

Research Experience for Undergraduate SUNY Summer Program, Co-Founder & Director 2000-2004

North East Under/graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience, Founder & Director 1996-present

Ad hoc Grant Reviewer: (partial list)

Alzheimer’s Association, Burroughs-Welcome Trust, Epilepsy Foundation of America, Department of Veterans Affairs- Center for Integrated Healthcare, The National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel, Neurological Foundation of New Zealand, National Science Foundation and its equivalent agencies in Canada, France, and Switzerland

Ad hoc Reviewer of Publications: (partial list)

Archives of Medical Research, Behavioral Brain Research, Behavioral Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Hormones & Behavior, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Journal of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Psychopharmacology, Psychological Science, Journal of Andrology, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Steroids, Stress

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