TracePro Simulation of Display Systems

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Figure 6 – LCD backlight screen using prisms on the bottom surface to diffuse two flourescent sources upward. The irradiance map shown at left is for the output on the screen above the plastic light pipe.
TracePro simulates unusual system geometry like prismatic structure, faceted reflectors, diffusers and bulk absorption of materials. The most important aspect of TracePro is its ease of use. Typical users learn TracePro from our 50-page tutorial in PDF format within a week. Another important aspect is our complete 3D visualization of the system, bulb geometry, and rays traced showing flux intensity. The program is capable of a complete tabular breakdown of how the energy propagated through the system.
TracePro’s outputs include both the standard 2D and 3D irradiance/illuminance, and iso-candela plots. Further data manipulation is accomplished using simple Windows clipboard commands to cut and paste data to other Windows clipboard-compliant programs like Excel. TracePro is the only program to produce 3D irradiance plots on curved system geometry. The program is also capable of tracking down exact information using tabular incident surface histories and ray propagation path history. The program has a complete flux report detailing the lost, absorbed and incident flux on every surface and object in the system.
Creating 3D source emitters is a simple task. Simply import Radiant Imaging source files or import any photometer created file using our import source file format. We will even write a translator if your source file is not in our 3D format.
igure 7 – Metal Halide Radiant Imaging Source emitting 360 degrees with polar plot shown at right

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