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Rune Songs

Éowyn Amberdrake

Summer 1997 (#123)

The Chiseled Word (history of runes)

Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen

Fall 1989 (#92)

Swedish Rune Stones

Beatrix of Die

Spring 1984 (#70)

The Book of Runes (book review)

Winter 1983 (#69)


SCA and Social Media

Tobias Morgan

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)

Quest Article: Family Matters

Rand Finch

4th Quarter 2013 (#188)

Presentation Pointers

Lachlan Andrew / Lachlan Andrew McGregor

2nd Quarter 2012 (#181)

Disguises: Site Art Coverups

Iseult of Broceliande

1st Quarter 2012 (#181)

Census Results

Ysabeau of Prague

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

The Master William Blackfox Awards

Countess Honor of Restormel

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Medieval Media 101

Guillaume de la Belgique

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Pennsic Chronicle: An Account of a Deed of Arms

Jehan de Pelham

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Quest Article: Pennsic War Stories

Rekon of Saaremaa

4th Quarter 2011 (#180)

Volunteer Coordination

Eden Blacksmith

1st Quarter 2009 (#169)

On Being a Hospitaller, or Welcome to the SCA

Elise Fleming

Fall 2006 (#160)

Our Medieval World in the Media's Eye

Tamara Griggs

Summer 2006 (#159)

On Rules for Feast Menus, or, Why No one Ever Says 'Let Them Eat Tripe'

Daniel C. Phelps

Winter 2006 (#157)

A List of The Shires, Cantons, Colleges, Etc. of the Known World

no author listed

Fall 2005 (#156)

Understanding SCA Law: the Kingdom Seneschal's Challenge

Katie Richardson

Summer 2005 (#155)

Radio Etiquette and Protocol for Estrella War

Larry Baum

Summer 2005 (#155)

Moving the Food Dish

George L Reed

Spring 2005 (#154)

Guide for Newcomers to Retinue

Aline Kevorkian

Spring 2005 (#154)

Recruiting for the SCA

Nikki Lowrey

Winter 2005 (#153)

Known World Toys for Tots Challenge

Adam Hathaway and Jason D. Crawford

Fall 2004 (#152

When Events Go Bad … Really, Really Bad …

Bruce R. Gordon

Summer 2004 (#151)

Academic Conferences: A Primer

Nicolaa De Bracton

Summer 2004 (#149)

Consensus: Getting Things Done in the SCA

Gareth Tancred Wilfrith

Fall 1991 (#100)

How to Register a Complaint in the SCA

Ælflæd of Duckford

Spring 1982 (#62)


TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview with Diana Paxson

Diana Listmaker

4th Quarter 2012 (#184)

TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview with Sharon and David Green

Rima of Rockridge and Ruthven of Rockridge

3rd Quarter 2012 (#183)

TI: It was Ever Thus

TI Staff

2nd Quarter 2012 (#182)

TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview: John and Bjo Trimble

John ap Griffin and Flavia Beatrice Carmignani

1st Quarter 2012 (#181)

Sticks and Stones

Scott Farrell

Winter 2006 (#157)

Travels with Vallawulf

Darryl F. Mallet

Winter 2007 (#157)

A Rebel's View of the An Tir Rebellion, Part II

Emily SD Thompson

Fall 2005 (#156)

A Rebel's View of the An Tir Rebellion

Emily SD Thompson

Summer 2005 (#155)

Sex, Lies and Old Newsletters: So You Want to Write Your Group's History?

Nicolaa de Bracton and Hector of the Black Height

Summer 1996 (#119)

The Dawn of SCA Architecture

by Arlof O'Donovae

Spring 1993 (#106)

A True History of the Twenty-4th Ansteorran Crown Tournament

Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd

Fall 1991 (#100)

On the Continuity of Tradition

Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin

Fall 1991 (#100)

Lately it Occurs to Me

Frederick of Holland

Fall 1991 (#100)

About This "Dream" Business

Timothy Garagchain o'Leitrim

Fall 1991 (#100)

Historic Undertakings (the role of SCA historian)

Summer 1986 (#79)

Clove Lemon: The True Story

Alexandre sur le Mer

Spring 1986 (#78)

View from the Tower: A Brief Look at the Past (SCA beginnings)

Fall 1985 (#75)

Seneschals of the Known World

Spring 1983 (#66)

Lands Across the Water (Drachenwald)

Nige of the Cleftlands

Spring 1981 (#58)

On Creating a Group History

Orlando Ambrosius

Fall 1979 (#52)

Chronicles of the Knowne Worlde

Summer 1974 (#31)

Chronicles of the Knowne Worlde (includes the "Great War" between the East and the Middle; the Eastrealm crown lists; the Feast of St. Andrew; several events in Atenveldt; and the coronation of Robert, Lord Roundpounder)

Brigantia and Alfgar the Sententious

Winter 1974 (#29)


Demystifying the Board

Marguerite inghen Lachlainn and Leonete D'Angely

1st Quarter 2013 (#185)

Gulf Wars Town Hall Meeting Pictures

Jane Falada of Englewood

3rd Quarter 2012 (#183)


Books of Hours

Johnnae Llyn Lewis

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)

SCA and Social Media

Tobias Morgan

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)


Help Newcomers Directory

Ælflæd of Duckford

4th Quarter (#164) 2007

Demo in a Box

Kipp Martines

Fall 2006 (#160)

Equestrian Autocrat Guidelines

David Cadwell and Donna DeBonis

Fall 2006 (#160)

On Being a Hospitaller, or Welcome to the SCA

Elise Fleming

Fall 2006 (#160)

The SCA and Young Children (Four and Under)

Michelle 'Chelle' Martines

Fall 2006 (#160)

The Many Hats of the Minister of Children

Diane Wagner

Spring 2003 (#146)

Soothing the Pains of Change: Group Dynamics and the SCA

Barbarrossa of Westumbria

Summer 1998 (#127)

Suggestions for Chatelains

Alys Katharine

Winter 1991 (#101)

On Being a Local Officer

Gwynfer Lwyd

Spring 1988 (#86)

An Introduction to the Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Winter 1982 (#65)


Photography in the SCA

Ursus of Anglesey

2nd Quarter 2014 (#190)


Rearing Silkworms at Home

Sheri Israel

Summer 2003 (#147)


A Study of Sexuality in the Middle Ages

Orlando Ambrosius

Spring 1982 (#62)

Medieval Contraception

Prisilka od Cerveny Kamen the Sensible

Spring 1982 (#62)

Amorous Protocol for the Current Middle Ages

The Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Guild of Storvik

Spring 1982 (#62)


How to Build an Onager

Constance Fairfax

Spring 2003 (#146)

To Build a Trebuchet

Dyderich Wolfhart

Summer 2002 (#143)

The Trebuchet

Michael of Moria

1972 (#25)


Chironomy, Chirology, Mime, Gesture and Sign Language Documentation of Sign Language from the Middle Ages

Charles Butler

Winter 1999 (#129)

Silent Heraldry (sign language in the SCA)

Thea Gabrielle Northernridge

Spring 1985 (#74)


1973 (#26)


Rearing Silkworms at Homer

Sheri Israel

Summer 2003 (#147)


Soapy Alchemy

Eo Witanagemot of South Woods

Fall 2000 (#136)

Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers

TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview

Fall 1983 (#68)


Working Soapstone for Norse Products

Helm of Birka

Fall 1993 (#72)


A Stone Circle for Glasgow

Duncan Lunan

Winter 1988 (#85)

The Practical Problems of Aligning Standing Stones

Atanielle Unesse

Summer 1985 (#75)

Swedish Rune Stones

Beatrix of Die

Spring 1984 (#70)


Believe in the Power of Stories; the Importance of Storytelling in the SCA and Elsewhere

Robert Seutten

Spring 2003 (#146)

The Art of Telling Stories to SCA Children

Mælon the Sailor

Winter 1997 (#121)

Want to Hear a Good Story? (SCA-generated folktales)

Spring 1989 (#90)

Period Sources for Storytelling

Cariadoc of the Bow

Winter 1986 (#81)

Asian Stories to Read Out Loud

Book review by Lao Xue-sheng

Winter 1986 (#77)



David Clarke

Winter 2004 (#149)


Quest Article: Daytime Shelter at Events

Guest Editor Lachlan Andrew / Lachlan Andrew MacGregor

3rd Quarter 2012 (#184)

The Pavilion Book by John LaTorre

Reviewed by Rufus MacDaniel

1st Quarter 2008 (#165)

Budget Pavilion

Robin Dawman

Spring 2005 (#154)


David Clarke

Winter 2004 (#149)

Steppes to Success, or How to make Your Own Yurt in Seven Easy Steps

Conrad d'Anjou

Spring 2002 (#142)

How to Make an Armoring Pavilion with Dormers

Sofiya "Sofi" Ruriknova Pisarevana Dominique

Spring 1997 (#122)

On the Making of Your Own Pavilion

Eoin Thoirr Dhragoin

Spring 1990 (#94)

Tent Fires

Hawk James Galloway

Summer 1989 (#91)

Two Pavilion Designs

Sigismund Vasa Care

Winter 1979 (#49)

On the Making of a Parachute Into a Pavilion

Andrew of Seldom Rest

Fall 1974 (#32)


Burn Testing Fabrics

Czina Angielczyka

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)

Quest Article: Hints for Fiber Artists

Flavia Carmignani

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)

Recycling Silk for Weaving Projects

Czina Angielczyka

1st Quarter 2014 (#189

Tablet Charting

Cormac Mor

1st Quarter 2014 (#189)

Bomticc Tapestry: Interview with Caroline Polli

Jadwiga Wlodzislawska

3rd Quarter 2012 (#183)

Building and Weaving on a Warp-Weighted Loom: Information and Helpful Hints

Danette Pratt

Summer 2004 (#149)

"Cloth of Gold"

Cassandra of Glastonbury

Summer 2002 (#143)

Growing Flax at Home

Barbara atte Dragon

Winter 2001 (#137)

Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands by Nancy Spies

Book review by Tangwystl verch Morgant Glasvryn

Winter 2001 (#137)

The History and Use of Cotton

Laudin d'Ælinor

Fall 1998 (#128)

Byzantine Silk Weaving, AD 400 to AD 1200 by Anna Muthesius

Book review by Fiadnata ó Glenn Àlainn

Summer 1998 (#127)

Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate by Penelope Walton

Book review by RoseMary Fleury FitzHugh

Fall 1997 (#124)

Floor-standing Band Looms

Ingvild Josefsdatter

Fall 1997 (#124)

A Thirteenth-Century Brocaded Belt

Ingvild Josefsdatter

Fall 1994 (#112)

Weaving Medieval Fabric: Wool Diamond Twills from the 1st to the Twelfth Centuries in Europe

Nicolette Bonhomme

Spring 1993 (#106)

Tabletweaving: History, Techniques, Colors, Patterns by Egon Hansen

Book review by Birgit av Birka

Summer 1992 (#103)

A Tablet Weaving Loom

William the Frogge and Elaine Bel Monte

Summer 1986 (#79)

A Thousand Flowers (millefleurs tapestries)

Beatrix of Die

Spring 1983 (#66)

O! What a Tangled Web We Weave: Tapestry Weaving and History

Alarba Bronwen the Tarquia

Winter 1982 (#65)

Some Relationships Between Medieval Textiles and Clothing

Robert Sartor van Pays-Bas

Fall 1981 (#60)

Spjaldvefnaður: Icelandic Double-Shed Card Weaving

Brynhildr Kormaksdottir

Fall 1978 (#48)

A Note on Single Shed Weaving

Sigismund Wasa Care

Fall 1978 (#48)

Unsung Uses of the Drop Spindle

Branwen of Golden Dawn

Summer 1978 (#47)

A View of Medieval Tapestry

Katherine Ardeth Galesimier


The Warp Weighted Loom -- Part II

Sheen of Ire


The Warp Weighted Loom

Sheen of Ire

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