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1. Are you at risk for BRONJ?

Recognize, minimize Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

A. Navs, C. Firegg, J. Below

2. Stem Cells Hidden Potential in Dentistry

Studies continue to find stem cells in primary and wisdom teeth.

M. Arnold, K. Barkimer

3. Treating Periodontal Disease One Tray at a Time

Our hypothesis states that medicated custom trays provide an alternative nonsurgical TX.

M. Heacock, A. Wells

4. Caries Vaccine- Is It Worth a Shot?

Look for it in near future

A. Salmons, K. Lambright

5. RDH and CSI: A Relationship Worth Identifying

RDH relationship between forensics & DH

Importance of good charting, radiographs, study models and more.

K. Cox, L. Ingram

6. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Risk factors, symptoms, treatment and prevention of CTS.

J. Smith, A. Chorba, A. Miller

7. An ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure

Addressing CAMBRA

B. Williams, L. Albright

8. What’s Living in Your Toothbrush?

Bacteria on your toothbrush and its relationship to your oral & general health.

J. Yaichner, L. Passet

9. Hookah Popularity…Is it Worth the Hype?

Research has shown that smoking the hookah has greater effects on overall & oral health compared to cigarettes.

G. Bambauer, K. Doogs


10. Stem Cells

Can save our children’s future today.

N. Stegnjaaic, L. Pasw,D.Boca, M. Freed

11. Pro Resolving Lipid Mediators

Inflammation resolution

T. Torchinsky, A. Perry

Raymond Walters College

12. The Future of Dental Hygiene

Comparing an ADHP with an Alaskan DH Therapist, Advantages of ADHP

K. Warren, H. Morgan,H. Rader,C. Brennan

13. Sleep Apnea

The RDH has an unique opportunity to help assess OSA

L. Burroughs, E. Powell, S. Miller, K. Russell

14. Tonsil Stones

How to prevent and removal techniques.

S. Davison, M. Covey,L. Moore, N. Reidman, M. Bolling

15. HPV & Oral Cancer: The Link

Link between HPV 16 & Oral Cancer

H. Martz, C. Luckey, M. Crawley, V. Smith

16. Cranberries?

Cranberries exhibit 2 properties, anti-oxidants & anti-adhesives

J. Roelling, M. Bolling, A. Kishigawa, J. Brisbin

17. Consumer Alert!

Ingredients in toothpaste & theme of going green

E. Walling, E. Hanneken, K. Ucker, J. Collins

18. The History of Dental Hygiene

Armamentarium, infection control, radiology through the years

B. Owens, A. Anthony, L. Grubbs, A. Pettigrew

19. Inflammatory Breast Cancer

IBC is different than traditional breast cancer. It has a sudden onset & poor prognosis

R. John, K, Shepherd, L. Drake, C. Deatrick

20. The Hookah

What is it and why so trendy? Many oral manifestations of its use

B. Ellert, M. Biddle, A. Bryant, A. Jones, K. Cordes


21. Give Me Your Best Shot!

Less common inj. Techniques + comparing local anesthetics

J. Richards, A. Rinker, S. Barath, E. Perry

22.Stem Cell Controversy, RIP Tooth Fairy

Use of undifferentiated stem cells in deciduous teeth

C. Ashcraft, A. Dillard, E. Sanders, J. Gorman


23. Understanding Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Raising awareness on this rare genetic disorder

A. Rizzi, R. Pittman, A. Giammarco

24. What Every Woman Needs to Know

How Periodontal Disease effects the fetus

M. LeBeau, E. Faimer

25. Reasons to Obsess About Your Abscess

Risks associated with dental abscesses

S. Kamlowsky, K. Powell, A. Stetz

26. TMJ- Whats Your Disorder?

TMJ-the most complicated joint in the body

Y. Securro,A. Drown, K. Coleman, D. Brenner

Lakeland Community College

27. Autism Patients in the Dental Clinic

Etiology, Diagnosis and treatment for autistic pt.

K. Horvath, R. Richuisa


28. Celiac Disease & Oral Health

The celiac pt. will present with more apthous ulcers and dry mouth. Pts. Cannot consume gluten.

L. Cayton

29. Dental Hygienists’ Role in Orthodontics

Treatment planning for their ortho patients

A. Green, J. King, A. Zamora

30. An Overview of Clefts For the RDH

Cleft lips & cleft palates – how to render care

J. Martin, C. Kuczkowski, B. Fletcher

31. What’s On Your Toothbrush?

Toothbrush contamination

T. Troyer, L. Majka

32. What’s Driving Your Future?

Mobile Dentistry

L. Lockhart, C. Greeno, J. Reichenbach, M. Williams

33. `Xylitol vs. Cavity Creeps

How xylitol prevents caries

L. Hartke, S. Homan,L. Pottkotter, M. Hemmer

34. What’s Buggin’ Your Jaw?

Osteonecrosis & Bisphosphonates

K. Goukeaine, M. Gehret, K. White,B. Fast

35. Detecting Oral Cancer One Brush at a Time

Oral Brush Biopsy

K. Karrick, J. Hatfield, L. Roehm, C. Meyer

36. What’s Lurking on Your Toothbrush

Steps to help eliminate contaminants on toothbrushes

C. Bingley, B. Schwertner, K. Bollenbacher


37. Preventive Dental care: Access Granted

Dental care is the # 1 unmet health need in Ohio

C. Smith, S. Brancato

38. What’s Eating You?

Does Acid Reflux Effect dental health?

A. Walsh, L. Anderson,

39. What’s In Your Bottle?

Detrimental side effects of carbohydrate drinks

E. Duffy, C, McCarty

40. Dental Myths and Fears Busted

Patients who present with anxiety due to a dental fear or myth. The RDH may be able to bust these myths & fears.

H. Maurer, L. Cline

41. Train the Trainer

. Explorers changing the perceptions of oral health care & providing training to health care providers. Ways to overcome barriers to care & current legislation.

N. Raver

42.Little Ones- Big Problems

Early childhood caries is a prevalent, yet preventable disease. Affects children ages 3 and under.

S. Lippile, K. Lehosit


43. Are You Paying Attention to Oral Cancer?

Signs & Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

S. Flinn, J. Cook, J.Beverick,B. Jankulovich


44. Don’t Do the Dew

Mt. Dew & its effects systemically & dentally

A. Furderer, K. Zawodniak

45. Fast Food, Obesity, Inflammation & Persistent Organic Pollutants As They Relate to Periodontics

Obesity, the quality of foods we eat and the chemicals contained in them can be contributing factors.

L, Porter

46. Eco-Dentistry

Dental trade and environmental impact & alternative practices.

E. Clark, K. Highley

47. Side-Effects of Tooth Whitening

Seen on oral tissues and restorations

L. Perkins, N. Pietrantonio

48. Tuberculosis from the lungs to the oral cavity

How it can manifest in the oral cavity

E. Wood, D. Greer

49. Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes & Periodontal Disease

Latest research on how Perio disease can cause pre-term birth & low birth weight babies

S. Wise

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