The Yearling: Chapter 1

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ESOL 150

The Yearling: Chapter 1

1. Describe Jody.

2. Describe Ma.

3. Describe Pa. What is his real name? What is his nickname? Why?

4. Who is old Slewfoot?

5. Why doesn’t Penny want Jody to work too much?

6. Why isn’t Ma close to Jody?

7. What is special about the full moon in April?

8. How long was Pa gone in the war?

The Yearling: Chapter 2

1. Why was old Julia barking?

2. How did old Slewfoot get his name?

3. Why does Penny hate bears?

4. Why is Ma worried about food?

5. Is Perk a good hunting dog? Why or why not?

6. Why didn’t Pa kill old Slewfoot? What happened to his gun?

The Yearling: Chapter 3

1. Who are the Forresters? Describe them.

2. How will Pa get another gun?

3. Who is Fodder-wing? Describe him.

4. What noise wakes up Jody during the night? What do the Forresters do after that?

5. Why was Lem angry with Jody?

The Yearling: Chapter 4

1. Why does Jody want a pet?

2. Why doesn’t Ma want Jody to have a pet?

3. Explain Ma’s comment on p. 17:

Jody: “I want something that wants me, too.”

Ma: “You’ll never find it. Not from any animal and not from any man.”

4. How does Jody feel about shooting the buck?

5. What gift does Mr. Boyles give to Jody? Why?

6. Why does Jody have to return the gift?

7. Describe Grandma Hutto.

The Yearling: Ch. 5

1. Who comes to visit Grandma Hutto? Where has he been?

2. What does Oliver give Jody?

3. Why does Oliver fight the Forresters?

4. Who do Penny and Jody help? Why?

5. What happened to Jody in the fight?

The Yearling: Ch. 6

1. Who took the Baxter’s hogs? Why?

2. What happens to Penny?

3. Why does Penny shoot the doe?

4. Why does Jody go to the Forrester’s? Why is he worried?

5. Explain this sentence by Mill-wheel: “I help dogs when a rattlesnake bites them. Don’t thank me.”

6. Describe how Penny looks when Jody gets home.

7. Why is Jody worried?

The Yearling: Ch. 7

1. Why can’t Pa work the farm?

2. Who will plant the corn? Why?

3. Why does Pa agree to let Jody find the fawn?

4. What will the fawn eat?

5. How does Mill-wheel know the hogs will be returned?

6. Why did Jody want to find the fawn by himself?

The Yearling: Ch. 8

1. Why does the fawn follow Jody?

2. How does Ma feel about the fawn? How do you know? What does she say?

3. What did Pa say to Ma about the fawn?

4. How will Jody name the new fawn?

5. How does Jody feel about his new pet?

The Yearling: Ch. 9

1. What was eating the corn? How do Buck and Jody fix the problem?

2. What else does Buck shoot? Why?

3. Where will the fawn sleep from now on? Why?

The Yearling: Ch. 10

1. What season is it now?

2. What kind of trouble does the fawn get into?

3. What does Ma think of the fawn? What does Jody say?

4. Why does Jody want to visit Fodder-wing?

5. When Pa says, “Don’t try to carry full pots. A yearling isn’t as strong as a buck,”

(p. 52), who is the yearling? Who is the buck?
6. What happens to Fodder-wing?
7. What does Jody learn about death? Explain this sentence from p. 54: “Death was a silence and it gave back no answer.”
8. What name did Fodder-wing give the fawn? Why?
9. Why was Jody’s heart full of happiness and sadness?
The Yearling: Ch. 11

1. What season is it? What is the weather like?

2. What problems does Flag cause?
3. What problems does Lem Forrester cause?
4. What problems does old Slewfoot cause?
5. Why are the Baxters happy in December?
6. What happens to the new calf?
7. Will Penny go to Volusia for Christmas? Why or why not? How does Ma Baxter feel about that?

The Yearling: Ch. 12

1. What happens to old Slewfoot?

2. What does Penny give the Forresters? Why?

3. How do they move Slewfoot?

4. How does Buck scare some people in Volusia?

5. Describe the party in Volusia.

6. How do the Forresters behave at the party?

The Yearling: Ch. 13

1. What happens to Grandma Hutto’s house? Who do Penny and Jody think did it?

2. What does Grandma Hutto say caused the fire? Do you believe her?

Why or why not?

3. Why were Oliver and Twink in Volusia?

4. Where does Grandma Hutto want to move to? Why does Oliver like that idea?

The Yearling: Ch. 14

1. How old is Flag now? What happens to deer of that age?

2. What problems does Flag cause?

3. What happens to the Baxter’s corn crop?

4. What does Pa tell Jody to do with Flag?

5. What does Jody do next?

6. Explain what Penny means when he says (p. 70), “You aren’t a yearling now. Life isn’t easy, Jody. I wanted life to be easy for you. I wanted you to have fun with your yearling. But, in the end, every man is alone. When he’s knocked down he as to get up.”

7. How does the story end?

8. What did you think of the story? What parts did you like? What parts didn’t you like?

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