The Wiki Game The Objective of the game

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The Wiki Game

The Objective of the game:

Pupil start on the same randomly selected article (using the link provided) and must navigate to the final article (home) only clicking on links within the articles.

The goal is to arrive at the final article in the fewest number of clicks (articles) or the least time.

The 7 Golden Rules:

Any player breaking these rules automatically forfeits the game!

  1. DO NOT use the Wiki search box.

  2. DO NOT use any of the links outside of the page box.

  3. DO NOT visit external websites. You must only use Wikipedia.

  4. DO NOT use the backspace or back arrow to return to a previous page.

  5. DO NOT click on dates e.g. 2001

  6. DO NOT edit any Wikipedia page.

  7. DO NOT use countries, states, or cities e.g. UK or United States.

Let the games commence!

Random Link Selector: Random Article

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