The Sodium/Sulfur-Balance in a Pulp Mill

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FPIRC Focus Course

The Sodium/Sulfur-Balance in a Pulp Mill

FPIRC # 20
In co-operation with:

Division, Department, and University:

Pulp Technology,
Chemical Engineering,
Karlstad University (KaU), Karlstad
Course description/Content: The course is of overview type and consists of class room lectures, computer simulations, an assignment carried out together with team colleagues, a mill visit and a final written examination.

  • Overview, pulp mill, models

  • Kraft cooking, washing, oxygen delignification, bleaching

  • The recovery boiler and its chemistry

  • LignoBoost

  • White liquor oxidation

  • Chlorine dioxide generation

  • Odor destruction, Cross recovery

  • Integration with a cellulose textile mill

  • Mass balance models, examples

  • A model assignment

  • Presentation of the assignments

  • Visit to a pulp mill

  • Visit to a LignoBoost pilot plant

Learning objectives: The student will after the course have a good knowledge about process changes that affect the sodium/sulfur balance. He/she will also be able to make simulations of how much a process change will influence the sodium/sulfur balance for a given mill. The student will finally have a better general understanding of the existing process chemistry in a pulp mill.


Contributors: Prof. Ulf Germgård, Karlstad University; Senior specialist Maria Björk, Stora Enso; Process consultant Hans Arne, Aprocon; Process consultant Hans Magnusson, consultant; Product mangager Kalle Pelin, Akzo Nobel; PhD Henrik Wallmo, Metso Power; M.Sc. Per Tomani, Innventia; M.Sc. Robin Ivarsson, Nordic Paper.

Literature/Course material: Reprints from journals and dissertations, handouts etc

Contact person/Course co-ordinator: Prof. Ulf Germgård, Karlstad University, phone +46 (0)54-700 17 80, fax +46 (0)54-700 20 40, e-mail:

Type: Lectures, one assignment, and a mill visit

ECTS: 4.5

Examination: Oral presentation of assignment, written assignment and written examination

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