The practice of public water fluoridation continues to

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This document outlines a proposal for which 6 businesses are sought to cooperate in having (Town Name) achieve fluoride free status as part of Ireland’s national Fluoride Free Towns Movement.


(Town Name) Fluoride Free is a community empowerment project being set up to enhance both local and national public health and to assist other individuals and organisations around the country who are collectively working together to reverse the practice of public water fluoridation in Ireland.


Ireland is the only country within the EU to maintain a mandatory public water fluoridation policy with no other European Government doing so due to health, environmental, legal or ethical concerns. Despite widespread opposition to the practice, in 2014 public water fluoridation still receives official sanction from the Irish Government. As far back as 2001 Fine Gael publicly raised serious health concerns over the practice and promised to reverse legislation if elected to power. Current political parties opposed include Fianna Fail who passed an anti-fluoride motion at their Ard Fheis in 2014, Sinn Fein, The Green’s and the majority of other political parties in the State including most Independents all support the cessation of water fluoridation in Ireland. Along with half a dozen Town Councils before being abolished, Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Laois County Council, Dublin City Council and Kerry County Council have all adopted positions calling on the Government to immediately scrap the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Act 1960 in 2014 due to safety concerns.

The practice of public water fluoridation continues to:

1 - Inflict widespread cosmetic and structural damage (dental fluorosis) to the teeth of hundreds of thousands of people which violates Irish citizens’ fundamental rights to bodily integrity which is enshrined in the Irish Constitution and protected by international human rights. One of the conditions for a constitutional challenge being struck out against the policy in 1964 was that fluorosis (cosmetic and structural damage to teeth) or any other adverse health effect would not be inflicted on the population. Senior members of The Expert Body and the IDA (Irish Dental Association) in 2012 published figures estimating tens of thousands of children throughout the State suffering from cosmetic and structural damage (fluorosis) to their teeth as a result of the policy but have failed to advise the Minister or the Department of Health to immediately scrap the Health (fluoridation of water supplies) Act 1960.

2 - Result in the involuntary and indiscriminate medication of the Irish population without consent which is explicitly prohibited under international human rights to which the Irish State is party.

3 – Causes all Irish food and drinks products made with mains water to be contaminated with an internationally recognised neurotoxin / endocrine disruptor / biocidal product therefore and by default rendering food and drinks products as dangerous, unlicensed medicinal products that contribute to the occurrence of widespread cosmetic damage (fluorosis) throughout the Republic and inadvertently causes all Irish food and drinks products to violate European Food, Medicinal and Biocidal products legislation.


Fluoride or hydroflurosilicic acid has been banned as a Biocidal product within the EU and Ireland due to a lack toxicological data available to show it is safe for human consumption. Fluoride is also an internationally recognised neurotoxin and was classified by the NRC (National Research Council) in 2006 as an endocrine disruptor. The dosing of public water commenced in Ireland in 1964 on the basis that no adverse health effects would result yet in 2012 the IDA (Irish Dental Association) reported 38% of 15 year olds in the State suffer from cosmetic damage (dental fluorosis). For anyone questioning the accuracy of this statement, please ask your local dentist whether any of their patients suffer from fluorosis.

Fluoride is also being linked by experts and organisations around the world to Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Bone Fracture, Brain Effects, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Endocrine Disruption, Gastrointestinal Effects, Hypersensitivity, Kidney Disease, Male Infertility, Pineal Gland dysfunction, Skeletal Fluorosis, Thyroid Disease and Acute Toxicity. Indeed under Minister of Health Yael German’s tenure and direction, Israel in 2014 reversed their mandatory water fluoridation of which she’s publicly stated, "It must be known that fluoridation can cause harm to the health of the chronically ill and pregnant women” and she also argued that only 2% of water is used for drinking by the population, with the rest used for dishwashing, bathing, industry and other uses.

In addition to not one other European Government maintaining a similar policy, incredibly 14 Nobel Laureates have warned of the negative health impacts of fluoridation backed up by scientific, medical and government authorities worldwide who disagree and object to water fluoridation. The USA union of scientists and toxicologists representing some 2000 professionals also remain opposed to it on health grounds.

Breaching fundamental rights to bodily / physical integrity which is enshrined in the Irish Constitution and protected by international human rights, The Health Act 1960 is to be considered illegal and documents received from officials purporting to reassure public concerns over the practice by stating fluoridation as safe and effective and that no known adverse health effects will result as a result of ingesting Irish fluoridated water should be considered void and rejected.


(Town Name) Fluoride Free has been set up under the auspices of the national Fluoride Free Towns Movement. The FFT philosophy seeks to engage all concerned within a given community including parents, children, community activists, students, business owners, doctors, dentists and local political representatives and anyone involved is requested to cooperate with all concerned in a positive and proactive manner which will allow the project to achieve success and ultimately contribute to enhanced local and national public health.

A corner stone of this national project is convincing local businesses to install reverse osmosis filtration therefore enabling them to sell safe fluoride free food and beverage products made on their premises to their customers. Participating businesses can include creches, schools, cafés, restaurants, coffeec vendors, bars salons, B & B’s etc.
Earlier in 2014 two towns in West Cork achieved fluoride free status with at least 6 businesses in each town becoming fluoride free. These local actions have largely contributed to Co Cork this year leading the national effort to have reversed, the Republic’s outdated and dangerous fluoridation policy. Evident from Bantry, Macroom, Kinsale, Cobh, Cork County Council and Cork City Council all passing motions calling for an end to water fluoridation and also backed up by Wicklow and Balbriggan, Laois CC, Dublin CC and Kerry CC. At one stage earlier in 2014, an independent international expert review was even announced by the Government but unfortunately this was just a another pre-election promise and was subsequently reneged on.
It’s worth noting in addition to 5 major Councils calling for an end to water fluoridation in 2014, 11 Councils and up to 40 previously abolished Town Council’s since 2001 have called for an end to public water fluoridation which results in the country’s public water supplies and entire food chain being used as vehicles to illegally medicate millions of Irish citizens without their consent.
The (Town Name) Fluoride Free Project therefore seeks to support the national effort by pariticipating in the Fluoride Free Towns Movement.
For further info on how to help a town acquire fluoride free status, please view the link


Reverse Osmosis water filters can be installed in a business in approximately 2 hours. Most of the businesses that have taken the decision to use clean safe water in their businesses have had a “light commercial unit” installed which caters for both the increased demand a business would have due to food and drinks preparation and that of commercial counter top coffee machines. This is facilitated by a filtered water tap being fitted at the side of a sink and a second filtered water line connected to the coffee machine. Included in this standard package if required is a pressure vessel which mitigates the delay time between coffee machine requirement and filter pump activation. This is a achieved through the pressure vessel storing up to 12 litres of pressurised water which is always ready and on demand.
Reverse osmosis systems have a wastewater factor of approximately 70%. For a medium sized café or restaurant, if 50 litres per day was used in the production of food and coffees, there would possibly be over 100 litres of wastewater. At current commercial water rates of around €1.00 per thousand litres, the extra cost associated with the use of reverse osmosis might work out at around €0.10 per day. This extra cost however is mitigated by prolonging the lifetime of the heater element and other components of the commercial coffee machine through the prevention of build up of calcium and other unwanted deposits. Overall daily potable requirement is likely to be 10 to 20 times less than what’s used for dishwashers, toilets etc. To see other benefits, please see the list below. If after viewing these benefits and those below, one is still concerned about the issue of waste water, it’s worth considering CER (Irish Commission for Energy Regulation) in 2013 estimated estimate nearly half of the country’s public water supplies are lost through leakage, therefore a small amount of waste water incurred as a result of reverse osmosis is easily outweighed by all the benefits.

The light commercial system that has been installed operates at just over 1 liter per minute and therefore some of the businesses that use water for food preparation and drinking, the daily planning of storage has been required, i.e. one 20 litre container could be kept topped up during the course of a working day.

The light commercial unit is approximately 18inches by 18 inches by 12 inches and easily installed below draining boards or counters etc.


Installed Light commercial units €650.00 – €750.00 which breaks down at less than €14.00 per week.


  • Ensures safe clean water for all food and drinks made on premises

  • Removes fluoride and subsequently lowers customer exposure to this dangerous endocrine disruptor / biocidal product / neurotoxin which continues to inflict widespread cosmetic and structural damage (fluorosis) to the teeth of hundreds of thousands of citizens around the country and other potential adverse health effects

  • Removes all total dissolved solids (TDS) therefore removing the risk posed to customers through their bodies being used as human filters

  • Ensures businesses can remain open if boil water notices are put in place by the Council

  • Ensures the highest quality coffees and teas by removing chlorine  ~ Some top quality coffee roasters do not sell their coffee to outlets that do not install reverse osmosis units for these same reasons

  • Increases awareness of the issue to citizens in your region

  • Increases custom for businesses who will agree to support the local initiative by having news of the achievement published on social media with immediate viewing to over 30k users and press releases sent out to regional and national outlets

  • Puts (Your Town) on the map as place that will no longer accept the archaic imposition of an outdated and dangerous public health policy and a region that is taking action improve local public health

  • Proprietors can be proud they are selling the highest quality food and drinks products that adhere to Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 to which all Irish food and drinks products made with fluoridated water are in violation of

  • Can avail of fluoride free business stickers coming soon and be proud to be part of a growing movement which will no doubt play a major part in having Ireland’s mandatory water fluoridation policy reversed


The Fish Kitchen Bantry

“Bantry becoming Ireland's first town to be awarded fluoride free status is a great achievement and shows that the businesses involved in obtaining this honour are respecting their customers by offering them safe fluoride free drinking water. With many businesses in West Cork planning to follow suit by installing reverse osmosis filters this is only the beginning of a national campaign that without question will be a positive move towards improving public health.” - Diarmaid Murphy of The Fish Kitchen

Organico Shop and Café Bantry

“We are very excited to now be cooking and making drinks with delicious, pure fluoride free water. Of course we are unhappy that this costly step has been necessary but Organico’s customers are delighted and the feedback is incredibly positive. There is huge public health concern over Ireland’s mandatory water fluoridation and hopefully more and more businesses will come onboard the Fluoride Free campaign.” - Hannah Dare of Organico shop and café

Trawl & Trend Café and Tapas Bar Bantry

“Our customers are loving our new fluoride and chlorine free water to which we add rosemary to make it extra special. It has made a serious difference to our coffee and is a business move I’d highly recommend.” – Gareth Murphy of Trawl & Trend

The Lettercollum Kitchen Project Clonakilty

“We appreciate the work that the Fluoride Free team have done to highlight the campaign for a fluoride free Ireland which will improve the quality of water for everyone. We have our own well water in Timoleague so we have always noticed a big difference with the town water. The RO filter now means that we don’t have to cart our water in and out of town to drink and can make food with clean water and enjoy a tastier chemical free coffee.”

“Going fluoride free by using a reverse osmosis filter means that we don’t have to smell the town water every time that we open the tap. We’re happy that we can be confident of the quality of the food we cook and coffee that we serve. Our customers have noticed and enjoy the improved the flavour of the tea and coffee that we make.” Con McLoughlin & Karen Austin of The Lettercollum Kitchen Project
Coffee Mezzo Clonakilty

“The town water tastes terrible. That’s the reason we initially got the RO filter. The added benefit is that all our teas and coffees are now made using fluoride free water.” – Shane Kelleher of Coffee Mezzo

Fernhill House Hotel Clonakilty

Run by the O'Neill family in Clonakilty and is possibly one of Ireland’s first Fluoride Free hotels. They source their water from their own well. Michael O'Neill has supported the Fluoride Free Towns initiative from the very beginning and stated that they changed from the mains to well water due to health concerns.

The Winery Clonakilty

“The public have noticed that our coffee and tea taste much better. They are very aware of the difference.” – Aidan Harte of The Winery

Betty Brosnans Clonakilty

“In June of this year I installed a set of reverse osmosis filters to my cafes water supply to remove all fluoride from our drinking water. We now use filtered water for the coffee machine, boiler and all our cooking and drinking requirements. I must confess to being sceptical about the efficiency of the system prior to installation but was pleasantly surprised by the instant results. From a taste point of view, our teas and coffees were nicer using the filtered water. We received quite a few positive comments from customers and also were pleasantly surprised by the substantial media coverage we received as a result of the fluoride free status. The installation of the filters has been nothing but positive for my business and I would highly recommend it.” - Steve Clery of Betty Brosnans

The Sticky Bun Clonakilty

The proprietor Kay Burke ensured that all her water goes through a Reverse Osmosis filter before she even opened her doors.

Jagged Edge Hair Salon installed a reverse osmosis filter, not only for their customers but so their staff could enjoy fluoride free water in their beverages.


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