The college of dental surgeons of hong kong

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香 港 牙 科 醫 學 院

(Incorporated with Limited Liability)
A Constituent College of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

CME Accreditation Application Form

(By fax or e-mail only)

Part 1: Details of Applicant:

Name of Applicant:

Company Name (if applicable):

Corresponding Address:

Telephone No.:

Fax No.:

Date of Application:

E-mail Address:

Part 2: Details of Event:

Name of Organization(s)

Title of Course/Programme:


(CV to be attached)

Date(s) of Event:



Please indicate in the box(es) below with “√ ” which CME/CPD Programme to be applied:

 CDSHK CME/CPD Programme

 DCHK CPD Programme *if the organizer is not one of the pre-approved DCHK CPD programme provider, the event must be a co-organized programme, otherwise it will not be considered.


Commencing from January 1, 2011, Commercial Companies are encouraged to organize events in partnership with any one of the Programme Providers pre-approved by CDSHK. Both CDSHK CME/CPD points and DCHK CPD points will be accredited for their partnership efforts. Application for Pre-approval is still necessary for their jointly organized event; please enclose a crossed cheque of HK$3,000 (new scale is effective from March 13, 2013) made payable to “The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong” towards the administration charges. Acknowledgement of receipt for the administration fee will only be issued once the cheque is cleared.

Commercial Companies are required to submit a confirmation letter issued by co-organizers (who must be one of the pre-approved programme providers). A programme flyer or leaflet must also be submitted with available for our information.

Likewise, local Study Groups or Peer Review Groups are encouraged to organize meetings in partnership with any one of the Programme Providers pre-approved by CDSHK.

Other than those meetings, local or overseas, that have been pre-approved by CDSHK, all applications for accreditation must reach the College Secretariat at least 7 working days before the events.

Retrospective applications for accreditation of events are discouraged; as such applications may not be processed.

Rm.902, HKAM Jockey Club Building, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, HK

Tel: 2871-8866 Fax: 2873-6731 E-mail:

*** E-mail address for CME matters : ***

Version : March 2013

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