The Captain’s shirt story

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9 Hold the boat firmly in one hand, while using the other to carefully tease out the point that lies behind the wide band folded in step 8. Keep pulling the point out until you can flatten the model once more. Repeat at the other end, and you’ll have the finished boat.

Now to the story…

You can tell the story as elaborately as you like, focusing on tenses, sea-related vocabulary (animals, weather…), physical description (of the Captain, other sailors…) – you name it! Essentially, it goes like this:
There was once a sea captain, who, not being very clever, decided to set sail in a boat made of paper. Not that anyone could talk him out of it – as you can imagine, he was old, he thought he knew everything, and to tell the truth, he was a bit stubborn. No sooner had the first signs of a storm come up than he began to get worried. His fears proved justified when lightning struck the prow of the boat and tore it off.

At this point, you hold the boat tightly in one hand and tear off one end. Tear in a circular motion from halfway along the upper deck around the lower corner of the boat.

The sea was very rough, the waves 10 meters high! Clouds were thick, and loud thunder crashed in the sky. More lightning struck the boat, and the distressed captain watched in tears as the stern was destroyed…”

Tear off the other end of the boat in the same way.

“…Then with a loud crash the mast and sails were torn down by the wind. Now the boat was helpless, all the sailors in danger. No island in sight! No other boats on the horizon to help them! And sharks are coming!! What will happen to them? ”

Tear off the remaining point in a circular motion beginning halfway along the edge of the sail.

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