Thank you for your valuable comments

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Answers to reviewers
Reviwer 1

Thank you for your valuable comments.

1) The average follow-up time (average 3.7±0.7 years) was mentioned in both the abstract and text.

2) Only one CT machine, which was calibrated daily was used for this study. Therefore, these results are repeatable. Also, each CT machine is able to measure the bone density by a special tool included in the CT machine in HU units.

3) Only the first author, Dr Turkyilmaz, who has been dealing with CT machines and bone density measurements for 7 years, performed all bone density measurements. The rectangular area was determined according to the size of the implants. The local bone density of a specific implant dimension at a specific section on the CT view is repeatable.

4) The description of the implantation procedure was shortened.

5) The results section on younger-older patients was removed from the text as requested.

6) Implants only failed before prosthesis delivery were included in this study to eliminate the effect of prosthesis design. Therefore, no relationship can be presented between the type of the prosthesis and implant success in this retrospective study.

7) Table 1 and 2 were combined as requested. F/M ratio has already been mentioned in the last paragraph of the results section.

8) Figure 1a and 2 were deleted.

9) If all data in the figures 3-5 were presented in one table, it would be much more confusing. Therefore, we left unchanged them but if this reviewer really requests a new table, we can provide that.

10) The discussion section was shortened.

11) The first conclusion was rephrased and the second one was deleted.
Reviewer 2

Thank you for your valuable comments.

1) Bone density was replaced by local bone density.

2) ‘Implant stability measurements’ was replaced by ‘resonance frequency analysis measurements.’

‘As implant stability parameters were used insertion torque and resonance frequency analysis’ was inserted as a third sentence.

3) Smoking was not an exclusion criterium as you mentioned. A paragraph about smoking was added into the discussion section.

4) A paragraph about laser Doppler flowmetry was inserted in the discussion section.

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