Texas Man Gets First Full Face Transplant in U. S

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“Texas Man Gets First Full Face Transplant in U.S.” The Associated Press

Dallas Wiens is a normal 25 year old Texan, with a three year old daughter and everything else. The only difference is that he suffered from a huge accident which left his face almost completely burned off. He is the third person to get a face transplant, after a unknown man and Connie Culp. This was a safe operation which had been performed world wide, but it was still a big step forward in American medicine.

I was curious to find out more about who Connie Culp was. She was a very pretty woman who got shot in the face by her husband outside of a bar in 2004. She was lucky to have survived, but her face was a total mess, and she said she “scared kids” when she walked out the door. She had an interview about her experience of having to change her whole appearance, and I found it very inspiring and life changing. I also found the report on Isabelle Dinoire, the woman who transplanted her face in France. She had a ironic story of how her face got ruined. Apparently she tried to commit suicide by overdosing herself with sleeping pills. Her Labrador, at seeing that her owner would not wake up, got frantic and clawed and chewed Isabelle’s face of. These are some additional cases about other face transplants.

When a person suffers from a life changing accident, they can greatly suffer from depression as a result of that change. Imagine how horrible and frightful it must be to look at yourself in a mirror, and not be able to recognize the person looking back at you. It must be horrible to walk outside of your house, and for people to stare, and be frightened of your disfigured face. That is why I agree that it is a good idea to have facial transplants for those who were so unfortunate to have lost their faces.some may debate that it is unnecessary, that people should accept who they are, instead of transplanting their faces. They belief that it is an pointless operation that cost too much money which could instead help the economy. I disagree because I think these people should be given a second chance. Most of the times these accidents do not occur on the victims behalf, they are usually a situation that got out of hand do to someone else or simply an accident. Either way the victims are sometimes left, blinded, paralyzed and without facial feature, they have to suffer everyday from the consequences of that one bad moment, that one second that ruined their lives. I think these people should be given the opportunity to get their lives back, an help themselves to be happy again. Dallas Wiens is a father. Due to his accidents, he will never be able to see her daughter grow- up to be a beautiful and independent girl, because the accident blinded him. the least he can get is the joy of hearing his daughter tell him that he looks handsome. Because of the operation, Dallas was able to improve his life for his family and himself. This is why I believe that it is very important and worthwhile to have face transplants, because it gives people a chance to love themselves again.

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