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  1. Write any two ways of energy flow through an ecosystem.

  2. Differentiate between biodegradable and non biodegradable with respect to the effect of biological processes on them and the way they affect our environment.

  3. Which level shows the maximum biological magnification? Why?

  1. Why is pond self-sustaining unit while an aquarium may not be? Justify the answer.

  2. Arrange grasshopper, frog, grass, eagle and snake in the form of food chain.

  3. If 1000 KJ energy is available at producer level, how much energy will be available at first carnival level?

  4. Why do most food chains have 3-5 steps only?

  5. Select the biodegradable items from the list given blow-

Polythene bags, old clothes, wilted flowers, pencil shavings, glass bangles, bronze statue, vegetable peels.

  1. What will be impact on ecosystem if bacteria and fungi are removed from the Environment?

  2. Express your feelings on the picture given down below. What will happen if all?

Carnivores are eliminated from the environment? What measures will you take to save?


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