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Studio Max Wedding Contract.

Studio Max Hair and Beauty

780 948 0085

Wedding Contract
Bride’s Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________

Wedding Date: __________________________________________

email: _________________________________________________

Time of Wedding: ________

Appointment Start time: _________ Approx finish time: ________

Continental Breakfast: YES / NO

Make-up: YES / NO # of people: ________
Wedding Party Names:

1. ______________________ 7. ______________________

2. ______________________ 8. ______________________

3. ______________________ 9. ______________________

4. ______________________ 10. _____________________

5. ______________________ 11. _____________________

6. ______________________ 12. _____________________
Special Request’s. i.e., theme wedding.



Bridal updo $75 +

Bridal Trial $50 +

Bridesmaid updo $60 +

Flower girl updo $25+

Flower girl Style $15 +

Style $40 +

Wash and Blow dry $35 +

Make-up by Jennifer Gjerstein - Jack’d Up Makeup Artistry

Make-up $60

Trial $30

False Eyelashes $10

Continental Breakfast.

To help you relax the morning of your big day, our salon will be happy to provide a continental breakfast.

I.e.: Bagels, Croissants, fruit tray, cheese, jam,

Coffee, Tea and Juice.

Charge of $5 per head.
Non-refundable deposit.

To hold your appointment time we require a $20 deposit per head.

This is due 1 month prior to your wedding day.

If you are wearing a veil or any kind of head piece please bring it with you to your appointment.

Please come with clean dry hair, do not use a flat iron/curling iron prior to your service. Straightened hair can not be curled properly, we will need to wash and dry your hair before beginning your service. This will then be an extra charge.

We suggest washing your hair the day before, as your hair could be too soft to put up if it is freshly washed that morning.

Wear a button up shirt that can easily be taken off as to not disrupt your finished style.

We suggest booking your colour or cut appointments 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day.

Thank you for choosing Studio Max to help make your day special!
Booked by:

Date Booked:

Deposit :

Date deposit due:

If you have any questions or concern’s please feel free to call the salon at 780 948 0085 or e-mail

Studio Max Hair and Beauty

Wedding Contract (Salon copy.)

Bride’s Name:_______________________________________

Wedding Date:_______________________________________

Phone Number:______________________________________


Time of Wedding:____________________________________

Appointment Start time:_______ Approx finish time:________

Continental Breakfast: YES / NO

Make-up: YES / NO # of people:________________________
Wedding Party Names












Special Request’s. i.e. theme wedding.

Booked by:_______________________ Date: _______________________

Deposit:________ Date Due:_________ Received by:_________________

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