Studies identified in the literature search that were rejected A. Rejected after initial examination of study titles and abstracts

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A.2 Chest radiography, but not dealing with acute lower respiratory infection

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A.3 Chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infection, but in newborn nurseries

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A.4 Chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infection, but involving adults only

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B. Rejected after further examination of the full study report

B.1 All participants did not have acute lower respiratory infection

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B.2 Not a study of observer agreement

Razavi M, Sayre JW, Taira RK, Simons M, Huang HK, Chuang KS, Rahbar G, Kangarloo H: Receiver-operating-characteristic study of chest radiographs in children: digital hard-copy film vs 2K x 2K soft-copy images. Am J Roentgenol 1992 Feb;158(2):443-8

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B.3 Chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infection, but no separate data for children

Franken EA Jr: Bias and "overcall" in interpreting chest radiographs in young febrile children. Invest Radiol 1994; 29: 253-5

B.4 Chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infection, but in newborn nurseries

Bloomfield FH, Teele RL, Voss M, Knight DB, Harding JE: Inter- and intra-observer variability in the assessment of atelectasis and consolidation in neonatal chest radiographs. Pediatr Radiol 1999; 29: 459-62

B.5 Chest radiography of acute lower respiratory infection, but involving adults only

Shaw NJ, Hendry M, Eden OB: Inter-observer variation in interpretation of chest X-rays. Scott Med J 1990; 35: 140-1
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