Storage and Retrieval

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Reasons we forget

Encoding Failure – we didn’t pay attention or rehearse it.

Storage Failure – memories that aren’t rehearsed are lost

Ebinghaus curve – over 50% of what we learn is quickly forgotten (if not rehearsed), but the remainder sticks for a long time.

Retrieval Failure – an inability to “locate” memories. Creates a “tip of the tongue” phenomenon.

Proactive interference – (“forward-acting”) when old memories interferes with new memories.

Retroactive interference – (“backward-acting”) when new memories interfere with old memories.

Repression (motivated forgetting) – forgetting things we don’t want to remember.

Misinformation effect – we tend to incorporate misleading information into our memories.

Source Amnesia – misattributing the source of information

We create false memories, too (memory construction)

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