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IS: Personnel Requirements

The AMO functions shall be subdivided under individual managers or combined in any number of ways, dependent upon the size of the AMO.

The AMO shall have, dependent upon the extent of approval, the following:

      1. A base maintenance manager.

      2. A line maintenance manager.

      3. A workshop manager and a quality manager, all of whom should report to the accountable manager.

Note: In small AMOs, one or more of the above positions may be combined subject to approval by the Authority.

The Accountable Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that all necessary resources are available to accomplish maintenance required to support the AMO's approval.

The Base Maintenance Manager shall be responsible for:

      1. Ensuring that all maintenance required to be carried out in the hangar, plus any defect rectification carried out during base maintenance, is carried out to specified design and quality standards; and

      2. Any corrective action resulting from quality compliance monitoring.

The Line Maintenance Manager shall be responsible for:

      1. Ensuring that all maintenance required to be carried out on the line, including line defect rectification, is performed to the required standards; and

      2. Any corrective action resulting from quality compliance monitoring.

The Workshop Manager shall be responsible for:

      1. Ensuring that all work on aircraft components is performed to required standards; and

      2. Any corrective action resulting from quality compliance monitoring.

The Quality Manager shall be responsible for:

      1. Monitoring the AMO's compliance with Part 6; and

      2. Requesting remedial action as necessary by the base maintenance manager/line maintenance manager/workshop manager or the accountable manager, as appropriate.

The AMO may adopt any title for managerial positions, but shall identify to the Authority the titles and persons chosen to carry out these functions.

Where an AMO chooses to appoint managers for all or any combination of the identified functions because of the size of the undertaking, these managers shall report ultimately through either the Base Maintenance Manager or Line Maintenance Manager or Workshop Manager or Quality Manager, as appropriate, to the accountable manager.

The managers specified in this subsection shall be identified and their credentials submitted to the Authority. To be accepted, such managers shall have relevant knowledge and satisfactory experience related to aircraft/aircraft component maintenance as appropriate in accordance with these regulations.

Note: Certifying staff may report to any of the managers specified depending upon which type of control the AMO uses (for example, licensed engineers, independent inspection/dual function supervisors, etc.) so long as the quality compliance monitoring staff remain independent.

The AMO shall have a production man-hours plan showing that it has sufficient man-hours for the intended work.

If an AMO is approved for base maintenance, the plan shall relate to the aircraft hangar visit plan.

Man-hour plans shall regularly be updated.

Note: Work performed on any aircraft registered outside [STATE] should be taken into account where it impacts upon the production man-hours plan.

Quality monitoring compliance function man-hours shall be sufficient to meet the requirement of

Planners, mechanics, supervisors and certifying staff shall be assessed for competence by "on the job" evaluation or by examination relevant to their particular role within the AMO before unsupervised work is permitted.

To assist in the assessment of competence, job descriptions are recommended for each position. The assessment shall establish that:

      1. Planners are able to interpret maintenance requirements into maintenance tasks, and have an appreciation that they have no authority to deviate from the aircraft maintenance programme.

      2. Mechanics are able to carry out maintenance tasks to any standard specified in the maintenance instructions and will notify supervisors of mistakes requiring rectification to re-establish required maintenance standards.

      3. Supervisors are able to ensure that all required maintenance tasks are carried out, and where not done or where it is evident that a particular maintenance task cannot be carried out to the maintenance instructions, then such problems will be reported to and agreed by the quality organisation.

      4. Certifying staff are able to determine when the aircraft or aircraft component is and is not ready for release to service.

In the case of planners, supervisors, and certifying staff, knowledge of AMO procedures relevant to their particular role shall be demonstrated.

Training of certifying staff shall be performed by the AMO or by an institute selected by the AMO. In either case, the AMO shall establish the curriculum and standards for training, as well as pre-qualification standards for the personnel intended for training. Pre-qualification standards are intended to insure that the trainee has a reasonable chance of successfully completing any course.

Examinations shall be set at the end of each training course.

Initial training shall cover:

      1. Basic engineering theory relevant to the airframe structure and systems fitted to the class of aircraft the AMO intends to maintain;

      2. Specific information on the actual aircraft type on which the person is intended to become a certifying person including the impact of repairs and system/structural defects; and

      3. Company procedures relevant to the certifying staff's tasks.

Continuation training should cover changes in AMO procedures and changes in the standard of aircraft and/or aeronautical products maintained.

The training programme shall include details of the number of personnel who will receive initial training to qualify as certifying staff over specified time periods.

The training programme established for maintenance personnel and certifying staff by the AMO shall include training in knowledge and skills related to human performance including co-ordination with other maintenance personnel and flight crew.

JAR-145: AMC 145.30

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