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The Reinforcement Effect Of Carbon Nanotubes In The Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Of A Typical CFRP System

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The Reinforcement Effect Of Carbon Nanotubes In The Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Of A Typical CFRP System

Giorgos GKIKAS, Dimitrios Bekas and Alkiviadis S. Paipetis (U. Ioannina, Greece)

A Study Of Interfacial Properties Of Hierarchical Composites At The Single Fiber Level

K. TSIRKA, V. Spais and A. S. Paipetis (U. Ioannina, Greece)

ICCE-22 Malta

Session 7a INFRASTR 2

Wednesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room A Chair: Hee Sun Kim, Luciano Feo

The Effect Of Amorphous Kaolin On Properties Of Cement-Based Composites Dragica JEVTIC (U. Belgrade, Serbia), A. Mitrovic,

Lj. Milicic (Beograd, Serbia), A. Savic (U. Belgrade, Serbia)

Comparative Study Of Mechanical Properties Of Bamboo Laminae and Their Laminates With Woods And Wood Based Composites

Chandra S. VERMA, V.M. Chariar (Indian Inst.Tech., Delhi)

Creep Response of GFRP–Concrete Hybrid Structures: Application To A Footbridge Prototype Jose GONILHA (IST, Portugal)

Ultimate Axial Stress And Strain Of Partially Frp Wrapped Reinforced Concrete Columns Garyfalia G. TRIANTAFYLLOU,

Theodoros C. Rousakis, Athanasios I. Karabinis (DUTH, Xanthi, Greece)

FRP and FR Confining Effects On Concrete Sections Subjected To Cyclic Axial Compressive Loading

Theodoros ROUSAKIS (D.U.Th., Xanthi, Greece), Maria Gkouma (U. Manchester, UK)

Electrical Conductivity Study Of Cement Based Nanocomposites

P. Dalla, I.Tragazikis, A. Paipetis, K. Dassios, T. E. Matikas (U. Ioannina, Greece)

Acoustic Emission Monitoring Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Cement Nanocomposites Under Bending Ilias TRAGAZIKIS, P. Dalla,

P. Alafogianni, D. Exarchos, K. Dassios,N.-M. Barkoula, T.E. Matikas (U. Ioannina, Greece)

Compressive Strength of Concrete Mixed With Phase Change Material (PCM) Under Thermal Changes

Hee Sun KIM, Hae Won Min, Eunmi Ryu, Ah-Young An (Ewha Womans U., Seoul, S. Korea) chair

Session 7b OXIDE 2 (organized by THO)
Wednesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room B Chair: T. Endo, H.-U. Habermeier co-chairs: Mark Auslender, Leonid Chernyak

Magnetic Resonance Studies of La1−x CaxMnO3: Nano Versus Bulk

E. Rozenberg, A.I. Shames, Mark AUSLENDER (Ben-Gurion U., Beer-Sheba, Israel)

Hydrothemal Synthesis Metal Oxide Nanomaterials In Supercritical Water Vladimir I. ANIKEEV (NSK, Russia)

Preparation, Structure and Mechanical Characterization of (Cu/Co) Co-doped ZnO Nano-Particles

L. ARDA, D. Akcan (Bahcesehir U., Istanbul, Turkey), S. Ataoglu, Cengiz Ipek (Istanbul T.U., Turkey)

Structural, Optical And Electrical Properties of Er-doped ZnO Nano-Particles And Films

A.Donmez (Istanbul T.U., Turkey), L. Arda, ,D. Akcan (Bahcesehir U., Istanbul, Turkey), S. Ozturk

(Gebze I.T., Kocaeli, Turkey), C. Ipek, S. Ataoglu (Istanbul T.U., Turkey)

Fabrication Of Multifunctional Silica Microbelt With The Novel Stacked Structure By Electrospinning

Technique Yongtao Yao, Jinsong Leng, Haibao LU (Harbin I.T., China)

Studies Of Electron Trapping Effects In ZnO-Based Semiconductors For Optoelectronic Applications

Leonid CHERNYAK (U. Cen. Florida, Orlando)

Session 7c MATH 7

Wednesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room C Chairs: Xuan-Hung Nguyen, R. Capozucca, co-chair: J. H. Hattel

Study On The Effect Of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes With Cement Particles Of Less Than 75 microns

Srinivasan KANDASWAMY (PMU, Thanjavur, India)

Vibration of Beams with NSM CFRP Rods Roberto CAPOZUCCA, S. Bossoletti (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy)

Novel Computational Aspect In Multiplayered Plate and Shell Structures Using Isogeometric Analysis

XuanHung NGUYEN (HCMUS, Hochiminh city, Vietnam)

Use Of The Incremental Mean-Field Formulation For Constitutive Modeling Of Elastic-Plastic Composites: Application To Unidirectional

Long Fibers Reinforced Polymer W.L. Azoti (Public Res.Cen., Luxemburg), A. Tchalla (U. Lorraine, Metz, France), Y. Koutsawa,

Ahmed MAKRADI, S. Belouettar (Public Res.Cen., Luxemburg)

Measuring The Dependence Of The Local Young’s Modulus On Porosity Of Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites By The Pulsed

Acoustic Method With A Laser Source Of Ultrasound Alexander KARABUTOV, Natalia Podymova (Lomonosov Moscow State U., Russia)

Mechanical Properties of an Octahedral Stitched Sandwich Composite

Lu Che, Guodong Xu, Tao ZENG, Su Cheng, Xinwei zhou, Shucai Yang (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China)

Numerical Process Simulations For IndustriallyPultruded Profiles

Ismet Baran, Jesper H. HATTEL (TU Denmark, Lyngby), Remko Akkerman (U. Twente, Netherlands)

An Implicit Secular Equation For Rayleigh-Edge Waves In Thin Composites Jan CERV, Frantisek Vales (ASCR, Prague, Czech Rep.)
Session 7d GENERAL 7

Wednesday 11:00AM-1:00PM small room Chair: Shinhoo KANG, co-chairs: S. Kang, H. Zhu

Wear-Resistant Aluminum-Matrix Composites N.P. GULBINA, Victor N. Gulbin, M.V. Gorshenkov, N.S. Kolpakov (MISA, Moscow, Russia)

Ultrasound Driven Self-Assembly Of Lignin Into Microcapsules For Storage And Delivery Of Hydrophobic Molecules

Claudia CRESTINI, Maria Rosaria Tortora, Francesca Cavalieri (Tor Vergata U., Rome, Italy), Pasquale Mosesso (U. Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy)

The Functional Composites Filled With Carbon Nano-Materials Victor GULBIN, Nikolay Kolpakov, Victor Polivkin (Moscow, Russia)

Processing and Properties of W-ZrC Composites for High-Temperature Applications Shinhoo KANG (SNU, S. Korea)

Positive Effect Of Prestressing On Fire Resistance Of Concrete Bending Components Reinforced With FRP Bars

Hong ZHU, Guanlin Zhu Kang Hu Wei Zhang (Southeast U., Nanjing, China)

A Study On Optimization Of A Glass/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composite Automotive Bumper Beam

Do-Hyoung Kim, Hee-Joon Ahn, Hak-Sung KIM (Hanyang U., Seoul, S. Korea)

Assessment Of A Modelling Method For Composite Bonded Joints Using Cohesive Elements Method

David DELSART, Gerald Portemont, Alain Deudon (ONERA, France)

Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Polypropylene-Carbonnano-Tubes Composites For Wind Turbine Blades Fabrication

Osama Al-QABANDI (Glasgow Caledonian U., Scotland, UK), Salah Al-Enezi (Kuwait Inst.Sci.Res.), Anjali De Silva (Glasgow C. U.),

M. Bassyouni (King Abdulaziz U., S. Arabia)

work in progress session Wednesday 1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch time, Student presentations

On the Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Type Frameworks

Darryl Gambin, Ruben Gatt, Keith M. Azzopardi, Joseph N. Grima (U. Malta)

On the Effect of Non-Perfections on the Mechanical Properties of Siliceous NAT

Ruben Gatt, Jan Dariusz Cutajar, Keith M. Azzopardi, Joseph N. Grima (U. Malta)

Other presentations welcome
ICCE-22 Malta

Session 8a PHYSICS 2

Wednesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room A Chair: Esther M. SULMAN, co-chairs: L. Nanai, R.L.Khalfin

Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Constant of Hot Pressed MWCNTs/ Carbon Nano Fibril Composite Ashraf A. Ali (Zagazig U., Egypt),

M.M.Eltabey, Badr.M. Abdelbary (Menoufiya U., Egypt), Said H. ZOALFAKAR (Higher Tech Institute, Ramadan City, Egypt)

Magnetic-Separable Oxidoreductases As New Concept In Enzymatic Oxidation

Olga V. Matveeva, Natalya V. Lakina, Valentine Yu. Doluda, Esther M. SULMAN (Tver Tech Univ., Tver, Russia)

Electric Conductivity of Polymer Composites Pyrolysed at High Temperatures Jimsher N. ANELI (Inst. Machine Mech., Tbilisi, Georgia),

M. Ben-Haim (Ariel Univ.Center, Ariel, Israel), T.M. Natriashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The Mechanism Of Absorption And Intracellular Transport Of Rare Earth-Based Fluorescent Nanocrystals

Michal M. GODLEWSKI, Jaroslaw Kaszewski, Anna Szal, Anna Slonska, Malgorzata A. Domino (Warsaw U. Life Sciences),

Marek Godlewski (Polish Acad Sci, Warsaw)

Dember Voltage Formation And THz Range Oscillations In Oxide Semiconductors Due To FS Laser Pulse Interaction

Laszlo NANAI, M. Fuele, Zs. Benko, S. Szatmari (U. Szeged, Hungary)

Characterization of Copper Nitride Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering

Abdullahi A. KOGO (Ahmadu Bello U., Zaria, Nigeria), T.H. DARMA (Bayero U., Kano, Nigeria)

Lattice Thermal Conductivity In Graded-Type Porous Thermoelelectric Materials

Dimitris G. Niarchos, Roland H. Tarkhanyan, Alexandra IOANNIDOU (NCSR, Athens, Greece)

Small Angle Neutron And X-Ray Diffraction Of The True Molecular Solutions Of Natural Cellulose

D.M. Rein, Rafail L. KHALFIN, Y. Cohen (Israel I.T., Haifa)

Session 8b CHEM 2

Wednesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room B Chair: Hans-Joerg Fecht, co-chairs: J. Hacaloglu; P. Mele

Composites From Incompatible Polymer Pairs: Silicone Elastomers As Disperse Phase Or Matrix Carmen RACLES, Maria Cazacu, M

ihaela Alexandru, Adrian Bele,Valentina Musteata, Florica Doroftei (ICMPP, Iasi, Romania)

Exchange Interaction In Lanthanide-Based Molecular Materials Liviu F. CHIBOTARU (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Photochemical Nanostructured Systems For Information And Light -Modulating Optical Devices Valery A. BARACHEVSKY, A.O.Ayt,

O.I. Kobeleva, A.M. GoreliK, M.M. Krayushkin, V.V. Kiyko, V.P. Grachev (Russian Acad Sci, Moscow)

Catalyzer For New Microtopography Of Polypyrrole Yanbin Li (Southwest Jiaotong U., China)

Grain Size Dependence Of The Mechanical Properties Of Nanocrystalline Diamond Layers Hans-Joerg Fecht (U. Ulm, Germany)

Impact Of Polyvinyl Alcohol On The Physico-Chemical Properties Of Some Functionalized Polysulfones

Anca FILIMON, Ecaterina Avram (Inst.Macro Chem., Iasi, Romania)

Investigation Of Acoustic Waves For Stimulation Of Precipitation In Atmosphere A.A. VARDANYAN (U. Armenia, Yerevan)

Thermal Degradation Of Polylactide/Aluminium Diethylphosphinate Composites Involving Nanoparticles

Jale HACALOGLU, Hatice Kaya, Cevdet Kaynak, (METU, Ankara, Turkey)

Formation Of Porous Silicon Sensor For Bio-Chemical Applications Gagik AYVAZYAN, Arman Vardanyan (U. Armenia, Yerevan)
Session 8c MATH 8

Wednesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room C Chair: J.Podgorski, co-Chairs: C. Ipek, V. Deniz, B.K. Mishra

Precoated Flax-Fiber/Pla Eco-Composites: Mechanical And Morphological Properties Guralp OZKOC, Kayhan Koca, Mehmet Kodal (Kocaeli U.,


Effects Of Octaisobutly-POSS Particles On The Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetic Of PLA And Plasticized PLA

Mehmet Kodal, Hümeyra Şirin, Güralp Özkoç (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Fracture Toughness Evaluation Of Toughened Polyamide 6 With Lotader And Chain Extenders

Sinan YILMAZ, Taner YILMAZ (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Investigation Into The Effects Of Emulsifier Type On Emulsion Polymerization Of Styrene 2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate Based Copolymers

Veli DENİZ, Mehlika Özdemir Alp, Mehmet Özdemir, Ayşe Aytaç (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Tensile, Thermal And Thermomechanical Properties Of Surface Treated Flax Fiber Reinforced PLA/PC Composites

Ayse AYTAC, N. Gamze Karsli (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Evaluation of Elastic Properties of Nuclear Graphite using XFEM

Bhanu K. MISHRA, Indra Vir Singh, Yogesh Bisht (Indian Inst.Tech. Roorkee), I.A. Khan, Kamal Sharma (Mumbai, India)

A Combined Model Based On ALE and Fracture Mechanics to Predict Delaminated Composites

Domenico Bruno, Fabrizio Greco, Paolo LONETTI (U. Calabria, Italy)
Session 8d GENERAL 8

Wednesday 2:00PM-4:00PM small room Chair: Sandra Schloegl, co-chairs: C. Brisan, R. Zitoune

Effect Of Wet Spinning Parameters On Crystalline Structure Of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)

Hyun Ju Oh, Gun Jung, Yong Sik Chung, Seong Su KIM (Chonbuk Nat U., Jeonju, S. Korea)

On The Sonic Composites Based On Auxetic Materials Ligia MUNTEANU, Iulian Girip (Inst.Solid Mech, Bucharest, Romania), Ruxandra Ilie

(TU Civil Eng.,Bucharest, Romania)

On The Generation Of Localized Modes In Sonic Composites Veturia CHIROIU, Ioan Rodica (Inst Solid Mech, Bucharest, Romania),

Cornel Brisan (TU Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Machining Quality of 3d Woven Composites During Drilling With Electro-Deposited Diamond Grains Core

Redouane ZITOUNE (IUT, France)

Structured And Functional Elastomer-Based Composites With Tailored Tribological Characteristics Jakob MANHART, Sandra Schloegl,

Inge Muehlbacher, Andreas Hausberger (PCCL, Leoben, Austria), Raimund Schaller, Armin Holzner (Semperit, Wimpassing, Austria),

Wolfgang Kern (U. Leoben, Austria)

New Epoxy-Based Resins And Functional Inorganic Fillers With Tunable Mechanical Properties For The Preparation Of Composite Materials

With Enhanced Recyclability Simone Viola RADL (PCCL, Leoben, Austria), Thomas Griesser (U. Leoben, Austria), Manuel Kreimer

(PCCL, Leoben Austria), Andreas Oesterreicher, Wolfgang Kern (U. Leoben, Austria), Sandra Schloegl (PCCL, Leoben, Austria)

Epoxy-Based Composites With Modified Elastomeric Damping Layers: New Approaches For The Manufacture Of High Voltage Insulations

With Improved Delamination Resistance Sandra SCHLOEGL (PCCL, Leoben, Austria), Dietmar Lenko (PCCL, Leoben, Austria),

Sabine Bichler,Gerhard Lemesch, Franz Ramsauer , Werner Ladstätter (Andritz Hydro, Weiz, Austria), Wolfgang Kern (U. Leoben, Austria)

Session 9a METAL 2

Wednesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room A Chair: Jaroslav Purmensky, co-chairs: I.A. Ibrahim, C.W. Kang

Testing Thermal Fatigue Resistance Of Tool Steels Peter FAJFAR, Milan Tercelj, Goran Kugler, Matevz Fazarinc (U. Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Interfacial Doping: The Way For Obtaining Better Adhesion In Graphene-Metal Composites Alexandra SIKLITSKAYA (Warsaw U.T., Poland,

IOFFE, Russia), Tomasz Wejrzanowski, Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Equal Channel Angular Pressing Of Aluminium Alloy Miroslav Greger, Jaroslav PURMENSKY (TU Ostrava, Czech Rep.)

Density Functional Study Of Surface Structure Of Complex Intermetallic Compounds Ag-In-Yb and Ag-In-Gd

Kazuki NOZAWA, Yasushi Ishii (Chuo U., Japan)

Catalytic Properties of H-Mordenite Synthesized Via Hydrothermal Method For Organosulfur Removal

I.A. IBRAHIM , Said M. El-Sheikh (CMRDI, Cairo, Egypt), T. Sharara (Egypt Petroleum Res.Inst.), R.M. Mohamed (CMRDI, Cairo)

Friction Characteristic of Coated Fuel Engine Valve Using Ship Building C.W. Kang, A. Okka, S. Destiani, S.H. Angga, J.Y. Byun, C.J. Lee,

M.K. Kim, M.J.Shin, B.J. Kim,H.S.Kim, D.Y. Park, S.M. Choi, S.M. Kwon, S.H. Chung, S.G. Kwon, J.M.Park, J.S. Kim,

W.S. Choi (Pusan Nat. U., S. Korea)

Microstructure And Erosive Properties of Cobal Arc /Mild Steel Surface Hard Coating Alloy Systems D.P. GIRISH (Karnataka, India)

Effect Of Different Techniques Of Refinement On Structure And Properties Of Al-20% Si Alloy

A.N. Abd El-AZIM, Z.M. El-Baradie (CMRDI, Cairo, Egypt) ppp

Session 9b NOVEL MAG 2 (organized by THO)

Wednesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room B Chairs: K. Endo, P. Mele

High Static Magnetic Field Facilities For New Materials Development In Japan Kazuo WATANABE, Satoshi Awaji, Hidetoshi Oguro,

Hiroyuki Nojiri, Takahiko Sasaki (Tohoku U., Japan), Tadashi Shimizu, Hiroaki Kumakura (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) invited

Experimental Evidence For Dimensional Crossover In Epitaxial Fe-Based Superconducting Films Kazumasa IIDA, J. Haenisch, F. Kurth,

V. Grinenko, L. Schultz, B. Holzapfel (IFW Dresden, Germany), A. Ichinose, I. Tsukada (Yokosuka, Japan), S. Ueda, M. Naito

(Tokyo U. Agricul. & Tech.,Japan) invited

MgB2-based Composites Petre BADICA, G. Aldica, V. Sandu, Lucica Miu, M. Burdusel (Nat. Inst. Mat. Phys., Romania), D. Batalu

(U. Politechnica Bucharest, Romania) invited

Percolation Behaviour in a Binary Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Composite David S. McLACHLAN (U. Stellenbosch, S. Africa), T. B. Doyle

(U. KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, S. Africa), Godfrey Sauti (Nat. Inst.Aerospace Space, Hampton, VA)

Vortex Dynamics in Striped Superconductors Lucica MIU (Nat.Inst.Mat.Phy., Bucharest, Romania)

Field-Orientation Dependent Magnetization Relaxation In Multilayer Nanoparticle Assemblies Dana MIU (Nat. Inst. Laser, Plasma,

Rad. Phys., Bucharest, Romania), S. I. Jinga, B. S. Vasile(U. Politehnica-Bucharest, Romania), L. Miu (Nat. Inst. Mat. Phys., Bucharest,

Session 9c MATH 9

Wednesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room C Chair: Carlos E. Orozco, co-chairs: E. Whitney, E. Karafaki

The Influence Of The Bonded Imperfectness On Torsional Wave Dispersion In The Finitely Pre-Strained Hollow Bi-Material Compound

Circular Cylinder Made Of Highly-Elastic Material Surkay D. Akbarov, T. Kepceler, E. KARAFAKI (Yildiz T.U., Istanbul)

Active Panels Reinforced With Piezoceramic Fibers Subjected To A Stochastic Acoustic Pressure

Marek PIETRZAKOWSKI (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Using Python Turtle Graphics For Mesh Representation And Engineering Graphics Carlos E. OROZCO (U. North Carolina-Charlotte)

Mechanics Of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Nanocomposites Antonio PANTANO, N. Montinaro (U. Palermo, Italy)

Mechanical Behavior And Failure Mechanism Of Composite Hierarchical Pyramidal Truss Sandwich Panels

Jian XIONG, Lina Feng, Fanyi Meng, Li Ma, Linzhi Wu (Harbin Inst.Tech., China)

One Sided Short Term Thermal Loading of CFRP Ellen WHITNEY (Bundeswehr, Erding, Germany)

Global Solution Method For Determining Optimum Lay-Ups Of Vibrating Laminated Composite Plates

Yoshihiro NARITA (Hokkaido U., Sapporo, Japan)

Mechanical Behavior Of Two-Dimensional Carbon/Carbon Composites Reinforced With Carbon Nanotubes

Shinn-Shyong TZENG, Yi-Hsuan Wei, Yu-Hon Lin (Tatung U., Taipei)

Session 9d GENERAL 9

Wednesday 4:10PM-6:10PM small room Chair: Tewodros Asefa, co-chairs: L.N. Lopes de la Calle, Luigi di Palma

Evaluation Of Selected Characterization Techniques To Determine Failure Mechanisms Of Epoxy- Based Composite Materials

Manuel KREIMER, Sandra Schlögl, Dietmar Lenko (PCCL, Leoben, Austria), Jördis Rosc (ÖGI, Leoben, Austria), Sabine Bichler,

Gerhard Lemesch, Franz Ramsauer, Werner Ladstätter (Andritz Hydro, Weiz, Austria), Wolfgang Kern (U. Leoben, Austria)

LDPE/EVA/Clay/Flame-Retardant Nanocomposites Using Functionalized Polyethylene as Compatibilizer Saul SANCHEZ-Valdes,

R. Lujan-Acosta, E. Ramírez-Vargas, L.F. Ramos-De Valle (CIQA, Saltillo, Mexico)

Structural Health Monitoring For Aerospace Composite Application

Luigi DiPALMA, F. Romano, A. Sorrentino (Italian Aerospace Cen, CIRA, Capua)

Use of T.Ferroxydans Bacteria For Engraving Copper Surfaces

L.N. Lopez deLaCALLE, A. Rodriguez, E. Diáz-Tena, L. Gurtubay, A. Elías, A. Lamikiz (EHU, Spain)

High Index Nanolayer Effects on Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors

Ibrahim ABDULHALIM (Ben Gurion U. Negev, Israel), A. Shalabney (Strasbourgh U., France)

Magnesium Matrix Composites For Transportation Industries

Karl Ulrich KAINER, Hajo Dieringa, Norbert Hort (Max-Planck-Strasse, Geesthacht, Germany)

Thermal Conductivity Of Interfaces In Graphene – Metal Composites

Mateusz GRYBCZUK, M. Wasiluk, T. Wejrzanowski, K. J. Kurzydlowski (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Graphene-Metal Composite For Energy Dissipation From Localized Heat Sources

Tomasz WEJRZANOWSKI, M. Grybczuk, K.J. Kurzydlowski (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Session 10a BIO 4

Thursday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room A Chairs: Eric Dalton, Han-Yong Jeon, co-chair J. Foster

Preparation Of Pectin And Chitosan Based Composites For Medical Application As A Barrier Material For Prevention Of Adhesion Formation

M.V. KONOVALOVA (Russian Acad Sci, Moscow), S.V. Popov, G.Yu. Popova (RAS, Syktyvkar), D.V. Kurek (RAS, Moscow)

Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites from Starch and Cellulose Nanofibrils Extracted from Pine Needles and Sugarcane Bagasse

Anupama S. KAUSHIK, Sheetal Monga, Mandeep Singh (Panjab U., Chandigarh, India)

Biodeuteration for Probing Phase Separation in Biopolymer Composites and Blends John FOSTER (UNSW, Sydney, Australia) invited

Influence Of Sterilisation Environment On The Nanostructure Of Medical Polymers

Eric DALTON, Maurice N. Collins (U. Limmerick), Leah Wallace (Limmerick Inst.Tech., Ireland)

Analysis Of Serviceability And Engineering Performance Of Bio-Degradable Network Materials For Civil Engineering Field Application

Han-Yong JEON (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea) chair

Characterization Of Lactoferrin- Succinoyl-Chitosan Nanoparticles Developed By Controlled Heat Treatment Tatyana SHCHERBININA,

Anastasia Zubareva, Elena Svirshchevskaya, Valery Varlamov (Russian Acad Sci, Moscow)

Microimmuno-Sensor for Rapid Detection Of Enteroviruses In Biological Samples WaleedNazmy ElMAZNY (Giza, Egypt),

Saad A.M. Moghannem (Al Azhar Univ., Cairo, Egypt), Dalia Elsheakh, Hala Elsadek, Esmat Abdullah (Electronics Res Inst., Giza, Egypt)

Anti-Cancer Effects of Arsenic Sulfides Prepared by Nanomilling Zdenka BUJNAKOVA, Peter Balaz (Slovak Acad Sci, Kosice), Jan Sedlak

(Slovak Acad Sci, Bratislava)

Session 10b NANO 1

Thursday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room B Chair: Alan Dalton, co-chairs: M. Modesti, G. Cicala

Templated Assembly of Functional Materials Based on Graphene and Other 2-D Layered Materials Alan DALTON (U. Surrey, UK)

Nanocomposite Fiber Reinforced Mortars Bartolomeo COPPOLA, Luciano Di Maio (U. Salerno, Italy), Luc Courard (U. Liege, Belgium),

Paola Scarfato, Loredana Incarnato (U. Salerno, Italy)

A Novel Colorimetric Probe For Dopamine Based On Gold Nanoparticles-Electrospun Nanofibre Composite Nokuthula NGOMANE

(Rhodes U., S. Africa), Nelson Torto (Botswana I.T., Botswana), Rui Krause (Rhodes U.), Sibulelo Vilakazi (Randburg, S. Africa)

Optimization Of Carbon Nanotubes Dispersion In Polypropylene Based Nanocomposites

Michele MODESTI, Stefano Besco, Denis Hrelja, Martina Roso, Alessandra Lorenzetti (U. Padova, Italy)

Thermal and Surface Properties of HDPE Nanocomposites

Djamila Kada, Ahmed KOUBAA (Univ. Quebec, UQAT, Canada), S. Migneault (U.Sci Boumediene, Algeria), G. Tabak (Algiers, Algeria)

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