Southern Oral History Program Undergraduate Internship Application

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Southern Oral History Program

Undergraduate Internship Application

Center for the Study of the American South

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Application Fall 2016

Section One




Phone Number:


Expected Date of Graduation:

Faculty Member Reference

(include email and phone number)

Please answer the following questions with one paragraph per question and type your answer directly on to this application form.
Describe your interest in, exposure to, and experience with oral history.

What do you think are the purposes and values of oral history?

What about the SOHP (its projects, mission, or history) makes you want to intern with us?

Which of the beats listed in the internship packet sounds interesting to you?  What do you think you will learn through this beat?  What skills and experience do you bring to the table that would be beneficial in this beat?  We also cater beats to experience.  What skills do you have that might be beneficial to the SOHP as a whole? (Photo-video editing, writing skills, performance etc.)

Section Two

SOHP interns receive 3 credit hours. Each intern must register through a university department for the course in that department that carries academic credit for external internships. Each department has different rules and guidelines for doing this, so we ask that each applicant identify the department they will register through (students often register through their major’s department). Be sure you understand that department’s protocol for internship credit and process for registering. If accepted to the SOHP internship program, you will need to make arrangements with the appropriate faculty and/or staff member in that department.

Below, please identify the department through which you would register for internship credit if accepted and list the name and contact information for the faculty and/or staff member responsible for overseeing internships. (In some departments, there is one faculty or staff member responsible for overseeing all internship credit; in others, you will need to have a faculty member agree to serve as your advisor/director.)


Faculty and/or Staff Member and contact information:

Briefly summarize the department’s protocol for undergraduates registering and receiving credit for external internships:

Also, please be aware that the weekly seminar will meet on Fridays at 10am in the Love House.
Please complete this application (do not send additional attachments) and send it to by April 17, 2016

Applicants will be notified of decisions by April 22nd, 2016

Questions or concerns can be directed to Taylor Livingston at
Directory: files -> 2013
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