Smart Glasses for blind and partially sighted individuals Stephen Hicks, University of Oxford

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Smart Glasses for blind and partially sighted individuals

Stephen Hicks, University of Oxford

Image of man wearing Smart Glasses.

Slide 1

Image of Smart Glasses detailing main features:

  • Infra-red projector

  • Infra-red camera

  • The arms house a processor capable of driving the displays at 30 frames per second

  • Depth Camera: a depth camera measures the distance to nearby objects, a little like radar. A pattern of infra-red points are projected forwards and a camera looks for changes in these points. These changes reveal the 3D structure of nearby objects.

  • The smart-glasses comprise a camera to sense the environment and a digital display to show an enhanced view. The battery and processing unit are connected via a cable and not shown here.

  • Transparent Displays: The lenses are Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) that show an enhanced image to the wearer while appearing transparent to everyone else. This allows the eyes to be seen which is important for social interaction.

Slides 3, 4 and 5

Images showing simulated sight loss with and without the use of smart-glasses.

Slide 6: Obstacle avoidance

Image of someone using smart glasses with obstacles in front of them.
Chart measuring the percentage of trials with accidental contacts unaided and using smart-glasses.

Slide 7: Is this it?

Image of prototype smart-glasses.

Slide 8

Images of Google Glass, Google logo, Epson logo and smart-glasses.

Excellent transparency. Small field of view.

Slide 9

Image of prototype smart-glasses.

Slides 10 and 11

Slides 12 and 13

Infra-red images of people as they would look with the use of smart-glasses.

Slide 14

  • Video


Slides 15 - 21

Images showing impact of smart-glasses.

Slide 22

  • Demo


Slide 23

Image of a group of people smiling for the camera.

Slide 24

Is THIS it?

Image of a glass head displaying smart-glasses.

Slide 25

  • Reading

  • Faces and expressions

  • Confident walking

  • Driving

Slide 26

Wide field of view – 110 degrees.
Image of smart-glasses.

Slide 27

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