Science and Technology Integrated with the SunSmart Program Early Stage 1 Unit of Work

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Analysing and drawing conclusions

  • Each week ask the students to discuss their investigation.

  • After several weeks bring the investigation to a conclusion by discussing how we have made a difference in the playground.

  • Ask students to make generalisations about their investigation A

  • Were their predictions correct? How were they different?

  • Link to the next unit- Students complete ‘I am a sun safe student’- Refer to Activity Sheet 4- A.
  • Evaluation- Ask students to what they liked about the unit and any suggestions for next time.

Essential Background Information for Teachers

Cancer Council NSW website schools section for further information about SunSmart hats.

Assessment items (Marked A)

  1. Activity 1- Can categorize ‘sun safe or not sun safe’- Student-teacher discussions; Sample.

  2. Activity 2- Makes reasonable generalisation for data collected- Observation/Questioning.

  3. Activity 3- Can design and draw a SunSmart hat poster – Sample, Explanation and Demonstration.

  4. Activity 4- Link to next stage: ‘I am a sun safe student’- Sample, Explanation/Observation

  5. Activity 5- Extension: Legionnaire paper hat – Sample, Explanation and Demonstration.

Links to other learning areas

  • PDHPE- Health and Safety.

  • Mathematics- Data collection and analysing.

  • English- Writing: Recount of experiment using bread; Talking and listening: Present poster to class; Explain and justify.

  • Computer Technology Link- UT ES1.9 Write and send an email to a buddy class with assistance (describing what they did in experiment)

  • HSIE- CU ES1 Children view photos of hats worn in other cultures (e.g. Mexican Sombrero, China – hats in rice fields etc) Discuss similarities/differences -however all meet a common need – sun protection.

Online resources

Refer to Cancer Council NSW

Equipment and materials

Bread, butter, magazines, worksheets, poster materials, activity sheets.

Other people/places

Teacher reflections and unit evaluation

Early Stage 1- Hot and Cold Unit

Investigating a Sun Safe School Hat
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