Rounding the Curve!

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But, now my Dear Ones, they do not use such archaic technology; for they have the Annunaki technology and with this new and more advanced technology, they can sit up in their ships, and literally fill up my whole body with massive amounts of wire and other stuff, including my teeth and gums in a very few hours!

Via their computers in their craft, they force these tiny wires into my body, making their wire designs, their swirls, circles, etc until the wire designs are tight and solid, literally filling up and packing the teeth and the tissues. These designs are layered, or are placed as designs within designs; and they are put into my body in a certain manner! Therefore, the DNA must then “know” to remove them in this certain way, or the tiny wires and/or microscopic “chip-like” things will lock up and tear at the flesh.

Therefore, the DNA has often needed some time to learn how to remove these wire and “chip-like” designs. These “chip-like” designs are made of small, very small stackable, square objects, either made of metal, or something like silica; and they are forged into the tissues, thereby making long rows of hard metal-like, or silica-like objects in the skin, teeth, gums, face, or in other parts of the body!
My Dear Ones, these are microscopic particles! Indeed microscopic, extremely small; and they gorge the tissues to such a degree that I cannot possibly understand how the tissues can live at all; but there again I am carried by our Father Yahweh in a most miraculous way! These computerized designs are layered, forged one into the other, stacked tight, even in my back, and all across my back they have put such things, into my chest and into other parts of my body, fully stuffing my head and brain to the point that in the past, it would take the DNA many, many hours to remove them from only one part of my body! For, the DNA has had to learn to unravel such things, to learn them; and this has taken time!
They are desperate!
My Dear Ones, why in the world have these evil hoards pushed so hard to turn my whole body into metal! It is for none other reason than the fact that they believe that they can somehow get control of me and my mind and thereby steal these works! For, by now they have failed to steal the DNA by trying to make it grow onto someone else’s flesh! This meat parade went on for about six months; and even went on after the Annunaki came! I believe that they are the ones, who started the trend of putting “slabs” of meat in my back, in my neck, even face, very long pieces of meat, all in their attempts to get the new DNA to grow onto their meat samples.
So, having failed to grow out the DNA onto meat samples, they have worked overboard to get control of me any way they can! Not only have these evil hoards tried to fill up my body with metals and wires, but they have daily forged a thick, chalky powder into my teeth, into my gums, into my jaws, into my neck, copiously into my brain and even into my back, and into other parts of my body. I believe that this thick, chalky substance, which is forged into the tissues until they are solid as a rock with this stuff, is a drug of some sort. They are so obsessed with controlling me any way that they can, that they will do anything, anything at all; and they have! And, I am sure that so many chemicals in my body also make me tired from day to day, but even so, our Father carries me! For, if not, such things would have killed me long ago!
But, not just the metals and the drugs! For weeks on end, they have put rubber masks inside the skin of my face! And, although this is not visible from the outside, it is visible to me and to those, who know me! For, from day to day, my face is swollen! My neck is swollen and in fact my whole body is swollen with so much foreign stuff in my body! Often, my abdomen is so swollen that I appear to be eight or nine months pregnant! But, as the DNA cleans out so much horrible stuff from my body, my face will often get thin! My neck will get thin! I can once again feel the bones in my forehead! I can once again feel the bones in my nose!
It is not unusual for me to lose eight or ten inches in my waist after the DNA cleans out my abdomen. A few days ago when the DNA removed so much stuff from my head and face, along with great amounts of rubber, my face suddenly looked as if I had lost about ten pounds! I could not believe that for the first time in many months, I could feel my nose bone. I could feel the bones in my forehead. I could see my cheek bones and I could feel them! And, my stomach was suddenly flatter, so much flatter that my pants did not want to stay up! I must regularly be filled with at least ten pounds of metal, rubber and other kinds of stuff, if not more!
My Dear Ones, it is a one-up-man-ship every day! Our Father in Heaven puts His power into the DNA to override what they have done, and they are back as fast as possible with yet another scheme, the latter being even more bizarre than the former! Truly, this is as it was with Moses and the Pharaoh! Will our Father soon finish these works, take his faithful to the Land of Promises, and then drown these wicked Pharaohs?
The Evil “hell-hound!”
It was about three weeks ago, after I had been sitting outside for a little while that I decided to take a bathroom break. This was around 6:30 PM and I emerged from the bathroom at 2:20 AM. As I was sitting on the commode, the DNA began to unravel some of the horrific wire designs, which were in my neck and head; and I could not get up until the DNA reached a stopping place. Satan was in and out of the bathroom, and along with him at one point one of the Annunaki. And, during that time, that monster from hell put about twenty small ticks on my feet, ankles and legs. I would feel something crawling on my leg and look to see one of these tiny, seed ticks. He did this over and over again to distract me and to stop the DNA from overcoming what they had done to me. But, I continued to work, even though I had many tick bites on my ankles by the end of his assault. Oh, this is nothing new for this hell-hound! He has done such things in the past; but I just stay focused and go on! Our Father gets me through what I must do and I do not let such nonsense get me down!
How the DNA has been tested!
When the DNA begins to work, it has worked many times for eight, ten, or more hours straight; and I have had to be attentive and in the Spirit, to follow what it was doing and to do anything that I may need to do to help the DNA. When it has been time for the DNA to learn a new task, I have had to be quiet and attentive, to stay “in the Spirit” until it has finished the task! On many occasions, I have known that our Father was putting the DNA to a certain “test” and that the DNA must complete this “test” to the satisfaction of our Father Yahweh! But, when the DNA has been working at such a “test”, the evil hoards have repeatedly tried distract me any way possible to keep the DNA from accomplishing this task! It has been at these times, my Dear Ones, that I have had to discipline my mind and to work to mentally to stay on course!
How our Father Yahweh Shaped My Education!
Years ago, even in my second year of college, I learned self hypnosis and this was really from observational learning! At that time, I had a professor of clinical psychology, who was also a retired psychiatrist, and one day he proceeded to try to hypnotize the class!
It did not work on me, but it did work on many, and I was astounded to see that others had their hands “locked up” unable to get them free, to see that some were sound asleep, and that others were making strange noises, barking like dogs etc, as they were commanded to do so.
I suppose that I was not a very good subject as his suggestions had no effect on me, but I remembered how he had mass hypnotized so many! And, from what I observed him do, I believed that I could give myself hypnotic suggestions and that I could overcome my fear of a statistics course, which I had to take soon.
Well, it worked! Through observation, I learned self-hypnosis and I overcame my fear of statistics and went on to have an average somewhere around 97 by the end of the quarter! Most people hate statistics as it is really a complicated and boring science, but as for me I truly delighted in statistics and even when I went on to get a Masters’ degree in Psychology, I still enjoyed it greatly and did well in these studies again!
From there I used self-hypnosis to get As in physics, chemistry and other classes, which are indeed difficult. So, in my late teens, I learned hypnosis and in my early forties, I learned to “still” my mind and learned how to focus my mind further by learning “meditation,” not with silly mantras, but through simply imaging an object in my own mind and keeping the focus of my mind on this object, perhaps by imaging a blooming flower, or some other object, for extended periods of time several times a week! In this way, I learned to focus my mind sharply and to shut out all extraneous thoughts and interruptions. This may sound simple, but is indeed not simple to do; and most cannot and will not learn it as it requires much discipline! But, with persistence, one can truly learn to tame the unruly mind, which always wants to be in control by projecting restless and busy thoughts into one’s everyday life! This work, which I learned so many years ago, has helped me to be able to focus my mind, to stay on track regarding this work, and to put out of my mind all other distractions!
So, meditation in this way is really nothing more than learning to cease all thoughts and to focus the mind. Having learned this very art of meditation, having learned to still the mind, has helped me greatly to stay in the Spirit for as long as eight, ten and even up to twelve hours at a time in doing this work. And, the self-hypnosis, which I learned in my late teens, has helped me greatly to deal with great amounts of pain and more pain, which I have suffered during these massive assaults!
As I look back on my life, I know that our Beloved Father was there to guide me in my studies even when I did not know Him! I often wondered why I went to college for nine years and studied so many things, including Pre-med and even went to medical school in Spain! And, I might have continued and finished my medical studies if the ruling dictator of Spain, Franco, had not died late in my freshman year, his death throwing the country into chaos!
Because of the martial law in Spain, the medical school closed and I then decided to return to the States! Thereafter, I earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology and went on to do some work on a doctorate degree in Psychology! Yet, there would come a time when I would look at my life and see the emptiness in all that I was doing; for I was spiritually lost and had drifted into alcoholism! That realization hit me in 1987 and in that same year, our Saviour came to visit me and subsequently carried me up a spiral stairway and in to the light of heaven! The rest is history, as from there I began my long walk into the service of our Lord and God!
When I look back on so many years spent in the pursuit of knowledge, I can now say that it was not a loss! For a certainty, I have been able to draw on much that I have learned and have been able to use this knowledge to help me get through some very hard times! Even last summer, there was a time when I was aware that these evil ones were using classical Pavlovian Conditioning on me. One day, our Father let me hear them ring a bell and thereafter give a verbal cue. I just mused at their foolishness and had a good chuckle! Surely, these evil ones have drugged me often and have tried to control my mind anyway and every way they could; and it is not because of any training in psychology that they have failed. It is because of the love, the grace, the mercy and the great power and protection of our Blessed Father Yahweh, that they have failed. I give him all the praise, all the power, all the honor and all the glory for keeping me and for carrying me through a literal hell on Earth!
Passover of 2007!
Was it on April 02, as many calendars say; or is it just beginning now, on May 02, 2007?
My Dear Ones, I looked with great anticipation toward this Passover, which I believed to begin on the 2nd of April of this year! I had hoped that our Father would send the wings for me at that time and take also the clean souls, who are ready to go! But, as I would learn a month later, it seems that this date of Passover, though widely distributed may actually be in error! However, even if the original date of April 02 is incorrect, beautiful things did begin to happen regarding these works during that time!
The Long Stream of Visions!
It was two days before the Passover date of April 02, while I was sitting at my kitchen table, that I suddenly had a vision. This vision came after our Father said the words, “You must round the curve!” What is most astounding about these words is that I titled the beginning of this chapter, “Rounding the Curve” about two weeks before our Father gave me these words! My, it has surely taken me a long time to finish this chapter!
As I heard his words, “You must round the curve,” I had a vision in which I saw myself standing behind a very huge and muscular work horse, which looked like a Clydesdale horse! I was holding the reigns and standing on what appeared to be a buckboard, which was connected to a four-wheeled wagon, which followed behind me and the horse. I looked at the wagon, and it was a brown and ordinary wooden wagon, but in the center of this wagon was a white, bowl-shaped object, which looked like ivory, but which would later prove to be of another substance, even heavenly substance. I looked inside this large, white bowl, like object, which went the width of the wagon and saw to my amazement that it was full of gifts. Beautifully, wrapped gifts! All in white, but with both gold and silvery bows and some even had flowers attached to the bows!
Later that afternoon, which was two days before Passover, I marveled at just what “round the curve” could possible mean; and of course I wondered if rounding this curve could possibly be my longstanding desire for the Wings of Revelation Chapter Twelve! But, more than the wings, it is and has been my heart’s desire to please our Father and to remain here until He is truly satisfied with all of this work! And, He knows as well, that from day to day, I continue on, hoping for and longing for the time when I will be able to stand before Him and hear His words that He is pleased in me and what I have done for Him!
That day, two days before Passover, the horses were not moving! I was just standing behind them; and we were waiting for the DNA to advance and move forward and accomplish the next task, which the Annunaki had put before it! I tell you, my Dear Ones, that they have been unrelenting in their assaults. Satan and these hoards have been after me day and night, night and day. When 6:00 would roll around, and the DNA had not accomplished what it should have accomplished, they were driving more and more wire and metals into my tired and weary body. And, even through the day, as they so desired, when they would see that the DNA did not have the ability to do what they had put on it to do, they would drive great amounts of metal particles and sheets of metal into my body, regardless of where I might happen to be, whether at home, or in my car as I was going into the city!
So, I was indeed anxious to “round that curve” and hoping that when I rounded that curve, I would be free of these terrible oppressors! But, “rounding” that curve would not happen in one day, and not in several days! However, as the days passed, I would get other visions about “rounding the curve!”
A day or two after the initial vision, I saw myself again in another “rounding the curve” vision; and this time, I saw that there were two horses, who were pulling me and the heavenly cargo; and at that time I wondered whether these two horses represented the heavenly horse power of our Father and Saviour; but as the days would go on and the visions would get more advanced, I realized that these two horses represented the double-stranded DNA, which I have had in my body since birth!
At the time of that second vision, I went back and inspected the heavenly cargo and was amazed to be able to run my hand right through the white bowl-like structure! When I touched one of the gifts, there came into my hand, a most beautiful liquid rainbow light! But, otherwise, these beautiful gifts now resting in this beautiful bowl, exuded a beautiful white light, radiant and glowing; and I was beginning to see light coming from around the curve and hitting the fronts of the horses! Bursts of light, but oh, so beautiful to see! I was beginning to sense something so wonderful that was just ahead!
In the coming week of Passover, I would get one or two more visions of me and these beautiful “Clydesdale” work horses and with each vision, I could see that more and more light was hitting the horses, but it had not yet reached past them to me!
It would be on the 11th day of April that I would again have a vision of me and these beautiful horses and the heavenly cargo! This time, I was lying in my bed when I first saw the horses; and to my amazement, the horses were almost totally white. Yet, there were amazing changes in their appearances. Their eyes were of pure white fire and they were still muscular, but this time, muscular like Quarter horses, like a race horse! And, I immediately thought, “These are not work horses, but war horses!”
As my eyes ran over these most amazing horses, I could see that they still had the hairy feet of the Clydesdale work horses and the reigns on them were still brown. Trailing the reigns backward, I could see that I held these brown reigns in my own hands! Then, my eyes fell on myself; and I could see that the whole front of my clothes was made of radiant light, but the back of my clothes was still brown as was the wagon and the reigns, which were still in my hands! My shoes were huge, much too huge for me; and they were also brown. I looked back at the heavenly cargo and I saw that it was glowing with a great and powerful rainbow light! Up ahead was pure white light; and this was all that I could see! Once more, the horses and I were standing still; but I could see that the horses were lively and they anticipated going forward very soon!
As the days advanced, these visions advanced, with the horses becoming horses of “light and the light from around the curve coming into me, my clothes began to turn into white light! As the days went by, I began to see a wall of light and the horses began to enter into this wall of light, a little at a time as the days went by! Finally, around the 21st of April, the horses totally disappeared into the light! Then, one day, perhaps around the 23rd of April, I looked to see that the wagon was gone and I was dressed in a shimmering robe of light! The beautiful gifts were attached to my robe and as I looked at them, all that I could see were shimmering rainbows on my robe.
On seeing such a beautiful vision, I thought, “What next?” And, in the next vision, I saw our Saviour, who was peering down at me from a round hole in the sky. His hands were flowing with liquid light and I was now in the air, my feet fitted with white ballerina shoes and my whole robe full of such beautiful white light. On seeing Him, I was able to reach up and touch his hands and the liquid light flowed into me from his hands! On subsequent days, I was taken back to the same vision, and as the days passed, our Saviour anointed my hands, my head, my feet and even my shoulders with the flowing liquid light! As He did these things, I also saw the amount of liquid light increasing within the DNA until it has gotten to the point that it can successfully dissolve great amounts of metal in my body, almost completely so, within about two to three hours! And, this is where I am right now, on the beginning of the very day that some say is really the Passover!
And, all of that was explained to me yesterday, on the eve of what may actually be the true Passover. From what I learned, the Passover must be counted from the first crescent moon after the spring equinox, during the barley season! And, from this crescent moon, the Passover is determined to be a set number of days forward. In other words, I was told that those, who decided that April 02 of this year is Passover had made a big goof; and from what this man told me, I have had to re-think Passover of this year! In fact, he is most probably right as he told me exactly why they had erred and why he knows the correct dates of the Passover for this year! So, my Dear Ones, we may actually be now in the real Passover! Well, all the praise and all the glory to our Father Yahweh, for He surely had me to call this man on the eve of Passover!
What is Going on with this Passover?
I have entailed in the last chapter that I overheard two, who were on my porch as they were speaking several weeks past. At that time, one said to the other that a “freak” thing is coming from outer space! What I forgot to tell you is that this same one, who spoke of this “freak” thing said they expected it to come in within about three weeks; and from that point, I calculated forward; and this put their expected date of the coming of this “freak” event on the beginning of Passover, that is on the April 02 Passover date!
Now, most of us would probably say that nothing out of the ordinary happened on that Passover, but I tell you that you are absolutely wrong! I have been watching the heavens for many years and with reason! But, I have particularly been watching the heavens since I had a dream, which seemed to indicate the return of our Saviour on a full moon. There was in fact a full moon on or around April 02. For two nights before the 2nd of April, I was watching the position of the full moon; and it came up in the northeast and was exactly were I had seen it in the dream in the fall of 2005! In fact, the full moon always comes up to the northeast of my house and it always shines between two, particularly tall trees when it is low in the sky! And, this is exactly what I had seen on both March 31 of 2007 and April 01 of 2007! But, on the night of April 2nd, the beginning of what some call Passover, I went out to see the full moon and it was not between the usual trees, even though it was still low in the sky! In fact, the moon had moved! It had actually moved to the south/southeast, and was somewhere between 30 to 50 degrees off course!
Now after that week of Passover has passed, I read about large waves, which were coming inland into Mexico and South America! One such wave pummeled the coast of Acapulco and moved across the beach and into the streets and I assume shops, which were near the beach! Many were amazed at this and in awe that such waves are coming in, not tsunamis, but extremely huge and tall waves!
My Dear Ones, these waves are being caused by the rocking and swaying of the earth as it is wobbling greatly and erratically from side to side! For, it is surely getting ready to flip over! May we all recall the words of Isaiah the prophet, who penned the words in Isaiah Chapter Twenty-Four verses 1and6 “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. Therefore, the curse devoureth the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left!
Look at the word, “burned!” What will burn them? Remember the words of the Mars man, who told of a wave of light, which he said would come into the earth and would “burn” up much! Is this what will “burn” them?
From day to day, we can see disastrous things taking place in the earth, with much instability concerning the poles of this planet, from the melting of the ice to the erratic positions of the electromagnetic positions of the poles, themselves! And, we know that great and terrible events are taking place within the earth; and horrible things are about to take place, far worse than we can ever imagine!
The Earth Wobbling Like a Drunkard!
My Dear Ones, it was early in the morning of the 30th of April that I was awakened from a sound sleep and had an urge to get up and go outside and look at the sky! This is not altogether unusual as so many bizarre things are constantly taking place in the sky over my house! So, I did this, and was shocked again!
Just the night before, I had seen the near-full moon as it was in the northeast sky; and it was coming up again, right through the two tall trees. Even though the moon was not really full, I was not too concerned about it being a little off course as it was nearly full! But, by the following morning, as the moon made its trek across the sky, it had moved to the extreme southwest, very near to the horizon!
This was shocking! Utterly shocking to see such a dramatic change in the course of the moon! This, my Dear Ones, is fulfillment of the verse in Isaiah 24:20 in which we are told, “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard…” And, what comes next? It is Isaiah 24:1 “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down …” My Dear Ones, surely the Earth is about to be turned upside down! Get your spiritual lives in order! Time is fast running out!
My Dear Ones, can the minds of most grasp what is unfolding in our own midst? I don’t think so! When something is out of the ordinary for most people, they put it aside. When it is unsettling to them and to their daily routines, most people go into denial! Not all, but most! For, it is easier to deny the unthinkable and to continue on in the unreal and surreal than to spend some time on one’s knees before our Lord and God seeking guidance and understanding!
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, there is so very much that I could tell you, but I will cut this short for now, as I am actually quite tired. This is why it has taken me so long to get this out to you! From day to day, I have been so tired from such a long war, with little energy left for other things!
But, as I write my closing words, I want you to take note of the 12 month birthdate of the new DNA! For, it was on May 10th, while I was in Centurion South Africa last year, that our Saviour appeared and gave me a beautiful baby of light, yes beautiful and perfect in every way! This was the baby DNA!
Over this last year, this little baby has grown to such a degree that it is now fully operational in my body as 360 degree DNA. I do not have to do anything to help the DNA in the Spirit anymore as it is fully powered by our Father and does all of the work. I do not have to spend great hours in the Spirit, watching as it learn a new task, as it does all of this on its own, under the guidance and direction of our Father Yahweh!
Now comes the end of the twelve months, the first full year in which this new DNA has grown in my body, the DNA now being independent and able to do all that is before it. Yet, seeing this, the evil ones further load it down from day to day! But, even so, this is most certainly part of our Father’s plan for the continued learning and for the increased infilling of the liquid light!
How long this must go on? I do not know! But, I tell leave you with one very important piece of information! In the latest visions as I stand before our Saviour, all dressed in a beautiful and radiant robe of white light, I see that I am developing little wings of white light. Gone are the brown horses, the old double-stranded DNA! Gone are my old work clothes of this Earth! Gone is the brown wagon; for the gifts are now a part of me and are ready to go back to our Father! My Dear Ones, I am looking heavenward!
How long will it take for the little wings of light to become giant eagle’s wings and to carry me and the baby back to our Father? I do not know, and cannot even guess; for these works have gone very slowly. But, it is interesting to note that this Passover week ends on the 9th, the very day on which this DNA will complete one full year in this earth! I do not know what this means, if it means anything at all! But, I continue on, waiting and watching for the wings to grow and for the liquid light to grow! One day soon, I hope to fly right out of here and to go heavenward, and hopefully with me, or close behind me, all beautiful and worthy souls!
To you, my Faithful and Beautiful Friends, I hope that we will soon meet each other at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! Many are waiting anxiously for us all!

Your Sis,

Linda Newkirk
My Dear Ones, it has come to my attention that there are problems with sending e-mails via the website. I extend to you my great apologies! I have only recently found this out! However, the truth is that I simply do not have the time, or the extra strength most days to even get on the computer. I regret that I have been unable to answer your e-mails. If you have a need, please write to me at: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. I may not have the time to write you back, but I will gladly pray over your requests!

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