Rounding the Curve!

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Chapter Thirty-Eight
“Rounding the Curve!”
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have so much to tell you regarding the awesome work of our Mighty Father Yahweh and progression of this new DNA; and I will proceed to do so after I extend my heartfelt thanks for all of your beautiful prayers!
Thank you for your prayers!
For several weeks, the satanic predators set free my little dogs, but even so, these little animals seldom stayed home, but roamed the forest below the house! When hungry, they would come up to eat, and the female sometimes comes to visit. However, within the last three weeks, or so, Satan, on seeing so many failures day after day, has begun to take my dogs again and I have seen them drugged, resting in my flower beds, or appearing suddenly, only to disappear just as suddenly into one of Satan’s ships! Surely, our Father in Heaven, who sees and knows all, will deliver them and bless them abundantly one day; for they have been through such trials only because of my love for our Most Precious Lord and God!
I thank you as well for your prayers also on my behalf; and I thank our Great and Mighty God Yahweh, who hears and answers prayers! May our hearts continually be full of love and praise for our Wonderful and Awesome Father and God, Yahweh! For, He, my Dear Ones, is worthy of all the praise, all the honor, all the glory and all the power forever and ever!

I hope that you are well and that you are getting spiritually ready for the return of our Saviour! For if the intensity of these works is any indicator of His return, then His return could surely be any day! As many of you may know, I looked with great excitement and with great expectation toward the Passover, April 02, 2007 wondering if this could be the day! But, alas! This was not to be the day, but around this time, great and wonderful victories did come forth regarding these works, but any of my hopes that these evil ones were about to leave me alone, were just as quickly dashed!

I wish to tell you about these victories and the most horrific chain of events, which I suffered under the hands of the Annunaki persecutors and, their adopted son, Satan! And, I will proceed to do so in the following pages! So, read on …!
The new DNA!
I have told you in previous writings that our Father in Heaven adds new dimensions of growth and power to this new DNA when there is a need for added growth and power! And, on all occasions when He has added new dimensions of growth and power to the DNA, it has been because of the fact that Satan and his clowns have added new dimensions of persecution and torture, namely more implants, greater amounts of wire, greater amounts of metal, more meat samples, and/or more foreign substances into my body of any and every kind! As you read on, you will see what these evil ones have done to me, and thereby what our Father in Heaven has also done to preserve and keep me and to raise up this new DNA to meet whatever challenge they placed before it. Truly, I have seen some of the most amazing periods of “divine” growth with this new DNA as it has come to the point, wherein THIS NEW DNA IS NOW OPERATING AT THE 360 DEGREE RANGE! Oooooo-eeeeee! What a long time in coming! As this new DNA has now reached this point, I am surely looking heavenward, and I hope that you are as well! HallaleuYahweh! Blessed is His Mighty Name!
The Assaults of March 13th, 2007
When I wrote the last message to you, the Annunaki, along with their servant, Satan, had added great amounts of wire, more wire and metal sheeting to my body, plus an array of their torture tricks to my body, so much so that I could hardly bend my body in certain ways for days and could not raise my arms without great pain. This went on for about four days, or until the time that our Father in Heaven added to the DNA the ability to fight and to overcome what they had put into my body!
In months past, I have had to wait about two days for our Father to add new dimensions of divine abilities and power to the DNA, so that it could rise up to meet each new challenge! But, with the onslaught of the “horror show” technology of the Annunaki clown gods, I have had to wait as much as four days on many occasions for the DNA to grow in strength and power to be able to overcome different and new facets of their technology! However, within about the last two weeks, this time has lessened considerably and the DNA is now able to overcome most of their schemes in as little as a day, if not less time!
The Ghoulish Acts of the Annunaki Clowns!
And, oh what unbelievable and horrific things these ghoulish clowns can do to one’s body! So much metal, so many microscopic particles of metal, of wire, of tiny chip-like structures, so small, so tiny that they literally fill my head, my gums, my teeth and other parts of my body! Full, full, full of so much stuff that I cannot see how I could have room for any flesh, teeth, or anything else in my head and body! These tiny metallic structures are placed into my body in certain patterns, tiny patterns packed tightly one on top of the other, and even interwoven among one another; and the DNA must unravel these designs in a certain manner, or the tiny pieces of metal will lock up and refuse to come out!
Therefore, when the DNA has not yet experienced what they throw at it, it must take some time to open up the divine capability, which our Father in Heaven wants to be opened! In the meantime, I must wait upon our Father Yahweh; and it is during these times of “wait” that I can become extremely tired as I must go from day to day with great amounts of metal in my body, in my head, in my torso, in my knees and legs! During these times, walking or getting around to do my daily routines can be difficult; but even so, I forge ahead; for I know that these things shall also pass; and I know that our Father in Heaven has a perfect timing for all things! So, I rest and I wait, or I do as I am led to do from day to day, going about life as well as I can!
The Annunaki plan to enslave all of humanity!
Never with the humans and never with Satan alone have I seen such technology! If Satan and his human counterparts had previously possessed such technology, they would have used it on me; for they have spared me nothing in their evil repertoires of hate and persecution! This horrific, Annunaki technology was not used against me in a great way until around late January, or early February of this year! Somewhere around that time, the Annunaki King was in my house and I both saw him and heard him tell a military man that I must be killed!
How greatly this DNA is needed!
My Dear Ones, my heart pains so for the great horrors, which await humanity! The Annunaki clown gods have no intention of losing their “slave” laborer humans! And, they are now fighting “tooth and nail” to stop the humans from getting this new DNA!
Right now, I am on the receiving end of their hate, of their malice, of their horrible technology! But, soon, all of humanity will be fair game for them! Soon, they will seek to fully enslave all by implanting them with vast amounts of implants and metals, all against their will, and without their knowledge, to such a degree that many are fully mind controlled slaves! Their goal is surely to make all humans fully mind-controlled slaves, and or to put them into the graves! And, believe me when I tell you that they have the technology to do so!
My Dear ones, I am carried by the power, the love and grace of our Mighty God Yahweh! Without Him, I could not survive even one day! He saves me and He delivers me from day to day, and oh how I love Him! I love Him above all, with such a big love and with such deep gratitude! I am faithful to Him and He is faithful to me! He carries me in His great hands and He sustains me through every horrific battles! For, He fights these horrible battles, battles, which are far too great for me to even grasp! This is His war! This is His work and to Him is very bit of praise, honor and glory! Blessed is our Mighty God Yahweh!
So Many Lost Souls!
But, what will happen to such vast numbers, who do not love Him and who do not repent, who love evil and continue to serve evil? Vast numbers will surely fall, and soon, to this horrific technology, that is, if they survive the horrible earth changes! And, this being the case, many will most assuredly become mindless, Annunaki and Satanic robots?
How many are under mind control, and have no clue?
How many are already under mind control because of implants into the brain and into other parts of their bodies? How many in the congress of the USA? How many in leadership positions in the world? How many of the “famous” preachers? How many “trouble-makers?” How many whistleblowers? How many prisoners? Just how many are already enslaved by this horrible technology and have absolutely no clue?
My Dear Ones, with this latest onslaught of advanced technology, I tell you that these evil hoards do not even have to abduct one from his or her home! They do not even have to come into one’s house to implant anyone with vast amounts of metal, wire and implant technology! Yes, indeed, this is so; as this is what they have been doing to me since around late January of this year! They sit up in their ships and they guide these horrible things into my body as they would direct laser-guided missiles! You heard me right! They can target anyone this way; and once they have a person on their computer screens, they can then fill up one’s body with these horrific implants and many may never know what has happened to them. With such technology, they can also fill up one’s body with drugs and any and everything else that they choose, never even touching the person and never even coming into one’s house!
Terrible, terrible times ahead!
My Dear Ones, if this does not put some uneasiness in the hearts of everyone, nothing will! For, who is safe? They have most certainly been allowed to do these things to me and I love our Lord and God with my whole being! I love Him and our Saviour with my all; and I have had to go through such things for love of Him and for love of humanity! Do other Christians believe that these things will never happen to them, that a Loving God would never allow such things? What about those, who are lost and do not know our God at all? Who will help them? Who will look out for them? Who will protect them, when so many are in utter rebellion? What will happen to so many unsuspecting souls? Oh, the horrors of it all!
All Will Be Tried and Tested!
Yet, my Dear Ones, we also know that where evil abounds in a great way, grace abounds in a greater way! Our Father will never leave us or forsake us, but He will surely try and test us and many, many are about to be tried and tested in severe and harsh ways! Read what is written in the Book of Daniel, chapter11:33-35! “And, they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil for many days. Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries. And, some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge them, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for an appointed time!” Many “believers” will surely be tried in severe ways, that is, if they are still around to go through these most terrible of times!
I fully believe that many will soon fall to this horrific technology, losing all ability to think and to feel for themselves! Yes, many know about the chip implant to the hand or to the forehead, but few, few know about this most horrific of technologies of the evil Annunaki clown gods from hell! Because of these most horrific of technologies, I believe that many evil souls will become even more evil as they move under total and complete mind control, their bodies being full of these horrific metallic implants, and their minds fully under control of these evil ones!
But, how many of the ‘lukewarm” Christians will fall to such horrific technology? How many will become robots, slaves, mindless bodies, moving and going about their lives, but devoid of all feeling and devoid of love in every way? Oh, the horrors of it all! What truth in our Father’s words in Daniel Chapter 12, verse one, when He said, “… there shall be a time of trouble such as never was seen since there was a nation.”
My Dear Ones, I fully believe that one of the reasons that our Father has allowed me to go through such horrors is to write the truth all that I am going through, so that you may be informed, so that the truth of what is about to come upon this whole world will be known! Otherwise, how would many know? For, those, who are implanted in such ways, will have no way of knowing what has happened to them! Many are lost and they cannot see in the Spirit! They are not sensitive to things in the Spirit!
But, from what I tell you, at least you have some understanding of what is hand for all of humanity and you surely can understand why these are the very worst of times, the very worst of times since there has been a nation of this planet!
The price for rebellion!
Oh, my Dear Ones, how my heart grieves; for this sad fate surely awaits many, who refuse to give up evil and who refuse to love the One God, the Only God, the Great God, who created all of us, our Beloved Father Yahweh! But, for the faithful, there truly awaits a beautiful inheritance, more beautiful that we can ever imagine!
Freedom for the Faithful!
My Dear Ones, all, who get this new DNA, and thereby also get eternal life, will never again be slaves to Satan and to the Annunaki gods! They are forever free of this great evil! All such souls will then move into a time of love and peace! There will be a new Earth, wherein there will be no more wars, no more devils and no more demons! There will be no more Annunaki gods and no more human slavery! There will be no more Satan! We will never again be forced to mine the gold for the Annunaki overlords and none among us will ever worship them again! None of us will ever consider Satan again and there will be none among us, who worships him and who stirs up strife!
They are desperate!
Yes, my Dear Ones, the Annunaki gods are doing all that they can to stop the advancement of this DNA and Satan, who works alongside of them as their ally, is pitifully fighting to hold onto his kingdom! As this DNA advances, he knows that his kingdom is fast slipping out of his fingers; for those, who bear this new DNA will become the supernatural army! They will become the kings and queens in our Saviour’s Kingdom! They will rule the earth, alongside our Saviour; and they will get eternal life!
A Nation if Truly Being Born!
Oh, the sight of this new DNA drives Satan and the Annunaki gods into a heated frenzy! As they see its growth, how desperate and wild they have become! They are losing ground by the day and they know it! For, when this DNA work is complete and I am then gone, Satan knows that he is absolutely powerless to stop the advancement of this new human race, the coming of the Kingdom of our Saviour! Not only are the lowly humans about to be liberated! They are going to be given power as few can imagine! What a glorious time awaits the clean and righteous souls!
360 Degree DNA!
My Dear Ones, since on or around the 21st of April of 2007, the DNA has begun to operate totally as 360 degree DNA! On or around that day, our Father Yahweh told me for the first time, to look at the operations of the DNA, for at “it is now operating at 360 degrees!” What an awesome sight to behold this 360 degree DNA in operation! My Dear Ones, it has many spirals, which move in a counterclockwise manner all over my body at once, though at times, some of these spirals can certainly move in a clockwise manner! As the DNA moves in this circular manner, it also moves across many imaginary diameters and radii within the circular motion! So, it moves in many directions at once and as it moves, it “chews” up and literally dissolves metals, or whatever they put into my body and it turns vast amounts of these foreign substances into liquids and moves them out of my body!
The Liquid Light is beginning to Pour In!
My Dear Ones, with the coming of the 360 degree DNA, our Father Yahweh has also sent an abundance of liquid light! Satan is beside himself with jealousy, anger and rage at the sight of this liquid light! For, it is the River of Life being manifest within my body, and as such it is the perfect manifestation of the power of our Father, the very power, which He has promised in the Kingdom Power Anointing! My Dear Ones, when this liquid light reaches a certain saturation in my body, I believe that these works will be done and that some great wings will then carry me home, and I hope also that many of you go, at very near the same time!
I have seen this liquid light since last summer or early fall, but as the evil ones increased the amounts of meat samples and metals in my body greatly, I did not see the liquid light operating in great ways! But, as of the 21st of April, or thereabouts, the new DNA began to go into this liquid light phase! At that time, I also believe that the two-stranded DNA was totally removed from my body, and I will tell you more about why I believe this later on in these writings!
Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, these evil ones are absolutely panicking with the sight of this liquid light and because of their great fear and jealousy, they are in my face literally every day and night, all day and night, packing my body with more and more metal! They do not allow the DNA to totally dissolve their horrific amounts of metals and other things before they are filling me up again!
As of today, May 02, 2007, it seems that this DNA and liquid light almost totally dissolve vast amounts of metal in my body within about two to three hours! In other words, when they literally fill up my body with huge amounts of wire, metal strips and some sort of powdery stuff, which I believe to be some sort of drug, the DNA and liquid light seems to dissolve what they have put in, in about two hours to three hours, or perhaps a little more!
Oh, what a great sight to behold this DNA at work as it turns the metal sheets into something, which reminds me of wet cardboard and then from this stage into a thick liquid, which it then dispels from my body! But, this great advancement gives the clowns even more anxiety and they are then compelled to fill my body with even more metal, and to pack my head and my gums, even other parts of my body as they choose, with vast amounts of tiny, tiny, even microscopic metal structures! Oh, how these evil hoards hate to see this great advancement! Satan is absolutely afraid that he will look and that I will suddenly be gone, his hopes for continuing his kingdom dissolved forever!
Satan is whistling in the wind!
But, he had better get used to the notion; for he is going down, he and all of his Annunaki overlords! He and all of his disgusting Satan worshiping humans are going down! Yes, they are all going down; for soon, and very soon, these works will be finished and the first souls to get eternal life will emerge!
The Promises of our Faithful Father Yahweh are Being Fulfilled!
Ooooo-eeeee! We all have so much to look forward to! We all have so much to be thankful for; for my Dear Ones, humanity is about to emerge from the dark ages of captivity and know a freedom, a love, a peace and joy that few could have ever thought possible! And, only because of the great love, the great mercy and grace of our Father Yahweh! For, He first loved us! He created us! He gave us life; and He gave us His wonderful Son, who came with salvation for each of us! He made an everlasting covenant with us, that if we would live according to His dictates and honor His Son, our Blessed Saviour, that He would indeed give us eternal life, that he would save us from all of the great evil, which is about to befall this evil world!
Yes, indeed, He has shown us the Way, the Only Way through which we could ever be free! He has been ever so faithful to us! He has so greatly blessed us and has so miraculously provided for us all, saint and sinner alike. He fights for us all, even when we do not have one clue as to what He is doing or has done! He is faithful and His word is sure! It is pure and it is true! And, now comes the fulfillment of His promises regarding eternal life! Now comes the fulfillment of His promises regarding the Wedding Supper, the Marriage of the Lamb! Now comes the deliverance of the faithful, deliverance from these most horrific of times, ever to come upon this planet! Yes, now comes Salvation and now comes the Kingdom of our Saviour! Now, my Dear ones! Not years into the future, but now, soon, soon, and very soon!
May We All Humble ourselves before our Mighty God Yahweh!
May we all get on our faces before our Most Wondrous Creator Yahweh; and may we praise Him continually; for He is worthy! He is worthy of all the praise and all the glory and all the honor forever and ever! For, He is faithful and He has loved us with an everlasting love! He has kept His eyes upon us and He has never given up on us, in spite of our rebellion and great sin! Yes, my Dear Souls, His mighty Name deserves to be lifted up, above every tall mountain, above every tall tree, and above every tribe, above every tongue and above every kindred and people! For, He and He alone is worthy! BLESSED IS THE HOLY NAME OF YAHWEH FOREVER AND EVER! OOOOOOO-EEEEEEEE! I LOVE HIM SO!

So that these works may be recorded in the Earth!

Visits With The Annunaki!
It was on the late afternoon of the 15th of March, nearing dark, when I was coming back from the post office, that I looked ahead and saw an orange disk, low in the sky, and moving right across my path in the road. The whole craft was a glowing orange, but around the windows, there was a yellowish/orangish light! At that time, I was traveling one of the country roads in Arkansas as I was en route back to my house; and I mused at the appearance of this disk-shaped craft and just how low it was. There were no red and green blinking lights as this was no military craft; but on seeing it, I also suddenly recalled the many orange-colored crafts that I have been seeing over my house for the last two to three months.
Sitting high up the sky, these orange craft most often form a semi-circle in the sky; and night after night, when the visibility allows, I have seen them parked there! And below them, are Satan and his hoards in their crafts! However, within the last few months, I have seen little or no evidence of the red and green blinking disk-shaped craft of the U.S. military. And, because of this and because of the fact that I have not seen them coming in and out of the house for many weeks, I believe that the U. S. military was largly “forced” to step aside when the Annunaki came in!
The appearance of their orange-lighted craft seemed to coincide with the passage of Niburu, this passage being noticeably visible around January and February of 2007. This “two-tailed comet”, erroneously named “Comet McNaught,” was not a comet, but the Planet Niburu, and better for the “slaves,” that they do not know that their slave masters are back and fully equipped to fully enslave, and/or to kill all of humanity!
In addition to the orange-lighted craft, I regularly see one or two white light craft with tones of blue and pink within the white light. These may all belong to Satan as well, but of a different sort than what I am have seen before! They make hellacious, loud, roaring noises also, noises that are like those, which are made by the smaller disk-shaped, military craft with the red and green blinking lights! Yet, I do not believe that they are U.S. Military as I have not seen the humans coming in and out of my house for many weeks!
The Annunaki Visit
As for my observation of the low-flying orange craft, which I witnessed on the 15th of March of 2007, I would later find out that this was no accident! The Annunaki in that particular craft wanted me to take note of them; and to be favorable to their visit with me later that night! For, it was only a few hours after I arrived home, while I was working with the DNA to remove much of the wire and other stuff from my body, that someone began to speak to me! Read on and I will entail this conversation; but first I want you to take note of this date, March 15th! This was only two days after the monstrous Annunaki assault of the 13th of March, wherein they put sharp metals into my body, particularly my back; and I was unable to walk without a cane! Truly, my Dear Ones, I suffered great and excruciating pain in my back because of great amounts of metal, which was cutting into my flesh. By the date night of the 15th, I was still full of metal from this assault and was still suffering from the sharp metal pieces, which were sticking into my flesh!

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