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By Fred Corron
Reverse speech is created when the subconscious mind causes variations in what we consciously intend to say. Its content cannot be controlled by the conscious mind, although how often reversals occur, and the clarity of the reversals, can be reduced by reducing the influence which the right brain has over our speech. This is done by reducing the emotion and spontaneity of speech. Professional liars such as politicians and Fed Chairmen have gone to great lengths to prevent any meaningful reversals of theirs from being recorded.
The crucial point is that the content of reverse speech cannot be conciously controlled, because it is generated by the subconscious mind. What it says is what's really going on in our mind at some level or another. The deepest level, known in RS parlance as the collective unconscious, and elsewhere called supraconsciousness, access the spiritual world. The collective nature is probably due to the fact that in the highest realms, no thought can be hidden from anyone.
An important aspect of being a student or professional in the field of RS is to abide by the ethics and standards which have been created to maintain its integrity and protect its reputation. Otherwise, RS would soon be destroyed from the inside by those forces which have been trying to destroy it from the outside.

Although we've been told a few times that a lot of work goes into locating and documenting reversals, this was first driven home to me when we had to start assigning validity factors. It really imposes a discipline, because it requires one to scrutinize every aspect of the sound of the reversal, and I've found in one case so far that this extra scrutiny has required me to interpret a questionable word differently than I had at first. (Normally, I would have relegated that reversal to a cue point in Gold Wave, and looked for better ones, but I didn't have many to choose from and I had a homework deadline to meet.)

Considering the amount of time required to scrutinize unclear sounds (especially when a few people must agree on a reversal to eliminate subjectivity), I can understand why such a premium is placed on very clear and precise reversals. Low-VF reversals introduce significant inefficiency into the business of RS analysis and should only be used when necessary. Clear reversals also tend to inspire confidence in skeptics. Therefore, I will learn to identify forward-speech events which tend to generate reversals, in order to efficiently locate the best ones.
As amazing as RS itself is, however, the way it was discovered is even more amazing. The lengthy list of "coincidences," including an "accidental" dunking of the tape deck and the content of the first reversal which David Oates ever heard, have convinced me that there is a guiding spirit behind RS, and that since it's the voice of truth, anyone who would believe that the Father of Lies is behind it is misguided or worse.

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