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Dr Lenny Arias DDS, FAGD

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Because we are committed to providing the best dental care, our office has chosen not to use amalgam (silver) fillings. Amalgam fillings require the removal of larger amounts of healthy tooth than necessary. This, in return, can lead to cracking of the tooth and the possibility of needing a crown. Amalgam fillings may also lead to discolored teeth due to the leakage of the metals into the tooth structure, in most cases the tooth will turn gray.
Instead, we choose to use resin (tooth-colored) fillings and ceramic inlays and onlays. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, resins (also called composites), and inlays/onlays are bonded to the tooth and are much more conservative. This allows the dentist to remove only unhealthy tooth structure.
Unfortunately, most of the insurance companies will only reimburse for amalgam fillings, leaving the patient to pay the difference. Most of the time, this amount is very minimal, and well worth the additional cost.
We thank you for choosing our office for your dental care, and we strive to make your experience a pleasant one.

I have read and I understand the above policy. If my insurance company does not reimburse for resin fillings, or ceramic inlay/onlays I agree to compensate the dentist for the difference.


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