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(Queen’s Name)

(Queen’s Address)

(Pr. Recorder’s Name)

(Pr. Recorder’s Address)

Name of Temple No.

Daughters of the Nile



Dear Princess Jane Doe or Past Queen Jane Doe,

In accordance with our Supreme Temple, Daughters of the Nile Manual of Procedures, it is my duty to conduct a review of the records of (Temple Name and No.) and notify a Member, in writing, when her Annual Dues are in arrears. Our current Annual Dues are $(XX), plus $8 Annual Per Capita, for a total of $(XX).

As Princess Recorder of (Temple Name and No.), I did not receive your Annual Dues and Annual Per Capita for (Year). Please verify the expiration date on your Annual Dues Card. If it does not read (Year), you may remit payment in the amount of $(XX) to me at the above address by March 31 in order to retain your membership. Your check is to be made payable to (Temple Name and No.).
You are valued as a Member of (Temple Name and No.), and I hope you will remain a Member.

(Pr. Recorder’s Name)

Princess Recorder

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