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LV. M/S, dated 1970, All rank, tapes, and pocket patches neatly removed, washed-once(?), very-minor shadows, EC

LW. XL/R, dated 1969, never had badges, Excellent Color, EC+

LX. S/R, dated 1969, Subdued: Issue cut-edge twill MACV left SSI, merrowed-edge 82nd Airborne Division combat SSI with AIRBORNE arc, Captain’s rank and Armored Cavalry Branch insignia, Basic Parachutist’s wing, Vietnamese Armor Qualification Badge over right-pocket, local made tapes sewn-on with different thread than other badges, probably last-4 digits of his SN on lower label, bottom label loose on 1-side, washed 4-5 times, Excellent Color, EC+
See on Clothing page

LY. M/R, dated 1969, Subdued Issue SP7 (Specialist 7th Class or SPEC 7), & cut-edge 18th Military Police Brigade, local made tapes (he was wearing pin-on metal rank before the SP&s were sewn-on), tiny snag on right-upper-pocket flap, Excellent Color, EC+
See on Clothing page

LZ. S/R, date is blacked-out-might be 1967, made by Allen Overall CO., INC., subdued Name Tape and “PRESS CORPS” (the tailor forgot to embroider the “S” on CORPS so the “S” was neatly applied with a Magic Marker, washed 3-4 times, Excellent Color, Used

Items in RED are SOLD

MA. M/R (chest = 43 sleeve = 34+), Special Forces Chaplain’s modified Ripstop Tropical Coat, subdued badges: ME SF SSI/AIRBORNE Tab, ME 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat SSI with Tab, CIB, Master parachutist Badge, and both tapes, Major and Chaplain’s badges, tailored on both sides, front buttons replaced with a Venus zipper with a button at the top and bottom, all pocket flaps have been sewn down, Good Color, Used
Some badges have been moved or exchanged:

Major leaf replaced a large rank (which was a Captain)

Left breast badges have been (moved or replaced – see pictures)

7938 Ripstop OG Jungle TROUSERS (3rd Pattern)

Ripstop Slant-Pockets Jungle Fatigue Trousers, with Zipper or Button-Fly.

1967 Button-Fly Trousers will be Noted!

A. L/R, Dated 1969, New

C. L/S, Dated 1969, New

E. L/S, Dated 1969, New

F. L/L, Dated 1967, New

G. S/R, Date Label was never sewn-in, New

H. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

L. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

M. L/L, Dated 1969, New

O. L/S, Dated 1969, New

P. L/S, Dated 1969, New

Items in RED are SOLD

Q. L/S, Dated 1969, New

R. L/S, Dated 1969, New

S. L/S, Dated 1969, New

T. L/S, Dated 1969, New

U. L/S, Dated 1969, New

V. L/S, Dated 1969, New

W. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

X. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

Y. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

Z. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AB. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AC. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AD. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AE. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AF. XS/R, Dated 1969, New

AS. S/R, Dated 1968, New (4 in stock, still wrapped with the cotton string)

AT. L/L, Dated 1967, New (11 in stock, still wrapped with the cotton string)

AU. L/L, Dated 1967, New

AV. Small (Hemmed at 27" inseam), Dated 1968, GC

AW. S/S, Dated 1969, GC

AX. S/S, Dated 1969, Good Color, GC

AY. S/S, Dated 1969, GC

AZ. S/S, Dated 1969, GC

BF. S/S, Dated 1969, EC

BI. S/R, Dated 1969, tiny snag on butt, Used
See picture on Clothing page

BK. S/L (actual size 31” x 33 3/4”), “salty pair” dated 1969, a few stains, 6-7 repairs(nothing major), for the “non-Honor Guard” re-enactor), Used
See site for Clothing page

BL. S/L (actual size 32”+ x 33”), “salty pair”, no date label, started to fray on top of waist band, pockets, and etc., 5-6 repairs (nothing major), for field re-enactors-not “Tops” favorite Trooper, Used
See site for Clothing page

BN. S/R, Dated 1969, minor paint stains, EC

BO. S/R, Dated 1968, minor paint stains, EC

BP. S/R, Dated 1968, EC

BQ. S/R, no date, minor repairs, GC

BR. S/R, Dated 1968, EC

BT. S/R, Dated 1969, GC+

BU. S/R, Dated 1968, minor-stain, blousers replaced, GC+

BW. S/R, Dated 1969, FC

BZ. M/S, Dated 1969, Near-New

CC. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CD. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CE. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CF. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CG. XS/R, Dated 1969, GC

CH. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CI. XS/R, Dated 1969, EC

CJ. S/S, Dated 1968, small stains, GC

CP. S/S, Dated 1969, repaired, GC

CR. S/R, Dated 1968, small stain, GC

CS. XS/R, no date, repaired, GC

CT. L/S, Dated 1969, EC

CW. M/R, DPSC Contract Number 7071 (no date), stained with ink on (and near) the right-cargo pocket, Good Color, GC

Items in RED are SOLD

CX. S/L (actual size 32”+ x 33 1/2”), Excellent Color, dated 1969, nice pair, Used
See pics on Clothing page

CY. S/R, Dated 1968, small stain, GC+

CZ. M/R, dated 1969, large ink stains on the knee-area (front and rear), 1-tiny snag on leg, blousing cords neatly removed, Good Color, GC+

DB. M/S, Dated 1969, small stain, GC+

DF. S/L (actual size 31”+ x 31 1/2”), Good Color, dated 1969, 6-7 minor field repairs(see the pics), 2-3 minor stains, 2-3 tiny snags, starting to fray on edge of front pockets, good pair for field re-enactors, Used
See pics on Clothing page

DI. L/L, Dated 1969, repaired, GC

DJ. S/R, Dated 1968, small repair, GC+

DK. XS/R, no date, minor repairs, GC+

DL. S/R, Dated 1969, FC

DM. L/S, Dated 1967, GC

DN. S/R, Dated 1969, PC

DP. S/R, Dated 1968, EC

DQ. S/S, Dated 1969, EC

DU. S/S, Dated 1969, FC

DV. S/L (actual size 31”+ x 32” UNHEMMED), Excellent Color, if you are a Paratrooper re-enactor these are for you=you will NOT have to cut them off to tuck them into your boots, 2-3 tiny snags, 2-3 tiny stains, 1 x black 3/8” stain by the right cargo pocket on front of leg, a nice pair of Trousers, Used
See pics on Clothin page

DX. S/R, dated 1968, EC

DY. S/R, dated 1969, EC

DZ. S/R, dated 1968, Near-New

EA. M/R, Contract Number 7195, GC

Items in RED are SOLD

EB. S/S, dated 1969, FC

EC. XS/R, dated 1969, FC

ED. L/S, dated 1969, FC

EE. XS/R, dated 1969, washed once, EC+

EH. XL/R, dated 1969, New

EJ. S/R, dated 1968, Washed once, Outstanding color(would pass for New at 5 paces), Used See in the clothing section

ENME. M/R, dated 1967, GC (Button-Fly)

EOME. M/S, date faded, tiny snag on fly, GC+

ERME. M/S, dated 1969, EC

EUME. S/R, dated 1968, New

EWME. M/S, DPSC Contract 7195, New

FCME. M/R, dated 1969, New

FEME. M/R, dated 1969, New

FGME. M/R, dated 1969 (DSA 100-69-C-0540), made by Glenn Berry MFRS. Inc., storage mark on cargo pocket (may wash out?) ask for picfile, NWSM


Waist = 35 1/2

Inseam = 32+

OG shade is a lighter green than normal

See on Clothing page (pictured with 3 pair of 7938 Trousers and 7936J Shirt)

FHME. M/R, dated 1969, New

FIME. M/S, dated 1969, New

FJME. L/R, dated 1969, NWSM

FKME. XL/R, dated 1969, Washed Once(?), EC+

FLME. M/R, dated 1969, 2-3 pin-size holes in back of right leg about 7" up from drawcord (probable from the weaver’s factory - see picture), New, UnUsed


Waist = 36+

Inseam = 31 3/4

FMME. M/R, dated 1969, Blemish in weave(see picture), New, UnUsed

Waist = 36+

Inseam = 31 1/2

FTME. M/R, dated 1969, small stain, 2 small snags, GC+ - EC

FVME. M/S, dated 1969, New

FWME. M/R, dated 1969, EC

FXME. M/R, dated 1969, EC

Items in RED are SOLD

GBME. L/R, dated 1969, New

GCME. M/R, dated 1969, EC

GFME. M/L, dated 1968 (DSA 100-68-C-2357), made by Winfield MFG, CO., New, UnUsed

Waist = 35+

Inseam = 33 1/2
Pictured on Clothing page with 3 other 7938 trs and 7936AN shs

GGME. L/S, dated 1967, NWSM (Button Fly)

GHME. L/S, dated 1967, New (Button Fly)

GKME. M/R, dated 1967, EC (Button Fly)

GLME. M/L, dated 1969, New

GMME. M/R, dated 1967, stained and repaired, GC (Button Fly)

Items in RED are SOLD

GPME. XL/R, dated 1969, washed-once(?), Excellent Color, EC+

GRME. M/S, dated 1969, 3-5 very minor stains, Good Color, EC

GTME. L/R (blousers removed and hemmed at 27.5” = actual size Large/Short), dated 1967, named inside, minor wear, Excellent color, EC+ ( Button Fly )

GVME. L/S, dated 1969, washed 2-3 times, Excellent color, EC+

GWME. L/S, dated 1968, washed once and pressed, near-new

GXME. M/R, dated 1969, washed once and pressed, near-new

GYME. L/S (maximum waist = 39”), dated 1969, New

GZME. M/L, dated 1968, New

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