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Q. USS Moosbrugger (DD-980), chest = 51, 1989 & 1990 MED Cruises,


R. USS John Young (DD-973), chest = 41”, “WEST PAC 84 – 85”, higher quality embroidery with some bullion thread, outershell has started change color from the Sun, Dragons inside of cuffs(similar to “Liberty Cuff”), “FUJI” zipper, this jacket may have been made in Japan due to the quality, Used


S. Levi Jean Jacket USS White Plains (AFS-4) Combat Stores Ship, 9 x High-Quality Japan made patches and direct embroidery,”Salty-Looking”, collar has started to fray, 2 x hand-made button holes above ship’s patch(maybe for a large badge or etc.?), WEST PAC 1980 & 1981, Mount Fuji on back silhouetted with a large red Torii (gate), made by Levi Strauss & CO SF CAL, Used


T. red “PACAF SABRE SPIRIT 89” patch on left breast, “MISAWA JAPAN ‘89”, direct embroidery on back (14" vertical): F-16, the Japan Islands, “SABRE SPIRIT VIII” and a Torii, chest = 54”+, very minor wear, Used


U. blue 432nd Tactical Fighter Wing Japan made patch showing 13th and 14th TFSs emblems, “PACAF SABRE SPIRIT 89” patch on left breast, Large direct embroidery on back (14" vertical): “AMMO SABRE SPIRIT VIII”, large Caveman(?) holding an ordnance bomb & a rocket while standing on 2 bombs, chest = 50”+, not much wear, Used


V. 51st Fighter Wing A-10 “The Boys from SUWON GO UGLY EARLY”, blue Tour Jacket, large (13”) direct embroidery on back: “ALQ-119 MAINTENANCE BAD MAMMA JAMMERS ECM” showing an ECM Crow with hammer and screwdriver, right sleeve has: “SUWON KOREA 1984-1985”, ¼ snag on knit collar repaired, stains on left breast and left sleeve (see pic – may clean(?)), chest = 48”, needs to be dry-cleaned, not much wear, Used


X. red Sports Pullover chest = 40”, A Company, 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, Indian Chief and 2nd ENG BN patches on front, embroidered on back: 1986 – 1987 KOREA, OKLAHOMA with a large Engineer’s Castle, a few rub spots, Used


Y. black SWEATSHIRT with silkscreened: 2nd Battalion, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment “SCOUTS” with “RANGER” Tab over the 101st Airborne Division SSI, made in USA by JERZEES, chest = 42”, minor paint stains, Used


AA. blue USMC Do or Die Semper Fi JACKET, chest = 45”, embroidered on sleeves are Country, City, and Islands, on the back is a very-large Eagle with a Soviet Flag in it’s talons, Used


AB. Camo short JACKET chest = 40”, 7 place names on sleeve, on back WEST PAC 82-83, MSSG-37 COMM PLT with EGA, weird jacket made by sewing on a modified 4th Pattern Brown Dominant Leaf camo shirt over a blue windbreaker jacket, old shirt pockets roughly removed, this is not a nice looking jacket, Used


AC. Red USMC Marine Detachment 6th Fleet, chest = 45”, 17 Country Flags, 2 x patches on front Sixth Fleet and I crossed the line of death, Libya, on back: COMSIXTHFLT MAR DET 1986 – 88, been washed, Used


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Most 3484, 3488, 3490, and 3492 Jackets will be listed on the Souvenir page
Some Items will be listed in their Unit’s section of their Service Patch pages

3492 Tour/etc. JACKETS/shirts ( 1990 to Present Date )

Most 3484, 3488, 3490, and 3492 Jackets will be listed on the Souvenir page
Some Items will be listed in their Unit’s section of their Service Patch pages
see # 79xx ("Desert BDUs" for more Desert Storm “Tour” Items)
Desert Storm Souvenir Boonies Hats:

A. Size Large, Dark Blue NYLON Jacket, USN DESERT STORM/"WESTPAC ARABIAN SEA '91",. USS ABE LINCOLN (CVN-72), LARGE EAGLE/U.S. FLAG ON BACK, LARGE TIGER PATCH ON EACH SLEEVE, 3 other patches, snag on collar, Very Well Made! Looks New


C. Size Medium, Camo ( Colors are: Lime/Green/Brown/Black), made on Okinawa by Star Eagle, Zipper front with 2-Pockets, "VINNIE P." (on left breast), California Tab with USMC Parawing Patch below it on left sleeve, Very Large Patch on the back of a Cobra in a Skull, "U.S. MARINES WHEN I DIE I KNOW I'LL GO TO HEAVEN BECAUSE I'VE SPENT MY TIME IN HELL", New

(maybe from the 1980s(?))


D. USS Virginia, chest = 49, cuff knits damaged,

E. USS Dixon (AS-37), chest = 44, CWU style Black jacket,


F. DESRON 15, chest = 51, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Black MA-1 style,


G. USS Tisdale (FFG-27), chest = 50, WESTPAC ’96 (Has to be the last cruise as she was DeCommissioned in 1996 and turned over to Turkey), black sports style jacket,


H. USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), chest = 51”, “1998 MAIDEN CRUISE”,


J. Blue split-snorkle, removable Hood, PARKA, chest = 51”, “FAR EAST TOUR IWAKUNI JAPAN”, maybe from the 1980s(?), Used


K. “OPERATION DESERT STORM” Jacket with F-14 TOMCAT on back along with a ship and a tank, chest = 44”(has expansion knits on each side), Looks New, quality looking jacket by “WISE GUYS” of 4017 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505” on the label, Used


L. USS Constellation (CV-64), Medium (chest = 44”), jean Tour Jacket“IN CROWN” by Celebration, 41 patches of: military, cars, rock bands, teams, and etc., Used


M. Marine “CHINA BEACH 1959 – 1975” Veteran’s red Jacket, “U. S. MARINES” on vertical gold stripe on left front, direct embroidery on back: outline of North and South Vietnam with 14 place-names, chest = 49”, made by SOFFE Jackets of Fayetteville, NC, looks new, Used


N. USAF Andrews Air Force Base white Tour Jacket, chest = 52”+, made by ARTEX (Division of Josten), 1” dark stain below the USAF Tape (might clean(?)), very-minor wear, Used


P. McDonnell-Douglas “WE SUPPORT THE BEST” in Tulsa, Oklahoma black windbreaker jacket, CHEST = 44”, made by AUBURN in USA, very-minor wear, Used


Q. black U.S. MARINES FAR EAST TOUR OKINAWA JAPAN, These colors never run, Tour Jacket, Eagles embroidered on both sleeves, chest = 46”, not much wear, Used


R. black United States Marine Corps Tour Jacket, Death before Dishonor & Death is my Business Business is Good patches, very-large “USMC” and EGA on back, chest = 47”, minor wear, Used


S. white USMC These Colors Never Run Tour Jacket, chest = 40”, Eagle and Tiger embroidered on lower sleeves, FAR EAST Tour JAPAN, light-brownish stains on lower-right sleeve/cuff(look like coffee stains?), a few on “fair-wear” stains, chance the stains might be removed by dry-cleaning(?), Used


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Most 3484, 3488, 3490, and 3492 Jackets will be listed on the Souvenir page
Some Items will be listed in their Unit’s section of their Service Patch pages

3498 Vietnamese Police Items

See items on the Vietnamese page, Police section

C. small, Field Police Camo Boonie, New


D. TROUSERS, label reads “L”, waist = 30” x inseam = 30”, 6-Pockets (4 x Bellows and 2 slash pockets), waist adjusters, absolutely NEW



E. use next


3502 WWI Era Items

A. "VICKERS II" Shell Casing, dated 1916, Flared at the end, no engraving, about 2.5" wide x 13.5" tall, GC


B. "VICKERS II" Shell Casing, dated 1916, Flared at the end, no engraving, about 2.5" wide x 13.5" tall, GC


see pictures on Souvenir page

3506 U. S. Navy Bringback SOUVENIR Items

D. Handpainted Wooden PLAQUE, "VP-4 HACHINOHE",

Plate removed, shows age, GC (Japanese P-3 Squadron (?))


J. Handpainted Wooden PLAQUE, "VA 22", tiny chip in paint, EC


K. Handpainted Wooden PLAQUE, "ATKRON TWENTY THREE", EC+


N. Brown loose-leaf NOTEBOOK with a large "SEABEES" Decal on the Cover, 1965-67 Era (those dates inside), Zipper works fine, GC+-EC


P. Cultered marble PLAQUE mounted on wood, dated 1986 (#481 of 3000)

and signed by the artist, etched onto the marble is: "CVN 68 NIMITZ GO AHEAD MAKE BY DAY", depicts the Carrier with Planes on deck,

picture of Admiral Nimitz, 3 x F-14s in-flight over the Carrier, EC

(nice looking and unusual)


T. "CHUTING STARS" (U.S. Navy Parachute Team) Coffee Cup.

The Cup (Mug) is painted with: Insignia of the Chuting Stars (shows: 4 parachutes, paratrooper falling, and a U. S. Army Basic Parachutist's Badge), man's name, and on the reverse side is an advertisement for an Insurance Company. Made in U.S.A., EC+

(Probably older cup, I think the Team changed their name in 1970s - 1980s)


W. USS Bennington, 6” ASHTRAY, painted with CVS-20 holding a Submarine in it’s painted Bow-Teeth, Handpainted made in Japan by “Fukagawa” (1st letter may be wrong), New-in-Original Box
see pictures on this Page


AA. USO Show PLAQUE for “Jerry (Professor) Colonna”,

who traveled with Bob Hope in: WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.


normal wear and tear for a plaque, GC+

(He must have been sick, or something, to have missed the Tour)

(Very RARE Plaque for a USO Show performer in the early Vietnam days)

see on this page:


AB. “FAIRECONRON TWO” (VQ-2), 4.5” Squadron insignia decal on a Ceramic Hotpad-Wall Hanger. Ceramic hotpad is 6 inches square,

wall hanger clip & cork pad on back, NWSM

see picture on this page:


AD. “U. S. NAVY B... NETC NEWPORT 13, shield with hallmark, EC+
see picture on Navy Gear Page


AF. USNS MERCY T-AH-19 Operation Desert Storm Tour Jacket, Medium,

still has the shop tag on the waist, Near-New


AH. Vietnamese Navy Officer’s Leadership School Graduation BOOK from class 1972 at Nha Trang, see site for details, Used see pics:


AK. cast Brass Navy PX BUCKLE, will fit a belt up to 1 5/16” wide, it is a reproduction of a USN Diving Helmet manufacturer’s data plate, as-New, EC+
see on this page Navy Gear page


AR. WWII UnOfficial Navy Photographer’s Wing, stamped “Sterling”, maker’s hallmark is only partially visible, should read “CHAS. FISCHER” of New York, pinback, (see web site for more details, EC+ $1,500.00
see on Navy Gear page

AT. RVN Era JUNK Beret with Badge, size 55, see verbage on site

See on Navy Gear Page


AV. 153 River Division “DELTA DESTROYERS” “A.S.P.B.” wooden PLAQUE, name plate missing, EC
See on Brown Water Navy page:


AW. Ship Repair Facilty Souvenir “Honey Bucket” from Japan, excellent workmanship and artwork, “SRF Yokosuka Japan” “27 JAN 1966 – 1 FEB 1967”,

Stamped “Made in Japan”, 9” high, 80% condition, EC

See on Navy Patch “REPAIR” page


AX. Not used

AY. VA-22 “Fighting Redcocks” Black Baseball CAP, made in Japan by Matsuo of Yokohama, woven label reads size 7 (37cm), small Japan made VA-22 patch sewn on front, direct embroidery: on front is “FIGHTING REDCOCKS VA 22” and on back is “GREEK TOO”, high-quality black wool cap and the workmanship is outstanding, near-New


AZ. USS Blueback (SS-581) Cast Plaque on a Wooden base, wood is of high-quality (no label), has a slot on the back to hang on a wall, EC
See on submarine patch page



BA. RVN Navy “Purple” Utility CAP used by River Forces, Vietnamese government stamp hard to read, size is stamped “57”, New

See on Brown Water Navy page, Brwon Water section


BB. New ZIPPO, USS Enterprise CVAN-65, dated 1971, New-in-the-Box,

box in 60% condition, NWSM

See on CVAN-65 patch page:



BC. Stoner 63A 5.56mm belt fed Light Machinegun, Preliminary Operator’s & Organizational Maintenance MANUAL, published by Cadillac Gage Company, Small Arms Division, Warren, Michigan, 41 pages, no date, marked “This Publication is not available through Adjutant General Publication Channels”, minor usage, EC See on Brown Water Navy patch page


BD. Stoner 63A Weapons System Brochure published by Cadillac Gage Company, Detroit, Warren, Michigan, has a center-foldout, Excellent Used Condition, minor usage, EC See on Navy Brown Water Patch page


BE. Warrant Officer Naval Advisor in Vietnam Grouping: Black BERET and 3 x OG badged SHIRTS, All 3 shirts with local made Name and USN Tapes:
A. short-sleeve OG-107, dated 1966(DSA 100-2175), chest = 45, shoulder seam-to-seam 19 ½, back = 30 ½, color Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam, Excellent color, neck label missing, stamped inside collar with his last name, EC+
B. short sleeve Ripstop Jungle shirt, dated 1969, size M/L, color Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam, subdued Warrant Rank and direct-embroidered “Propeller”, Excellent color (washed 3-4 times), EC+...................................................sold
C. Long sleeve Ripstop Jungle shirt, dated 1970, size M/R, NO Value assigned, will be given to the first purchaser of shirt “A” or “B”(you must ask!)
D. Black BERET, size 59 by Luong-Tan, 91 rue Catinat, Saigon, has had a pinback device on the right-side(not worn much as the device impression is hard to see), near-new condition, EC+
See on Brown Water page




BF. USS Gurke (DD-783) metal ship’s Plaque, more verbage on site,

Listed on Ships Page


BG. Navy Lieutenant Commander’s 1952, Japan made, Reversible Cruise Jacket onboard the USS Kearsarge (CV-33). Stains from wear but in decent condition for it’s age. See pics on web site, Navy Carrier Page, in CV-33’s section

On Navy Carrier page

See 3506BI and BK pictures below – from his Estate


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