Powerful Women Volunteering Hands of the Community

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Hospitality: Hostesses;

Madeleine Murphy- 410-569-0477

Chicken Scaloppini Lori Eck-443-484-2054-8963

Flounder Franchese

Plain Chicken - Rose Marie Vaccaro-44 3-372-5404

Dinners are $20.00. Please remember to call the hostesses the Tuesday before the scheduled meeting date to place your order. If you are bringing a guest, give the hostess her name and order.

Do not call the restaurant!!! If something comes up and you cannot make the meeting and do not cancel your order, you are responsible for the cost of the meal.

Public Issues Community Service Program

Lori Eck -410-484-2054
Pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention have arrived, watch for my garden of pinwheels, in my front yard.
I will be getting together with my committee to discuss, plans for Homeless Veterans, and someone suggested we should look into the Wounded Warriors project.

International Outreach Community Service Program

Diane Raycob-410-893-7534

Second Vice-President Report: Our next meeting should be quite entertaining as the wild women of the past present a cute skit!!
Remember in May your daughters and sons are invited to the general meeting. It will be Thursday the 10th. So, ask them now.
Our last meeting in June will be the installation of the new officer for 2012-2014 administration.
FYI: Lola Rupert's new address:

1915 Rocks Spring Road, Room 200

Forest Hill, MD 21050

Finance/Ways & Means
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