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IRIS Motor Vehicle Use Policy

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Draft 9/30/10


Candy Shin, CFO

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IRIS Motor Vehicle Use Policy

IRIS-owned or leased vehicles will be managed in compliance with Federal regulations and with the requirements of IRIS’s cooperative agreements and grants.


This policy establishes the basic requirements and procedures for operating a vehicle owned or leased by IRIS. IRIS may purchase or lease vehicles (hereinafter described as an “IRIS vehicle”) for the use of individuals performing business-related activities. IRIS will be responsible for all operational, maintenance, and insurance costs pertaining to business use of the vehicle. All costs associated with personal use of IRIS vehicles must be reimbursed to IRIS and, as such, must be tracked according to the stipulations of this policy.

In the event that a situation is not covered by this policy, IRIS personnel are encouraged to contact IRIS Financial Services for assistance.

This policy applies to all employees and other parties operating or using IRIS vehicles. IRIS vehicles are considered part of the workplace in so far as other IRIS policies are concerned.


Individuals are eligible to use IRIS vehicles when necessary for the performance of a given project objective.. Individuals using an IRIS vehicle are expected to follow the requirements outlined in this policy.

Financial Services maintains auto liability insurance for all IRIS vehicles. 
Vehicle Custodians shall ensure that the vehicle contains a copy of this policy, proof of insurance of the vehicle, and current copy of vehicle registration. These are typically in a purple envelope.

IRIS vehicle is a vehicle purchased or leased directly by IRIS, for which IRIS is responsible for all operational, maintenance, and insurance costs.
Personal vehicle is a vehicle owned or leased by the individual employee (or a rental agency) that is used in the conduct of IRIS business-related activities. IRIS is not responsible for the operation, maintenance, or insurance of personal vehicles.
Vehicle Custodian is the person responsible for reporting, maintenance, allocation of use between activities for a specific vehicle. Each vehicle has exactly one Custodian for any period. A Custodian may be responsible for more than one vehicle.
Authorized Driver (“driver” below) is a person meeting the requirements below while operating the vehicle.
Authorized Driver Requirements

IRIS expects that any person driving an IRIS vehicle will operate the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. To be authorized to drive an IRIS vehicle you must:

  • Be a current employee of IRIS,

  • Be an IRIS collaborator or subcontractors and receive written approval of vehicle use.

  • Have a valid driver’s license for at least one (1) year, issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent) from the country or state of residence, applicable to the type of vehicle used.

  • Have no more than three (3) moving violations and/or chargeable accidents in the most recent three (3) years, including no more than two (2) in the most recent year.

  • Have no “major convictions” within the most recent five (5) years.

    • Major convictions include:

  • Agree to operate the vehicle in a safe manner, obeying all applicable laws and regulations (including posted signs).

  • Agree to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses pertaining to the driver's misuse and subsequent damage to IRIS vehicles.

  • Obtain approval from IRIS management, including coverage by applicable insurance agreements.

Before using an IRIS vehicle, Authorized Drivers must submit their full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and state in which the license is issued to Financial Services.

Vehicle Use

IRIS vehicles are authorized for IRIS-related business use only, unless specified otherwise in a written agreement with the employee. Vehicles may not be used by anyone other than an Authorized Driver, as outlined above. Drivers are responsible for ensuring routine care and maintenance of IRIS vehicles (including oil changes and refueling) that arise during its use and these costs are reimbursable. These costs and the use of the vehicle shall be provided to the Vehicle Custodian

A driver is not permitted to operate a motor vehicle when his/her ability and/or alertness is impaired by fatigue, illness, or any other cause that makes it unsafe to being (or continue) to drive the vehicle. No driver may be on duty and possess, be under the influence of, or use any drug or other substance that makes driving unsafe.

A driver is forbidden to consume or be under the influence of alcohol within four hours of going on duty, while on duty, or while driving.  A driver is forbidden to possess an alcoholic beverage while on duty.

Use Reporting

IRIS is required to submit an annual motor vehicle report to the National Science Foundation, indicating mileage and fuel and maintenance costs for all IRIS vehicles. Vehicle Custodians of IRIS vehicles are required to complete a Vehicle Use form. These forms must be submitted to Financial Services on a monthly basis.

In the event that a vehicle is used for a trip benefiting several business purposes, the report should attribute the use as accurately as possible between the various activities.
The Vehicle Custodian shall prepare quarterly a Vehicle Condition report to be submitted to Financial Services that  includes photos of four sides of the vehicle, the windshield and any indication of defects. It lists the Custodian(s) for the period and the current vehicle location.
Motor Vehicle Fueling

Drivers should use the minimum grade (octane rating) of fuel recommended by the motor vehicle manufacturer when fueling motor vehicles, unless a higher grade of fuel is all that is available locally.

Accident Reporting

In the case of an accident involving any type of bodily injury or property damage, drivers are expected to:

  • Check for personal injury and seek medical attention if necessary.

  • Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency for assistance and request an accident report be completed.

  • Report the accident to IRIS management as soon as possible.

  • Refrain from discussing the accident with anyone other than police or IRIS representatives.

  • Refrain from admittance of fault (or sign a statement to that extent) prior to consulting the appropriate IRIS representative.

  • Report the accident to the State or other governmental entities as required (e.g., DMV)

Liability for Loss or Damage

The driver may be assessed for the loss or damage of an IRIS vehicle if the loss or damage was caused by

  1. driving while impaired (as described under Vehicle Use); or

  2. misuse of vehicle or a conviction for reckless driving.

Parking and Moving Violations

Parking tickets or similar fines and related penalties are the personal responsibility of the driver. All fines should be paid promptly to the appropriate jurisdiction to avoid further penalties.

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