Pirates Past Noon: Teacher Guide Chapter 4 Jack and Annie encounter pirates! Lesson Plan

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Pirates Past Noon: Teacher Guide

Chapter 4

Jack and Annie encounter pirates!
Lesson Plan

  1. Ask the class to recall we’ve talking about last week. (Pirates)

  2. Introduce today’s agenda

    1. We will be making pirate eye patches and shaggy (this is a vocabulary word to emphasize) pirate beards

    2. Then we will learn to talk like a pirate

    3. Lastly, we will read the next chapter of our book, Pirates Past Noon.

Enrichment – Art!

  1. Eye patches

    1. Directions

      1. Explain the directions (see steps iv to vii)

      2. Show the example eye patches to the class

      3. Distribute cardstock w/ attached yarn. Let student choose between the three colors.

      4. Use a PENCIL to decide the shape of the eye patch

        1. The eye patch should cover the entire eye

        2. Remember to leave space to punch a second hole in the patch (to attach the string)

      5. Cut out the eye patch and erase the pencil marks

        1. Be careful! Don’t cut the string!

      6. Decorate your eye patch

        1. One or both sides is okay

        2. Don’t forget to write your name somewhere

      7. Ask Mr. Jonathan to tie the other end

        1. (for Mr. Jonathan)

          1. The strings are long, so feel free to cut the yarn shorter prior to tying it.

          2. You can tie an adjustable knot, then tighten or loosen on each student so that it’s snug, yet comfortable around his/her head.

  2. Shaggy beards

    1. Directions:

      1. Explain directions and demonstrate (see items iv to viii)

      2. Show example to class

      3. Distribute yarn strips/tape that are taped to the board

        1. This is meant to keep the yarn in place as the students attach the hairs

        2. It is also meant to focus the hairs where the child’s chin will be

      4. Cut pieces of yarn to twice the length of your desired beard

      5. Fold the yarn in half

      6. Loop the yarn around the main yarn and pull it taught

      7. Adjust the hairs to the right or left, if need be

      8. Continue attaching hairs until you have formed a shaggy beard. The more hairs the better! Keep going until Mr. Jonathan says stop.

        1. [Optional] The person with the thickest and shaggiest beard will be today’s pirate captain!


  1. Vocabulary

    1. Distribute vocabulary sheet with “Jack and Annie Talk Like Pirates” side up

    2. Read through vocabulary (both sides) with class

      1. Ask students to repeat words and share how their families say these things (if applicable)

    3. Explain the “Talk Like a Pirate” worksheet

      1. Students will be assigned two unique words from the pages each

      2. They will need to record the words on their papers when assigned.

      3. Next, they must write down the definition of their assigned words (it’s okay to copy the vocabulary sheet verbatim, but don’t encourage this unless asked directly. For examples, don’t say, “copy down the definition”)

      4. Next, students must think of an original sentence containing their assigned words.

      5. When everyone is done, have each student present their words to the class by reading what’s written on the page. (You can them do one or both words, up to you and how much time you have left)

        1. Example: “My word is ‘lubber’. This means, ‘a clumsy sailor’. My sentence is: If my little brother was a sailor, he would be a lubber because he is very clumsy (even on land).”

  2. Review Chapter 3

    1. Ask: What happened last?

    2. Look at the title of Chapter 4: “Vile Booty”.

      1. Define the word, “vile”.

      2. Ask: Can someone think of an example of something that is “vile”?

      3. Ask: What do you think will be the “vile booty” in the story?

Chapter 4

  1. Read Chapter 4

    1. Ask class to read Chapter 4 silently.

  2. Group Discussion

    1. Questions for Discussion:

    2. Ask: What did the pirates do after capturing Jack and Annie? What were they looking for? What did they find?

    3. Ask: How did Jack and Annie feel about the pirates taking the medallion? It was not their medallion. Why do you think they cared about the medallion being taken?

    4. Ask: What do you think was the “vile booty”? How do you know?

      1. Ask: Do you consider books to be ‘vile booty’? Why or why not?

    5. Ask: If you were a pirate, what kind of booty would you search for?

    6. Explain: Tomorrow we will talk more about the things we treasure. If your parent say it’s okay, you may bring ONE SMALL item from home that you enjoy very much. It can be a doll, or a card, or anything else. We will share about our items tomorrow.

      1. If/When the students don’t bring in an item, it’s okay for them to just describe the item.

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