Pi subcommittee Meeting Agenda November 14, 2017 – 10am est to 11am est

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PI Subcommittee Meeting - Agenda
November 14, 2017 – 10am EST to 11am EST
Call-in number: 1-877-422-1931, participant code is 8770031406# (music will be heard until the moderator joins the call)

  1. Welcome & Introductions

Meeting Attendees

Amanda Rardon

Kelli Vannatter

Michelle Moore

Amelia Shouse

Kelly Blanton

Michelle Ritchey

Andy VanZee

Kelly Mills

Missy Hockaday

Angela Cox-Booe

Kristi Croddy

Olivia Roloff

Annette Chard

Latasha Taylor

Dr. Peter Jenkins

Bekah Dillon

Lesley Lopossa

Regina Nuseibeh

Brittanie Fell

Lindsey Hill

Rexene Slayton

Carrie Malone

Lindsey Williams

Sarah Quaglio

Christy Claborn

Lisa Hollister

Sarah Hoeppner

Chuck Stein

Lynne Bunch

Shayla Karlowsky

Dawn Daniels

Maria Thurston

Spencer Grover

Dusten Roe

Marie Stewart

Dr. Stephanie Savage (Chair)

Emily Grooms

Mark Rohlfing

Tammy Robinson

Jennifer Homan

Mary Schober

Tracy Spitzer

Jennifer Mullen

Melissa Smith

Wendy St. John

Jill Castor

Merry Addison

Jodi Hackworth

Michele Jolly


Camry Hess

Katie Hokanson

Pravy Nijjar

Ramzi Nimry

  1. 2017 Goals

    1. Increase the number of hospitals reporting to the Indiana trauma registry.

    2. Decrease Average ED LOS

      1. Transfer Delay

        • Pilot Project

      2. Letter to hospitals about ED discharge date/time

    3. Increasing Trauma Registry quiz participation.

    4. Inter-facility transfer guideline – APPROVED BY ISTCC.

    5. Continued EMS run sheet collection.

  2. Statewide Trauma Report


A) Number of reporting hospitals

Hospitals that did not report for Quarter 2 2017:

Decatur County Memorial Hospital

Fayette Regional Health

Franciscan Health – Dyer

Franciscan Health – Hammond

Franciscan Health – Indianapolis

Franciscan Health – Munster

IU Health – Goshen

IU Health – Starke

Major Hospital

Pulaski Memorial

Riverview Health

Scott County Memorial Hospital

St. Catherine Regional – Charlestown

St. Mary Medical Center – Hobart

St Vincent – Randolph

Sullivan County Community

B) Timeliness of reported incident – 89 days


A) Decrease average ED LOS at non-trauma centers

      1. Review of current average ED LOS

        • Quarter 4 2016: 3 facilities responded (sent out letters to 15 facilities)

        • Quarter 1 2017
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