Peak Lacrosse Winter Fundamentals

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Peak Lacrosse Winter Fundamentals:

Saturdays- October 29, November, 5, 19, December 3, 10

Location: Hunter Street turf field in downtown Apex

Championships are won in October, November, and December. Those players who are lifting, staying in shape, working on hard on their academics, and working on parts of their game they need to improve are the guys that come into the spring season with an edge.

With this in mind, Peak Lacrosse is offering this five session program, for players at any level, to improve their game. Coach John Hayden and the Apex Coaching staff (and some Apex Varsity players) are offering these programs in the same way they approach practice at Apex.

Experienced players can add on the Shooting Academy to their position work for a comprehensive tune up of their game.

Youth Program (Grades 1-8) – (2:30-3:30PM)- This program is designed for the younger player and the player who is just coming into the game of lacrosse. We keep it fun and fast and will drill the basic skills throughout the program. We can take players in grades 1-4 who do not have equipment (if you are in grades 1-4 and have and use equipment, please bring it). All players need a stick (we can loan sticks on a limited basis). Players will be separated by age/ability. Cost: $110

Peak Position Program (Grades 5-10)- (3:30-4:30PM) These players should have experience playing lacrosse and be able to catch and throw at a minimum. Players will be grouped by age and ability. We will teach and drill positon fundamentals- footwork, proper stickwork mechanics, stick protection, individual offensive moves and defensive techniques. This will be run like a competitive high school practice. Players who participate in this program are better at the conclusion of this program. Cost: $110

Peak Shooters Academy- (4:30-5:15PM)- This a great add on to the position work. We take a developmental approach to teaching proper mechanics and give all players reps at various types of shots (both from the attack and midfield positions). We have been offering this program for a number of years and are constantly improving it based on new and developing teaching methods. Cost: $75

Registration and information at, Call 919-607-6243 with questions

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