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CHICCO I-FEEL Rocker €159.99

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CHICCO I-FEEL Rocker €159.99

I-feel is the new hi-tech and minimal style rocking cradle.

Design, technology and comfort combine to accompany the …Read more baby from birth until several months old. I-feel is babys very own first oasis of wellness. The toy bar introduces babies to their first multi-sensory experience: the play panel has different tunes, nature sounds and New Age melodies, different shades of coloured lights to relax babies and a soft toy which activates soothing sounds when pulled. Choose your own playlist by connecting an Mp3 player via the handy connection and storage pocket on the side of the chair.

The frame and toy bar are made from wood and have rounded, modern shapes.

The seat and booster cushion are made from soft fabric, which hold and protect the baby as he grows.

The seat easily reclines to three different positions with an easy-to-use release system, which can be adjusted with one hand only. Folds flat for storage or travel.

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